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Post tuberculosis bilateral knee deformities treated using external fixator with successful results. Introduction: Bilateral Flexion Deformity commonly results secondary to cerebral palsy, poliomyelitis, haemophilia etc. Conclusion: Idiopathic isolated bilateral flexion deformity of knees is very rare and is an impediment to normal ambulation. Bilateral knee flexion deformity develops in association with arthrogryposis, popliteal pterygium syndrome, sacral agenesis, poliomyelitis, haemophilia & cerebral palsy [1,2,3]. A 34 year male Indian patient presented with bilateral flexion deformity of knees with chief complaints of inability to walk over the past one year. On clinical examination the patient had a flexion deformity in bilateral knees of 60 degrees with further pain-free flexion possible upto 120 degrees bilaterally (Fig 1).
The cast was removed and the patient was subjected to physiotherapy over a period of six weeks to achieve functional range of motion and quadriceps strength. Bilateral flexion deformity in knees is generally caused due to arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, lumbosacral agenesis, poliomyelitis, multiple pterygium syndrome, cerebral palsy and in rare cases haemophilia [1,2,3]. As the deformity was significant acute radical release and correction of deformity was not done due to risk of soft tissue complications and peroneal nerve injury. We are not aware of bilateral flexion deformity in the literature with etiology being postural. Dr( Prof) P B Bhosale, Former Head of the department of orthopaedics, KEM Hospital, Mumbai. Regular structured physiotherapy is very important to maintain range of motion of joints in chronically ill bed-ridden patients to prevent the avoidable problem of joint deformity. Introducing the exclusive tokidoki back-to-school collection, featuring innovative bags, stationery, and coloring products.
For more than two decades, Ed Sullivan's Sunday night show was, especially for fledgling stars like Elvis Presley and the Beatles, both a hallmark of success and the greatest exposure an act could get. Bernard Ilson has been running his own public relations company in New York City since 1963, when his first client was Sullivan Productions, the producers of The Ed Sullivan Show. We investigated the role of dopamine neurons in the manifestation of levodopa-induced dyskinesia in a rat model of Parkinson's disease.
In an earlier experiment, we studied the effects of levodopa treatment in the rat with 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) lesions, in which the severity of dopaminergic denervation was static (Cenci et al., 1998). Female Sprague–Dawley rats, weighing 200–250 g at the time of lesion surgery, were given unilateral stereotaxic injections of 6-OHDA in the right ascending mesostriatal dopamine bundle. The rats assigned to the graft subgroup received grafts of developing ventral mesencephalic (VM) tissue, obtained from 14-day-old rat embryos (crown–rump length 11 mm) of the same strain in the form of a cell suspension (Bjorklund et al., 1983).
Levodopa-induced AIM, which include stereotypy and contraversive rotation, were quantified using the rat AIM rating scale (Table 1).
All solutions and buffers were prepared with distilled water treated with diethyl-pyrocarbonate (Sigma) to inhibit RNase activity and then autoclaved.
Autoradiographic images were digitized and analysed by the image analysis program, Image (Wayne Rasband, NIMH). In order to assess the effects of embryonic VM grafts during the post-graft period, the rat AIM scores were analysed on time and the treatment subgroup (grafted rats versus sham-grafted rats) in group A, and again in group B, using repeated measures analysis of variance.
You can apply it topically so flax oil or a whole fish oil I have a male cat who has the same dermatitis problem mentioned in other posts Guttate Psoriasis Treatment Essential Breast Milk; Guttate Shampoo Psoriasis Best Treatment Best Treatment Psoriasis Causes Psoriasis TriDerma Intense Fast see it. Inflammatory foods can cause or exacerbate chronic illnesses like Acne: When perioral dermatitis affects the chin and the skin next to the nose it often looks like acne at first appearance. It is accompanied by valgus deformity and external rotation at knee in long standing cases secondary to the contracture of the iliotibial tract. He had multifocal tuberculosis and was bed ridden for almost a year and consequently developed bilateral knee flexion  deformity of 60o  with further flexion upto 120o. Arthrodiastasis with indigenously designed fixator using the Ilizarov principle and modified fixator is a simple, efficient and cost effective treatment for flexion deformity of knee. It is very rare to find bilateral isolated flexion deformity of knee as it is often complicated by valgus deformity, subluxation, and external rotation of the tibia on the femur because the hamstring muscles pull the tibia posteriorly and the biceps femoris and the iliotibial band rotate the tibia externally [4].
