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Use Prolotex™ RELAXED FIT Far Infrared Socks to increase circulation and speed up healing of the torn ligaments.
While an ankle strain or sprain is not specific to cycle touring it is certainly an injury that can stop a cycle tourist in his or her tracks. Rich twisted his ankle while running one morning on Langkwai Island in Malaysia.On the uneven sidewalk his ankle rolled outward. The second morning Rich awoke with just a bit of swelling, black and blue bruises along base of his foot on the outside but little or no pain.
Ice, for at least the first 24-72 hours (or until the swelling goes down) 10-20 minutes every hour or two. Elevation, Raise your ankle above the height of your heart (a bit hard to do at the office!) for 2-3 hours a day if possible.
If  after rehab the area is still weak, unstable  and ligament damage is severe you may require further intervention such as surgery – avoid at all costs! If you feel that somebody else would benefit from reading this post please share the love by using the share buttons! If you have bruised your ankle, then you need to take immediate steps to stop the bruising and swelling.
Once you have the aforementioned items, place your foot upon a stack of pillows in order to elevate the affected area.
After you have gone through the steps mentioned above, take note of the pain that you are feeling in your ankle. If you do not have immediate access to a bandage, ice pack, or ibuprofen, there are other items that will work just as well. Before beginning any sports or other physical activities, make sure that your ankle has completely healed. You can go back to playing as long as the bruise isn't making it hard to walk or causing you a good amount of pain when you touch it. If you want to start playing sports again after bruising your ankle, does anyone know how long you should wait? Sports persons, particularly athletes and basketball players, are often affected by sprained ankles.  Ankle sprain usually occurs when the foot is planted wrongly on uneven ground or due to unusual twisting of the joint while running, walking or performing any other activity. If you are a regular sports person, knowing home remedies for reducing pain will help you to get back on your feet quickly. The very first thing you should do when you encounter this type of injury is to avoid putting pressure on it and immediately sit down and relax. Another effective way to avoid discoloration and swelling is to massage a mixture of camphor oil and sunflower oil on the affected area.If severe pain persists, seek doctor’s advice. For reducing inflammation and pain you may need to take some painkiller and vitamins along with these home remedies. When the tendons are being repeatedly stretched for long time, it may cause tendinosis and in rare cases, it may rupture. Ankle injury is caused when a person walks on irregular surface and due to repeated sports activities. Compression : You can get help from someone for wrapping the injured ankle with compression for keeping it intact. Your doctor will examine the injured ankle and may ask for X-ray to find out the extent of damage. For mild form of sprain, first aid treatment of RICE is repeated for many weeks until the swelling subside. For moderate sprain, apart from compressor or ice application, your doctor may put you on a splint or boot for keeping the ligaments intact. For severe form of sprain there would be tearing on the ligament and it takes more time for it to heal. Very often, a person having a sprain will need 3-7 days of rest, after which he will do regular exercise for gaining strength.

