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Penis pumps, implants, and blood vessel surgery are some of the other treatments for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction if medications do not work or cannot be recommended due to other medical conditions.
Regular exercises are the best way to improve your overall health, achieve a healthy weight, and prevent erectile dysfunction.
One of VAC’s unique services is to evaluate and treat men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Erectile Dysfunction can occur because of hormonal imbalances, neurologic conditions, side effects from medications, or a variety of other reasons. Using our minimally-invasive technology, we can assess the circulation to the penis during an arteriogram in order to determine the best course of action. This is a  disorder of the persistent inability to attain or maintain penile erection sufficient for sexual intercourse,affects millions of men to various degrees. The penis consists of two parallel cylinders of erectile tissue, the corpora cavernosa (which has a mesh work of vascular endothelium), and a smaller,single ventrally placed cylinder,the corpus spongiosum, which surrounds the urethra and distally forms the glans penis.Venous drainage of the erectile bodies occurs via postcavernous venules draining into the deep dorsal vein. In the flaccid penis, a balance exists between blood flow in and out of the erectile bodies. In addition to diabetes, kidney disease, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, and vascular disease account for about 70 percent of all cases of ED. As mental tension leads to adrenaline production, the tissues are getting constricted preventing the erection. Medication: ED is also a side effect of many common drugs, including prescription and over-the-counter medications and illegal drugs.
But Alcohol is a depressant, and, when consumed in more than small amounts, it really reduces the ability to have an erection.
Nicotine directly interferes with the nerve pathways that produce and maintain an erection, and tobacco smoke causes heart disease and circulatory problems that reduce the supply of blood to the penis and destroy the flexibility of tissues.

Due to sedentary  life style and increased intake of fatty food leads to blocking of arteries with fat deposits. The one of the common misconception is that ED is a part of aging and has to be accepted as such.
Some of the chronic diseases that are often associated with ED include diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems, and high blood pressure. However, the doctor will find out the cause of your condition and underlying health problems before recommending the best treatment. Hypotension or hypertension patients are also not advised to take these drugs and let their doctors know about their medical condition. A healthier lifestyle, which includes regular physical activity, can help improve the blood flow to the penis and achieve and sustain erections. According to a 2007 study published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, erectile dysfunction appears to be common among alcohol-dependent men.
Gingko (Gingko Wiki Page) is one of the most commonly used herbs for sexual arousal in men and women. Vascular Disease, such as Peripheral Arterial Disease, can also be a cause of Erectile Dysfunction.
Based on the results of the arteriogram, we may recommend an angioplasty procedure which can possibly restore or improve the flow of circulation to the penis. During the procedure, we place a catheter into the artery at your groin to locate the blockage that may be compromising normal blood flow through your pudendal artery, which is the main artery supplying blood to the penis.
Once the Erectile Dysfunction treatment has been completed, you will recover for a brief period and be sent home.
The ability to function sexually helps men define their role and shapes their identity.Loss of erectile function can be devastating.

But this psychological factors have only second turn in the ED as the primary cause will be some other causes, leading to it.
It’s estimated that 25 percent of all cases of ED have medication as their underlying cause. But the truth is that Erectile dysfunction(Male infertility) is not an inevitable consequence of aging. It strikes 5 percent of men who are 40 years old, but that number rises to 15 to 25 percent for those age 65 and older. If your Erectile Dysfunction is caused by Vascular Disease, diabetes, high cholesterol or trauma, then Vascular Access Centers may be able to provide Erectile Dysfunction treatment to help resolve this condition. The rapid filling of the cavernosal spaces compresses venules resulting in decreased venous outflow, a process often referred to as the corporeal veno-occlusive mechanism.
As a result, there is an increase in blood flow, which helps you get and maintain an erection for intercourse.
The risk of sexual dysfunction increases with the rise in the consumption of alcohol, resulting in higher neurotoxic effects.
Though ginseng is a relatively safe herb, it is best to consult a naturopathic doctor before starting on a natural therapy on your own.
The combination of increased inflow and decreased outflow rapidly raises intracavernosal pressure resulting in progressive penile rigidity and full erection.

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