The patient was admitted and treated for disseminated tuberculosis over the past eight months at a hospital. Traction with balanced suspension, Buck extension, static and dynamic splints, casts, or braces designed to extend the knee gradually are of value. Although the flexion deformity was of long duration it wasn’t associated with valgus malalignment, external rotation or posterior subluxation of the knee joint. Arthrodiastasis with indigenously designed Bhosale fixator is a simple, efficient and cost effective treatment for flexion deformity of knee. The indigenously designed Bhosle fixator is valuable and cost-effective in treating flexion deformity of knees. IIlizarov external fixator for bilateral severe flexion deformity of the knee in haemophilia: case report. These are two different diseases but they both cause enlargement of lower extremities that would appear like an elephant’s limb and thus accountable for the term.
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Sullivan didn't sing, dance, or act, but he became one of the country's greatest showmen, hosting what would become television's longest running variety and music show.
Few people, however, appreciate the sizable cultural impact Sullivan's show had with regards to its commitment to color-blind booking and "high culture" acts from the worlds of opera, ballet and the theater. Daily treatment with a subthreshold dose of levodopa gradually induced abnormal involuntary movements (AIM) in 6-hydroxydopamine-lesioned rats, which included stereotypy and contraversive rotation.
Certain dyskinesias are provoked by low or intermediate levels of dopaminergic stimulation (Marsden et al., 1982). In this study, we explored the role of dopamine neurons in the pathogenesis of levodopa-induced dyskinesia using a grafting technique to increase the density of dopaminergic nerve terminals in the striatum. The frequency of levodopa administration was reduced during the post-graft period to protect rats from developing excessive AIM, particularly masticatory dyskinesia, which could be self-mutilating.
Stereotypy was classified into three subtypes based on the topographic distribution: limb dyskinesia, axial dystonia, and masticatory dyskinesia.
The last AIM scores during the pre-graft period were used as pre-graft baseline covariates. Psoriasis is a dry scaly skin Psoriasis & Eczema found a miracle cream called Freederm Eczema And one last natural remedy for psoriatic arthritis is arthritis and natural remedies for arthritis symptoms. Compare prices and find the best deas for hydrocortisone bleaching cream from top ands psoriasis types psoriasis skin disorder head face action plan immune system If you have been using a diaper rash treatment at the child is diagnosed with a yeast infection.
The itchy dry skin condition can Coconut oil is highly effective in healing the damaged skin of an eczema sufferer.
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Information about Psoriasis vulgaris in Free Symptoms of psoriatic arthritis facilities throughout the United States.
Patient was treated with gradual distraction using a modified external fixator  and achieved full correction at the end of 6 weeks. Traction with balanced suspension, Buck extension, static and dynamic splints, casts, or braces designed to extend the knee gradually are of value in the conservative management of flexion contracture of knee. The general condition of the patient was poor and was completely bedridden throughout the eight months of AKT( Anti Kochs Therapy) treatment .
The patient gained a normal pain-free full range of motion of both the knees with a normal bipedal unassisted gait.
These measures can be used before surgery to make the operation less extensive and after surgery to increase the correction.[4]Progressive correction of the knee flexion deformity by skeletal traction is associated with high morbidity, such as pain, pin site infection, and posterior subluxation of the knee, and usually does not correct the deformity entirely, necessitating further surgery at a later date.

Bilateral application of ring fixator is cumbersome both for the patient and for the surgeon.
We treated this case using indigenously devised Dr Bhosale fixator without soft tissue release. Regular physiotherapy with range of motion exercises in a bed ridden patient should prevent such deformities. Lengthening and transfer of hamstrings for a flexion deformity of the knee in children with bilateral cerebral palsy: technique and preliminary results. Knee flexion deformity from poliomyelitis treated by supracondylar femoral extension osteotomy.
Treatment of severe flexion deformity of the knee in children and adolescent using the Ilizarov technique.
Both diseases are included in the list of Neglected Tropical Diseases by the World Health Organization.
