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A book with a dystopian picture of love, poverty, kindness…a book which strikes a chord of emotions, as if you are on a ride. It is fantasy series and the characters in this fantasy literature may be a little bit baffling.
Bestsellers like the Harry Potter series and Jamie Oliver's cookbooks are credited for helping to keep Britain top of the list.
Taiwan and Slovenia (both producing 1,831 titles per million people) are closest to Britain's figure, followed by Spain (1,626), Georgia (1,547) and the Czech Republic (1,509). Hillary Clinton tells voters the presidential election is a "moment of reckoning", as she makes history by accepting the Democratic nomination. The book full of fantasy, fun, imaginary characters like the lion talking and is the main centre of attention. Richard Mollet, chief executive of the Publishers Association, said Britain was showing no signs of slowing down, despite the rise in production in Australia whose titles rose by a third last year to 1,176 per million inhabitants."There are a few historical, cultural reasons behind it," he said.
International successes such as JK Rowling's Potter books and EL James's Fifty Shades of Grey - which both broke fastest-selling records - have given publishers the financial ability to try out new authors. Tolkien- the writer very descriptively narrates beautifully depicting Middle-Earth and the journey that the fellowships take and not only the book is full of magic and fantasy but also the dead language used by the author itself carries the readers to the far away land to feel ita€™s a€?Avatara€™a€™.

The character added by J.K Rowling is almost the same to any other ordinary human being and has given a realistic look and features and can be pictured very well how Harry looked like. The ambience created by this book so well created as if one is literally dwelling in the world of fantasy. The complete story is a complete mix and match of horror- because a€?Deatha€™ is the commonplace in this book.
Academic publishing accounted for almost a third of sales in Britain by value because of the world's appetite for textbooks written in English. It has also the subtle message portrayed by the author that how the power of Magic was replaced by human dominance. J.K Rowlinga€™s brilliance of such combinations like magic, love, pain, revenge, friendship, loss of loved ones and also sacrifice. Katiness a strong protagonist in this trilogy shows how she solves her one problem and takes charge of her own life, struggling with her emotions between two boys.
The story has and can be seen from much perspective and each character in the book keeps changing giving a different taste- a taste that will keep on lingering on readera€™s mind.
But, off late there are good books which are actually really addictive especially trilogies and cana€™t get rid of it.

Tolkien makes this a€?Lord of Ringsa€™a€™ a universal and all-embracing tale and a magnificent efficient by him to incorporate- an epic tale of love, friendship, heroism- a just celebrated classic of all genres. The writer has very well weaved every detail such that it suits the mystically created wizardly land at its best. The moral lessons are even more subtly cloaked with magic and with mystery enough to instill in the hearts and minds of the young readers. Each year, the twelve districts sends two representatives, a girl and a boy to participate in this hunger game until the loved one will be chosen until each district will be left with the sacrifice of another. We've got centuries of publishing history and a vibrant creative economy."Not all European countries publish their figures, but for those that do, Belgium came bottom of the ranking with 490 titles produced per million people.

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