If there is injury in the tendon, the doctor will use a cast or splint and give anti-inflammatory medicine for reducing pain.
Most of us have either rolled or twisted our ankles at some point in our lives, the difference is the result, if your ankle is painful and swells up, you have most likely sprained it. If you have experienced a severe sprain you may need to get an x-ray or ultrasound done to assess the damage. Remember it is possible for the skin to experience a burn from full on contact with ice, so always make sure there is a thin cloth between the ice and your skin.
Remember there are degrees of sprains, they can be mild or severe, sprains are not something to shrug off, they are serious and should be treated as soon as possible (I need to take my own advice!). Then, place the towel-wrapped ice pack on the ankle for twenty minutes — repeat this action every two hours. If you begin to experience stabbing pains, deformation, or intense swelling, then it is important to seek medical help. Does it depend on the color the bruise changes to, or should you just rely on whether or not it no longer hurts?
Severe sprain, especially when there is popping sound on the injury, needs immediate medical attention.
Do not continue standing on it.  Now lift up the sprained ankle above the level of your heart.
Keep it Elevated: Elevation is another helpful factor when treating this particular injury. Consider Physical Therapy: Physical therapy can be helpful with an injury such as this one.
Do Your Research: Be sure the ankle is actually sprained and not broken by checking your symptoms and looking at a well-respected medical website.
See a Doctor: If the sprain does not seem to be getting any better after a couple of days and the swelling is not going down then seeing a doctor is the next step. Earlier it was thought that this type of injury is reserved only for sports personalities but you may get injured by simply walking on uneven surface. A sprain occurs when the ligaments are damaged or stretched beyond their capacity and a strain develops when there is damage to the muscles or tendons. Sometimes it can occur during a fall or a jump in awkward position and due to sudden injury or trauma while driving a bike or car. In case of severe fracture, it might take about 1-2 years for the ligaments and joints to get healed completely. In many cases, the pain will reduce after 2-3 days and you should not put weight on the ankle for few days.
After complete healing, the person will be asked to follow certain exercises for gaining strength on the ankle. Once the swelling subsides, he will be asked to do physiotherapy or stretching and strengthening the ligaments. For gaining enough flexibility and get back to normal position, it might take several weeks or even months. One time I continued playing basketball, the other I was doing a step class (I have never gone back! For me it was stepping down from the step deck with a heavy weight in my hand, coming down at a speed expecting my foot planting was correct, when indeed it was not!
With mild spraining you will experience pain after you roll it, experience tenderness, swelling and may feel stiff.
Before you can rest your ankle, you will need to gather an ice pack wrapped in a towel, a medical bandage, and a bottle of ibuprofen.
No matter where you happen to be, the most important thing to remember is to keep pressure off of your foot.
Children are particularly susceptible to additional ankle injuries when a bruise does not have time to heal, since a child's bones tend to be particularly fragile, so special care should be taken to ensure that a child does not further aggravate the injured ankle.

You can also soak your feet in cold water.  After the cold water compresses the swelling, immediately massage the foot with coconut oil and garlic oil, mixing them in equal proportion. It is better to make sure the bone is not broken.Use crutches to avoid pressure on the ankle. The actual part of the foot that is injured after an ankle is sprained is the ligament which helps to keep the joint stable. Choose a medication that also reduces swelling because the swelling is generally part of the problem with a sprained ankle. A professional can help guide a patient as to how to strengthen the ankle and in turn prevent another injury from happening.
The injury may be more serious than a sprain and crutches, surgery, or other treatment might be a necessity. After surgery and break period, the patient will be given physiotherapy for strengthening the bones. In case the pain does not get reduced, surgery may be done for reconstructing the ligaments that are torn. Even though we see sprained ankles as common it doesn’t always mean the injury is minor. Remember though that compression is support and not protection, protect your ankle from further injury and keep weight off it. Stay away from sport or unsafe exercises until your ankle has had a chance to heal and has been rehabilitated. Then, take one ibuprofen every four hours, or as directed on the bottle, and make sure to keep your foot elevated as much as possible. Bone fractures, anticoagulant medications, and other ankle injuries can all lead to a bruised ankle.
Ankle bruises can cause additional problems if this type of injury is not treated properly. In addition, the pain will create much more discomfort so remain seated or lying down as much as possible.
A more serious sprain will cause pain, tenderness, swelling, sometimes even bruising and feels painful to walk on. Putting pressure on the ankle is not a good idea, so try and stay off of your ankle for at least one day.
Frequently, a bruised ankle is misdiagnosed, which is why it's important to seek medical attention if ankle pain persists. This way, you can determine whether you have truly bruised your ankle, or if you have caused additional damage. A tendon is attached to the muscles of bones and is responsible for movement of foot and ankle. Less often people roll their ankle inward and this damages the ligaments on the inside of the ankle. In a severe sprain you may experience all these symptoms but you cannot walk on it as it is too painful and feels wobbly or the ankle gives out.
I continued to demonstrate lunges (omg big mistake) and all sorts of exercises for her session pretending my foot was fine.
Wearing shoes with a high collar such as hiking boots or other high top, lace up shoes will also help support the area. You may experience severe pain at first and may not be able to stand or put your weight on the ankle.

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