For twenty-three years, from 1948 to 1971, The Ed Sullivan Show was America's premiere variety show, airing live every Sunday night. Long-time show business public relations man Ilson worked with the show for several years, and wrote his PhD dissertation on the Ed Sullivan Show's cultural impact; as such, Ilson has behind-the-scenes insight and several cogent arguments about the relevance of the show, which he unfortunately repeats, with little variation, throughout the text. After 4 weeks of levodopa treatment, rats with mild and severe AIM were assigned to two treatment subgroups.
However, the most common type of dyskinesia appears following administration of levodopa, in the form of chorea or dystonia, at peak dose or throughout the `on' time. We report here our observations that suggest therapeutic effects of intrastriatal embryonic dopamine neuronal grafts on levodopa-induced dyskinesia. Suppressibility of levodopa-induced AIM was tested by challenging the rat with novel sensory input, such as touching the rat or tilting the cage.
Serial sections (16 ?m thick) through the basal ganglia were cut coronally on a cryostat and mounted onto chrome alum-treated glass slides (six sections per slide). The sections were dehydrated in a series of ascending concentrations of ethanol, and air dried. Effects of challenge tests (by higher or more frequent doses of levodopa) were evaluated by analysing AIM scores during the 13th week post-graft on the dose of levodopa and the treatment subgroup in group A, and again in group B, using repeated measures analysis of variance.
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At final followup patient was walking comfortably and was able to squat and sit crossed legged.
Surgical options in adults include soft tissue release procedures, gradual distraction using the Ilizarov principle or a combination of the above [4]. Patient was non-compliant with bracing and physiotherapy during that period and had developed flexion deformity of knee. A total of 17 weeks elapsed from the onset of the treatment till the patient regained bipedal unassisted gait.
Serial casting was avoided in cases of flexion deformity greater than 20°, because of its poor outcome and complications such as pressure sores, pain and subluxation of the knee.[6]Surgical procedures proposed to treat flexion knee deformity are lengthening of the hamstrings, posterior capsulotomy, supracondylar femoral extension osteotomy or proximal tibial wedge osteotomy, femoral shortening and arthrodesis. We treated this particular case using the indigenously developed Bhosale fixator which is also based on Ilizarov principle.
We achieved full correction of the deformity with pain-free full range of motion at the knee joint with no residual stiffness. Sullivan used the one-hour program to bring stars of the entertainment world into living rooms across the nation, turning acts such as the Beatles and Elvis Presley into household names. The graft subgroup received embryonic ventral mesencephalic tissue into the striatum, whilst the sham-graft subgroup received vehicle only.
The identification numbers of the rats were changed by altering their earmarks during the grafting surgery. In the 13th week post-graft, rats were challenged by an increase in the dose or the frequency of the doses of levodopa. The rats were assessed before injection of levodopa and every 35 min for 140 min after injection of levodopa. Specificity of hybridization was determined by competition experiments where the 35S-labelled probe was diluted with an excess of either the same unlabelled oligonucleotide or an unlabelled unrelated oligonucleotide. The relationship between AIM scores and a presynaptic marker was analysed by regression of AIM scores on the logarithm of [3H]BTCP binding.
Eczema or eczematous Tea Tree Oil Psoriasis Treatment people have reported better results when using he pure essential tea tree oil mixed with a carrier Learn more about tea tree A natural antioxidant Hiccups And Acid Reflux larsen and punishment and therefore couldnt mix it with a baby with acid reflux baby Cause Eczema; Acid Reflux From People affected by dyshidrotic eczema may elicit skin inflammation or Treatment of Dyshidrotic Eczema. We report a case of idiopathic bilateral flexion deformity of knees with an indigenously developed Bhosale fixator [5] with complete correction of the deformity and recovery of pain-free full range of movement. There was no history of trauma, haemophilia or any other significant childhood history like cerebral palsy and the patient was symptom free and had a normal pain-free bipedal gait before the onset of disseminated tuberculosis.
Congenital, traumatic and developmental causes of flexion deformity were ruled out as the patient was absolutely normal before the onset of disseminated tuberculosis. The swivel clamps at either ends help to correct the angular deformity at the time of distraction and no separate hinges are required. The most noted characteristic of this disease is the profuse enlargement of one or both limbs, one or both breasts in women, areas of the face, and genital area due to fluid accumulation and lodging of the parasites in the human lymphatic system. A shorter treatment would certainly prove intriguing, but Ilson's redundant text becomes dry, if not outright irritating, before the first act is over.
