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The golden rule is simply about how I am supposed to love others and treat them, even to bless my enemies. Reading Time: 1 minutesIt is rare to see an advert in todays media with a genuinely great message behind it.
Showing a young boy caught stealing, a local market trader decides to help him out and pay for the stolen goods, gives him some food and sends him on his way.
It doesn’t matter what you get in return whether that is instant or in the future, you will always benefit from helping others!

I don’t mean to be rude but you misspelled whether with weather, but I agree, we need to be kinder as individuals and stop being so selfish. In the video it shows why it is so important to treat everyone in life the way in which you would want to be treated. 20 years later and the market trader has a serious accident racking up a huge medical bill.
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With the family struggling to acquire the funds, there is a turn of luck as the doctor happens to be the young boy he helped many years ago.

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