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The survival related books that people are buying coupled with their rankings may pique your interest. If you have some of your own favorites that aren’t on this list, add the title(s) in a comment at the end for others to see too! I would add Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny, especially given the implicit dangers of the unstable spent fuel storage tank at the reactor in Fukushima.
I found two of your books (Holding your Ground & Standing Their Ground) worthwhile for different reasons. There are so many books on survival related to wilderness, food, medicine, etc., but your are the only books that I know which teach how to survive the inevitable violence. Apparently, the list of books in this article is good, and I have most of them, but I would not hesitate to add 2 or 3 of your books to the Top-20 list.
I just don’t understand how canning food can possibly more important than self-defense. Obviously, some people (if those are really the best-selling books on Amazon) believe that they will be able to eat lots of good food, and their towns or cities around them will just die out of starvation… Yeah, right.
It's amazing that so many people don't have seeds in their long term bug out bag or survival supplies.
A hunting rifle with the works--suppressor, scope, night vision scope (converter?), thermal imaging scope(?), and extra magazines.
This will allow you to receive communication from the outside world if there are any broadcasts going out, which is crucial for your sanity and plans for networking and growing your survival community. You'll want everything you'll need to treat minor injuries, major injuries, and treat common illnesses, like infections.
Shovels are important for digging a hole for an outhouse, a well, a root cellar, a fire pit, a subterranean home, irrigation canals, tilling the ground, preparing garden rows, and many other things. A tarp can serve 3 main purposes in a survival situation: you can make a cover and they will keep you dry, you can catch rain water with them, and you can create a fish pond with them. Katadyn makes a pocket water filter that can filter 13,000 gallons and has a 20 year warranty. One of the most popular questions in conversation games is the classical “Name three things you would bring with you on a deserted island”.
And while many say books, their favorite movies, their partner, their dog or pictures of their loved ones, we say one of your three choices should definitely be a survival knife. Books and pictures are alright, but a survival knife can really make the difference between life and death in a tight spot while outdoors. Apart from the fact that it comes via the famous Bear Grylls, the knife itself has a stainless steel blade which is almost 5 inches long and a waffle head hammer on the pommel. Completely US made, this particular knife said no to embellishment and yes to multi-purposing.
The first thing you need to know about thins knife is that it was made for and used by professionals.

The second thing is that it comes with its very own sharpening stone, which assures you it will be sharp at all times.
As the name suggests, it’s a folder, which comes with two safety locks, a short, 3 inch blade and it can be opened with one hand, which makes it very easy to use. Also, it’s very light, just 3.2 ounces, which means you can carry it in your pocket at all times. It has a blade, a can and bottle opener, tweezers, toothpick, screw drivers and it only weighs 2.9 ounces.
Its best feature is the fact that it is thin and light, which makes it perfect for carrying around in an unfriendly environment. It weighs 5.3 ounces and has a stainless clip, which means you can attach it to your belt or pocket, giving you freedom of movement and easy access. This knife takes you back to your roots, because it was designed after the Bronze Age daggers dating some 4000 years ago. This allows not only for a far better grip, but for water, debris and gunk to slip away as well. Razor sharp by default, this particular knife allows you to break glass easily using its handle’s point. Pay attention to meat related issues, as this one is more for filleting than for butchering.
It has often been called the number one survival knife, because of its level of performance.
It’s a very beautiful piece of weaponry, it comes from Sweden, has an elegant wooden handle and, the most important thing, it’s very cheap.
It’s a loved knife because of the amazing pairing between lightweight and durability it brings to the table. I've owned a couple of these knives,as a civilian and in Armed Services.I have to say they were and are the best knives I've ever used!
These knives came with my survival vest (which, if you can find one fully stocked, makes an excellent BOB all by itself) and is the only knife I have ever used that BROKE!
Three more knives missing from this list are an original Bowie knife (short sword), Kukri knife, and the G.I. If you broke that pilots survival knife you must of been using it as a pry bar or something. When I was getting ready to take the Freedom Bird home I made sure my Ka-bar was secure because that is the one that everybody else wanted. The Army wasn't big on issuing 'extra' knives, ", hell, you've got a bayonet & an Etool, what the hell else do you need?" LOL" That was pretty much it, We did have the WW2 small pick mattox, a machete, or the "woodsman Pal" some Air born units had Tomahawks. Very informative post, I loved especially how you explained the honest reviews of these survival knives. Any knife becomes a 'survival knife', hell even a rusty nail could become the difference between life or death.

All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property. I don’t have Making the Best of Basics yet, but with your suggestion I may look into it. The possibilities seem endless, so we’ve put together for you a list of the best 20 survival knives, taking into consideration criteria such as their reliability, multi purposing or how much they cost.
It’s has been left to us by the great Ron Hood, a respected figure in the field of survival. It has a contoured shape molded after the human fingers, which allows for a perfect in-hand grip.
Its blade has been especially designed to operate as a spear as well and it has a satin finish. The blade is almost 5 inches and it has a glass-filled handle, which will greatly reduce fatigue. It presents superior quality, a 4 inch blade, birch handle and it was designed with the aid of famous survivor-man Les Stroud. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose, because your options are so many, but remember to take into consideration your needs, your purposes and your budget. I have had one since '67 in Nam, those things, were tho one thing that every one that left the wire wanted. Your will to live and wit are good but without the proper physical tools to use your skills you can only do so much.
I’d rather buy another bag of rice from Costco or a pack of ammo than an ounce of metal that I can neither eat not shoot. The Marines call it their one and only knife, because it’s dependable and will see any job done.
Most of the knives, were good choices, except those made in China, any thing made in China & I don't care what name you paint on it, or powder coat it is just a bunch of flatten beer cans, not worth my dime. No matter if the blade is made of stone or steel you need a proper cutting tool to start fire, clean and prepare food, as well as cut branches and cordage to make shelter..
A high carbon steel blade large enough to process wood for fire yet small enough to carve, make holes, and very important that it be full tang. He has a vast knowledge of all types of survival gear and is and expert is survival knives. Quite frankly some of the best real survival knifes can be found n your grandmothers kitchen counter. We can have a whole discussion on the third knife but its really not as important as it shouldn't be relied on for survival.

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