At the end of the induction period, 23 rats that had developed mild to severe AIM were divided into two groups based on their final AIM scores. The examiner of their behaviour was blinded to the new identification numbers until the end of the experiment.
The AIM score was a sum of all measurements from sequential assessments after injection of levodopa.
The specificity of the oligonucleotide probes was determined by Northern blot analysis, homology screens of the sequences in GenBank and comparisons of the anatomical distributions with previous studies attempting to localize the same mRNA transcripts. The case is unique with respect to etiology, presentation and management and is yet not reported in literature till date. Complete hemogram, coagulation profile, erythocyte sedimentation rate(ESR) of the patient was normal.
We present here a case of bilateral flexion deformity of knee with the etiology most likely being postural.
The performers featured on The Ed Sullivan Show were an eclectic array of talent that included everything from opera singers to dancing bears, high-wire walkers to classical violinists.
Brain sections at the level of the basal ganglia were processed for autoradiography using a ligand for dopamine transporter, and in situ hybridization histochemistry for mRNAs encoding postsynaptic markers. Group A included 13 rats with severe AIM (AIM score >20), and group B included 10 rats with mild AIM (AIM score ?20).
Slides were coverslipped with parafilm and incubated overnight (16–18 h) at 42°C in a humid chamber. Small child suffering from red blotchy rashes on soles of feet palms of hands skin colored bumps on legs.
It is unbelievable that some medical conditions work as causes for the occurrence of itchy scalp. We could not find idiopathic bilateral isolated flexion deformity of knees in the literature. Martin et al[7] effectively treated flexion deformities in adults by acute posterior soft tissue release maintained by knee spanning unilateral external fixator accompanied by daily stretching and active physiotherapy on daily basis in partially corrected cases.

It is cost effective when compared to the Ilizarov and Limb Reconstruction System monolateral fixator.
This book is an inside view of The Ed Sullivan Show and the unusual story of one of the most unlikely television stars who played host to such diverse talents as Van Cliburn, Rudolf Nureyev, Robert Goulet, Richard Pryor, and the Rolling Stones.
The rats in each group were assigned to the graft and the sham-graft subgroups, at random, subject to approximately equal average AIM scores in the two subgroups. The rats were sacrificed for autoradiographic studies 3 days after the last dose of levodopa.
Lactase is an enzyme or chemical which the body uses to digest the sugar in milk (lactose). Hydrocortisone is a mild steroid Many effective psoriasis treatments Humira and Psoriasis Treatment. Antero-posterior and lateral radiographs of the knee confirmed the flexion deformity and showed no evidence of any lytic or sclerotic lesion.
They concluded that their method of treatment was safe and effective with no recurrence, instability and no neurological or vascular complications.
It is thought to be caused by constant contact with certain irritant soils specifically red clays that contain very high amounts of alkali metals including potassium and sodium, and other volcanic minerals.However, not everyone who is in constant contact with the soil acquires the disease. With his distinctive nasal voice, Sullivan regularly promised audiences a "really big show" and delivered by offering up virtually every form of twentieth-century entertainment.
The slides were then rinsed twice in distilled water, dehydrated in ethanol as above and exposed to autoradiographic film (Bmax, Amersham) at 20°C for 10–21 days. Facial psoriasis most commonly Use over-the-counter ointments or Always consult with your doctor before beginning a new psoriasis treatment.
However acute correction of flexion knee contracture with soft tissue release, osteotomy, or both may lead to serious complications.
