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Survival horror has an unsettling appeal, perhaps because of its flexibility to do so much with so little. Restraint enables designers to create incredible scares, an uncomfortable atmosphere, and an unbearable sense of dread and fear within many different kinds of games.
Though a divisive entry in the Silent Hill series, The Room is a fascinating game that explores some truly interesting and unique horror concepts. By being set primarily inside of the main character’s apartment, The Room takes what most of us consider to be a safe sanctuary, and turns it into a living nightmare. Condemned blends classical survival-horror themes of vulnerability and tension with an action-oriented combat system.
When it works, Condemned is engaging and scary, and when it doesn't, the failings are ludicrous enough you can write them off to video game logic and keep playing, confident that something terrifying waits just around the corner. Like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, it forced players to feel confined and almost incapable of dealing with the frantic horrors before them. The original Resident Evil was one of the games that helped usher in the survival horror genre, and really helped inform what the core pillars of an interactive horror experience should be. A remastered version is coming to most platforms in 2015, meaning that most of us will be able to once-again experience one of the definitive moments in survival horror. Resident Evil 2 is archetypal survival horror, with a gothic setting, delightfully nonsensical puzzles, good sound design, and terrible tank controls.
The unapologetically corny story ripped off the best elements of drive-in science fiction and horror. Amnesia perfectly encapsulates the helpless feeling of being alone, defenseless, hunted, and yet goads you deeper with the promise of revealing its terrible secrets. Eternal Darkness combines traditional survival horror gameplay with a fantastic Lovecraftian universe, but its real strengths lie in what is achieves on its own.
Sanity Effects sound like a cheap gimmick, but having to maintain your characters' wits throughout each of Eternal Darkness' distinct short stories creates another layer of tension on an already tense and stressful survival game. When your heroes start losing their minds, and fail to cope with the horrors around them, Eternal Darkness becomes a survival game unlike any other -- one with memorable moments, an unforgettable story told across generations, and gameplay that betrays preconceived expectations. System Shock 2 might give you more to work with than most survival games, but make no mistake, the horror is quite present in a very unique style. System Shock 2 might tease you into believing you are playing a traditional rpg or action game, up until ammo starts to becomes scarce, and your weapons jam or break down. The Fatal Frame series has managed to build its lineage of terror on the smart conceit of danger and horror appearing when you decide to pull up your cursed Camera Obscura. Crimson Butterfly managed to capture a fantastic atmosphere by setting the game around the Japanese countryside and its creepy abandoned villages, and having the main character be a young, and ostensibly powerless child makes the fear that much more effective.
Silent Hill 2, like its predecessor, establishes a convincing sense of place that's discomforting, underscored by an unbeatable, somber soundtrack. Choose whether to make your playlist public or private Cancel Create ?Close Playlist Name Go! Custom x Report Video Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn't appropriate for all viewers. If you are passionate to explore horror games more than a sports-related gameplay, then this may interest you the most! You play as a writer who is suffering from writer’s block and is now in the clutches of an evil power.
It seems to focus more on the survival part of the genre than the horror, but it is still a solid game.
This is a psychological-horror action-adventure game, you play as the protagonist Alexandra Roivas, who is trying to solve the mystery of her grandfather’s death and happens to stumble upon a world of magic and horror. You play as Daniel, a protagonist who has lost all his memories and has to figure out who he is. This sci-fi horror game combines all the best elements of movie classics such as Event Horizon and Alien. A brilliant sequel, in this title, James, the husband of the original protagonist, ends up stranded in the creepy town after receiving a letter from his deceased wife. Los videojuegos han sido nuestra forma de entretenimiento desde su invencion, a dia de hoy los videojuegos se han dividido en categorias como RPG, FPS(First person Shooter), Terror, etc.
El nombre oficial de esta isla es Tashirojima, pero la mayoria se refiere a ella como Cat Heaven Island %28algo asi como la "isla cielo de los gatos" porque sus residentes son principalmente felinos. Whether players have limited ammunition (or no weapons at all) to protect themselves from uncertain terrors, explore frightening locales, or discover the darkness hidden in plain sight, these are the 10 best examples of survival horror. Pulling inspiration from Jacob’s Ladder, Twin Peaks, and the novel House of Leaves, The Room remains a strange departure for the Silent Hill series, but one that created a handful of unforgettable horror moments. Enemies act with animal cunning, retreat from disadvantageous situations, hide, and wait in ambush.
Combining action and exploration elements from Resident Evil 4 with the classic tension and dread of Alien, Dead Space felt like something new.

