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Treating swelling of certain parts of the body (face, arms, hands, legs and feet) is possible using home remedies. Let us look at some of the best remedies for treating swelling. One of the best and most effective ways of treating swelling is by drinking 10-12 glasses of water.
Many times our body tends to store water when it feels the body is going in dehydration mode.
If the swelling is a result of injury then the best way of bringing down the swelling is by lying on the bed and elevating the injured part of the body. Depending on the cause of the swelling you can apply either cold or hot compress to bring down the inflammation. On the other hand, if the swelling is due to sports injury then only hot compress can soothe the area.
During pregnancy the body goes through a lot of hormonal changes that may result in swelling of the hands and feet.
Many times the swelling is a result of poor blood circulation to certain parts of the body especially the hands and feet. In some cases of swelling compression garments such as stockings, sleeves and gloves can be worn to reduce swelling. This results in accumulation of fluid in the particular part of the body giving it the swollen look. If none of the home remedies work for you and the swelling still persists then immediately go to your doctor for a medical diagnosis.
Below I list some of the home remedies that can help cure edema in its initial stage itself. Cucumber slice when mixed with potato slice and placed on the swollen feet is an effective home remedy for edema. I promised you a mini-series of articles about edema and edema treatments and it is full time that I made good on that promise. This is a condition that can happen to anyone although when I was younger I only saw it happening to alcoholics and the elderly.
The next day my legs were tight, my feet felt like I was balancing a bowl of jello on top of them and the soles of my feet were so full of water that it hurt to walk on them. It stinks, but so far my only solution is to avoid anything made with something that I’d loosely call a grass. I haven’t had quinoa since my bad reaction but I might give it a try since my edema on my feet seems to have slowed down dramatically. I have found that there is an enzyme that helps me digest a small amount of grain if for instance I am at a restaurant and either suspect there is gluten or want to eat a small amount of bread.
Either way, I am learning to accept my new eating routines, and the plus side is the longer I go wihout breads and pastas, the craving disappears and my craving for sugar in general diminishes. To treat edema due to insect bites or stings, put a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton swab and apply it on the affected area. Many times swelling (medical term, edema) subsides on its own but sometimes it may require treatment. Storage of water by the body is what leads to swelling of certain body parts especially the hands and feet. For example, if the swelling is due to an allergic reaction then apply ice packs on the affected area. Reduce your intake of salt (since salt is the richest source of sodium) by cutting down on the salt you put in your food. Warm some mustard oil and gently massage the swollen hands or legs with the oil for 5-7 minutes.This will restore the flow of blood to the affected parts and reduce swelling.
These clothes apply pressure on the particular area and do not let the fluids get collected in the tissues there. This is especially true in the case of women because the female hormone estrogen is responsible for this response of the body to hot climate.

