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Cold outdoor air coupled with dry conditions in many homes during the winter may cause an increase in cases of dry eye. Symptoms of the condition include pain, blurred vision, a scratchy or burning sensation or watery eyes.
Treatment options include artificial tears, warm compresses and using a humidifier at home to add moisture back into the air. The Venta-Airwasher is a two-in-one product that humidifies and purifies air at the same time to make it both cleaner and more comfortable. These products utilize cold evaporation, which is recognized as the best way to clean and humidify the air. At David H Myers Opticians, we are not only dedicated to helping you choose the right glasses and lenses, we are committed to helping you with your ongoing eye health. How often have you spent time on your laptop, PC or tablet and found yourself suffering with stinging, red gritty eyes?
Dry eye can be an uncomfortable and sometimes inconvenient condition, but may be easier to treat than you think. If you have dry eye, although your tears may be plentiful, they may not be the correct consistency. Eye drops and sprays can provide instant relief to dry gritty eyes and can be used throughout the day. Dry eye management can be time consuming but if you take the time to treat the problem, you can really alleviate your symptoms.
A healthy, well balanced diet is of the utmost importance, and it will certainly contribute to healthy eyes. Different vitamins have different benefits but generally, if you have a healthy daily intake of each you have a greater chance of keeping your eyes in good condition. Vitamin supplements have become big business and are really worth considering if you really can’t increase you fruit and veg intake. Or try Lagad Lacrima soft gels, taken twice a day with your meal for an Omega 3 and Omega 6 boost.

Once the tooth is removed you will have mild pain for 2 days but it will settle on its own.
Lissamine green dye reveals dead cells on the ocular surface — an early indicator of dry eye.
A dye mixture of 1% fluorescein and 1% lissamine green showed efficacy in indicating conjunctival symptoms of dry eye syndrome, a study found. They suggested the mixture may be useful in diagnosing dry eye syndrome as well as measuring the therapeutic effects of dry eye treatments.
About this blog and about me This blog contains my notes made during the most horrendous eyestrain experience that I had since October 2010.
Outstanding diagnostic analysis: I wish there were competent eye specialists like Dr Kelly K. Copyright © 2016 Prevent, avoid, reduce, relieve, treat, and cure eye pain and eye strain from computer use. However, severe dry eye can make you vulnerable to corneal infections which can permanently affect your vision,” said Dr. This process eliminates millions of particles in the environment, leaving homes with fresh, clean, humidified air.
With a little bit of effort and time, you really can make a difference to your eye comfort. Every time you blink, your tears should coat the surface of your eyes to keep them moist and comfortable. Oily fish such as salmon is rich in Omega 3 and green leafy vegetables are packed full of nutrients that are great for your eyes. Supplements such as Hyabak Caps are packed with Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids and vitamins and minerals with anti-oxidative properties to help maintain comfortable eyes. Whenever your tooth has been extracted you should take precautions in the form of antibiotics. In case it develops into dry socket you can consult your dentist to take anti inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen.

Variables evaluated were the ocular surface disease index, tear breakup time, correlation among the degrees of staining and ocular surface parameters. They MUST be carried out twice a day and you must keep up with the routine, even if your eyes feel better. The part of the jawbone gets affected when the tooth has been extracted from the cavity during dental procedure.
Sometimes individuals who use contraceptive pills are prone to develop dry socket after tooth removal. There will be pain after a couple of days of tooth extraction and it turns into intense pain later.
The massaging motion should express the liquid oil from the meibomian glands and help re-balance your tears.
Once the tooth has been removed there will a hole or socket in that place which develops into blood clot. Rinsing and spitting activities can also trigger the formation of dry socket in some persons. Sometimes the doctor will do a sedative dressing on the area for soothing effect to the inflamed area. In some cases the blood clot gets dissolved thus leaving the underlying bones and nerves exposed to food and other fluids. He would further use healing medicine in the form of special paste which would heal the wound. Your tears will be too watery and evaporate too quickly after blinking and your eyes will not be sufficiently lubricated.

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