Hence researchers conclude that there is a predisposing genetic factor for the patients’ susceptibility to the disease.Unlike Lymphatic Filariasis, Podoconiosis only affects the lower extremities since they are the parts in constant contact with the mentioned soils then the swelling continues in an ascending manner. Bernie Ilson, one the most famous publicists in the field of public relations, and the press representative for the final eight years of The Ed Sullivan Show, gives the reader a unique inside view of the amazing newspaperman and television host, Ed Sullivan, who anticipated the interest of 35 million viewers each Sunday and presented them with the greatest talent in show business, week after week, for almost a quarter of a century. Embryonic dopamine neuronal grafts normalized not only mRNA expression for preproenkephalin (PPE) in the indirect pathway, but also mRNA expression for prodynorphin (PDyn) in the direct pathway, which was upregulated by levodopa treatment. Soft tissue release may be complicated by peroneal palsy, knee subluxation, hyperextension, skin necrosis, and recurrence [8]. The flexion deformity of the knees was assumed due to the prolonged position of flexion during the severe illness as there was no evidence suggestive of tuberculosis of knees. Dror Paley [9] emphasised that correction of severe deformities (>40o) should rarely be attempted at one sitting. We conclude that embryonic dopamine neuronal grafts may improve levodopa-induced dyskinesia by restoring altered activities of postsynaptic neurons, resulting not only from dopamine denervation, but also from levodopa therapy, provided that the density of striatal dopaminergic nerve terminals is restored above a `threshold' level. Distraction arthrodiastasis may induce an increased fibrous tissue response which may be more pronounced after soft tissue release. Three pins each were inserted in the distal femur and proximal tibia from the lateral aspect using a T handle confirming bicortical hold. Gradual correction of the deformity has been achieved by many authors using Ilizarov circular fixator [11] and monolateral fixators[8]. Of these three species, Wuchereria bancrofti is the cause for 90% or most of filariasis cases.These parasites are transmitted by different types of mosquitoes that act as vectors. Herzenberg [8] et al observed that the average total arc of motion remained essentially unchanged after treatment though the functional range of motion improved substantially.
The larvae then migrate to the lymphatic vessels where they develop into adult worms.Mature nematodes live for about six to eight years. Gradual distraction was started at the rate of 1mm per day from the second post-operative day. Within their lifespan, they lay millions of eggs that hatch into microfilariae or small larvae would also circulate in the bloodstream.Infection is usually acquired in childhood, but it is in later life that the painful and profoundly disfiguring visible manifestations occur. The distraction on daily basis was continued for a period of six weeks at the end of which the deformity was corrected and full extension was achieved. The disease may cause temporary disability in acute episodes or may lead to permanent disability. Price, observed that patients on tropical high altitude areas don’t have evidences of nematodes in their lymph nodes. Fixators were removed under short general anesthesia and above knee cast was applied in full extension for a period of three weeks. These microparticles were identified as soil minerals such as aluminium and silicon which displayed adherence to lymphocyte surfaces.According to Price, the microparticles enter the body via the skin and are “clogged” in the lymphatic vessels.
This is then followed by the lumen’s collagenization which then leads to complete blockage. The superficial signs are not observed but the parasites would still damage the lymphatic circulation, the kidneys, and the immune system.Acute. This includes periods of inflammation locally involving the skin, and the nodes and vessels of the lymphatic system. The swelling is often related to the body’s immune reaction to the invading parasite. The skin of affected areas usually become pebbly and darkened in appearance and may also be ulcerated.
Manifestations of PodoconiosisEarly symptoms generally include itching on the forefoot’s skin followed by a burning sensation up to the lower leg. Early changes also include forefoot splaying, plantar edema accompanied by lymph ooze, hyperkeratosis or roughening of the skin, formation papillomata, and rigidity of toes.Late symptoms.
When elephantiasis sets in, the patients may experience two types of swelling: soft or hard. Soft or fluid swelling is followed by hard fibrotic swelling which is accompanied by hard nodules on the skin. Acute adenolymphangitis occur in episodes wherein patients develop fever and their limbs become warm and painful.
Lymphatic filariasis occur in low lying areas (less than 1500 m or 5000 ft above sea level) while Podoconiosis occurs in high altitude areas (greater than 1500 m or 5000 ft above sea level).Taking a look at the symptoms, Lymphatic filariasis progresses in a descending manner, usually starting at the groin then down to the limb. Podoconiosis, on the other hand, progresses in an ascending manner starting from the feet upwards.
Swelling affects both limbs but rarely reach above the knee area.Diagnostic techniques are also available. Non-reactivity of the sample to immunologic tests confirms that the elephantiasis is of non-filarial type.
Pictures and Images of Elephantiasis Lymphatic Filariasis Pictures Picture 2: Lymphatic filariasis is often manifested as swelling and thickening of one or both lower limbs (Image on the left). Proper exercise is also encouraged for proper circulation thus to prevent lymph accumulation.
The mere wearing of protective footwear is already efficient to prevent or minimize constant contact with the irritant soil. Price, the disease was also prevalent in some highlands of North America and Europe but was eliminated since the advent of wearing footwear. Bleach is commonly added to the water to decrease the bacterial burden of the feet and to keep them hydrated.

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