Hence, to avoid swollen hands, feet and face in summers the best thing to do would be to stay cool at all times.
Though a range of allopathic medicines are available for edema, going in for home therapies is the best option as this helps remove the root cause, thus preventing many complications that can result as a consequence of edema.
Take fruits and vegetables rich in fibre on a regular basis and you will have visible relief from edema. Apply neem extract to the affected region regularly and you will have some visible relief from edema.
Place cucumber and potato slice tied along with a cloth on your feet and you will have the much  needed relief soon.
You can have swelling all over the body, internally and externally and most people get it in the extremities. I knew that it wasn’t the seafood that was an issue for me and I knew that I cheated and ate the grains (bad cavegirl) the day before. Modifying all the wheat supply without knowing the effects of the Frankenwheat on humans was a no-no. People are also ingesting heavy doses of pesticides in commercially grown grains that have small amounts of studies about them but none with good results.
This information is anecdotal and not intended to take the place of medical care from an AMA certified doctor. I have edema and I never thought the GF grains would be causing it, They did every test on me on 2012. Although edema can occur in any part of your body, it usually affects the hands, ankles, legs and feet. These include hypertension, kidney disease, excessive drinking, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle and past surgeries involving removal of lymph nodes.Edema itself is not harmful, but because it can be a sign of an underlying condition, you need to have it looked by a doctor. This will help dispel the large quantities of fluid that has gotten collected in a particular part. Also, cut down on the amount of processed foods you eat including cheese, cheese spreads and ready-to-eat meals. Drink plenty of cold water, fruits juices and take cold baths to maintain the temperature of the body. Regular use of this remedial therapy will help you recover soon. Alternatively, you can soak two teaspoons of mustard seeds in water.
They then made a food pyramid that told us we should be eating more grain than ANYTHING ELSE (didn’t it say 11+ servings of grain per day?). If everything is still the same then I guess this is not the issue that you have OR After you establish that it is, then you can slowly try out some of the less bad grains (single ingredient) to see if you can tolerate them.
After I got treated for my ulcer, grains didn’t cause that water buildup on top of my feet anymore.
I”m going to go completely off again as I did last summer and hope that the swelling disappears. Repeat as needed.For mild edema cases, add a few drops of tea tree oil to any carrier oil and use it to massage the affected area using outward strokes. These foods are highly toxic in nature because of the high amounts of sodium present in them.
Alternatively you can apply some apple cider vinegar on the affected region and you will have some visible relief within a week. Follow the above listed home remedies and you will recover from complications related to edema. Before we jump into to another edema treatment we might want to look at some causes of edema. I’ve been drinking cucumber water, filtered water, decaf green tea and just started the turmeric that you advised, the exact brand and dosage.
Not only will weight control help deal with swelling but it will also help you deal with many other medical conditions successfully.

I got major swelling from eating quinoa that doesn’t have gluten so there is something else about grain that causes issues as well. There are so many wonderful paleo cookbooks out there, and no, I’m not selling any of them. Being high in potassium, it helps replenish potassium levels in the body and reverse fluid retention. MassageRegular massage is another effective way to reduce swelling and pain caused by edema. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments. My husband tried to get me to stop eating salt on my food and then realized I don’t really eat salt.
I think that trying some of the grain free bread recipes might help me get through my cravings. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory property helps reduce swelling and pain.Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Drink it twice daily.Another option is to soak a towel in a mixture of equal amounts of warm water and apple cider vinegar.
I mean I know I get salt in processed foods but what about when I was on a health kick and not eating anything but the good stuff?
ParsleyParsley is also helpful in reducing swelling and pain by helping your body remove excess fluids. A 2002 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that parsley has diuretic effects.
Well I traced it down and found out the culprit behind my enormous elephant like swollen ankles and swollen feet (bottoms).
Epsom Salt BathAn Epsom salt bath can help you get rid of swelling, inflammation and pain due to edema.
It even blocks the re-absorption of sodium and potassium.Add 1 teaspoon of dried parsley to 2 cups of water.
People who take issue with gluten are said to either have celiac disease or to be gluten intolerant. Tea Tree OilYou can use tea tree oil to treat edema or inflammation caused by insect bites or stings. Drink it once daily, in the morning before eating breakfast.Another option is to crush parsley leaves to make a paste, and apply it on the affected areas. I was exercising and trying to eat right so it could have been either of these things that did it but…then I let exercise fall by the wayside.
Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can reduce swelling and pain from edema.According to a 2002 study published in the official journal of European Histamine Research Society, the components terpinen-4-ol and alpha-terpineol in tea tree oil can regulate edema. I was munching away on veggies in butter (with salt), grass-fed organic meat (seasoned with salt), kefir, water, berries and smoothies and the swelling was no where in sight. Of course I don’t know which I am because the doctor at the clinic blew it off when I told her.
She mentioned cutting salt and not standing at work (I was sitting for 8 hours at the time).
Unfortunately I’ve been eating bread and pasta lately so I have to wait a little while to see if it changes. DandelionThe herb dandelion acts as natural diuretic and thus encourages the draining of fluid.
I probably woofed down 2-3 biscuits and various other carbs that may have come with my meal.

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