The 2002 GameCube remake of Shinji Mikami’s classic remains the definitive edition thanks to a gorgeous and terrifying visual upgrade, a trimming of a lot of the original’s cheese-ball moments, and the surprise inclusion of Crimson Heads (think zombie-versions of zombies).
Staggeringly ambitious for its time, the story followed Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield's two overlapping journeys through the Raccoon City Police Department and into the labyrinthine hell-scape below.
Despite the dated 3D models and terrible voice acting, Resident Evil 2 still provides ample heart-palpitating tension and numerous jump-scares. There are no weapons to be found, no saving grace besides the dim lantern that can be used sparingly to keep the darkness at bay. Without a doubt, Amnesia breathed new life into the survival horror genre with a big emphasis on survival.
Combat isn't elegant, but it's empowering enough to make you feel capable -- but only in small bursts, and only until something goes wrong. The games, especially Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, smartly use the device simultaneously as a method of delivering power, as well as stripping the player of any and all control. The creatures you have to defeat are scared of light, so your battery-powered torch becomes your main weapon. This game uses the camera obscura from the first game, and you play through a damned village trying to find your lost sister. The tension builds up throughout the game as you encounter strange characters and monsters. Now, I realize that we looked at some of the things that game developers are doing to scare the bejeezus out of us these days and gore titles and other such nonsense. Algunos de estos juegos de terror pueden disfrutarse en PC, Playstation tanto como en Xbox.
This game is considered as sci-fi horror game which is taken from Frictional Games which also develop other games such as Penumbra series. Created by Supermassive Games, this adventure survival horror game will be available for PS4. In this game, you will be presented with desolate world that has been affected with mysterious enemy. The game which is created by Polish video game developer Techland is considered as survival horror game. Weapons are deadly enough that a single foe can be a real threat, making almost every encounter legitimately challenging. Its refreshing spin on sci-fi horror gave players control over combat in a way survival horror typically doesn't, but it restrained itself enough to limit what Clarke had access to. The helplessness and stress of isolation in an unwelcoming place, with limited ammunition and no army behind you, put a stamp on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation that, indeed, survival horror had a lot of life left in it after all.
Amnesia’s story of a memory best left forgotten is punctuated by the terrors that roam the game, where just a glimpse of those that hunt you can drive your character insane, changing the very fabric of the reality. The player finds themselves aboard spaceship crawling with mutant alien-human hybrids, with their moans of joining “the many” filling your ears as they search for you, and often screaming for you to kill them or run away.
Its marriage of gameplay and story -- quite literally a widowed husband escaping and fighting his own darkness come to life -- creates uneasy themes, challenging subject matter, and terrifying encounters with mysterious, monstrous enemies. The gameplay is visceral; you use pipes and metal bars that will let you experience the gore up close. The vengeful spirits are vulnerable to the different types of films that you have at your disposal.
Similar to System Shock 2, Isaac Clark moves through a ship full of zombie-like aliens that attack from all sides. Play as Chris or Jill, navigate a creepy mansion, and defeat the undead horrors contained within.
The psychological elements such as the limited visibility and the strange soundtrack lend the gameplay a unique touch of creepiness. But we haven’t actually gone into a list of solid survival horror titles from the beginning of the genre until now. There will always be a new horror game that is released every year and it offers something new and more challenging.
It used third person that would be played into total darkness and come with just a help from a flashlight. This game includes 8 characters that have a night in log cabin to commemorate their friend’s death but suddenly being hunted by some killers. Using a fictional insane asylum as theme, every player will be required to explore a place called as Hanwell Mental Institute. The game’s many mechanics would eventually become key parts of its spiritual successor, Bioshock, but the setting, mood, and themes that System Shock 2 carried made it stand apart even to this day as a prominent survival horror game. If it gets low, then the game seems to merge reality and dreams and gets scarier and confusing. Use the plasma cutter and other innovative weapons to cut down the mindless creatures limb by limb.

So I figured since a lot of us are looking forward to games like Silent Hills and The Evil Within, it might be cool to walk down the scarier side of memory lane.
La precuela del Outlast 2, Outlast no fue aclamado como el mejor survival horror pero de acuerdo con el productor, Phillipe Morin, Outlast 2 tiene algunos trucos bajo la manga. For game lovers, 2015 is going to be a blown up for horror genre fans since there are numerous new horror games that are expected to be very popular in this year.
The player will be equipped with weak weapon and should face with difficult fights and unpleasant environment to be explored. To play this game, your task is to collect the data in order to reveal the truth odd disappearance of everybody in Lunar station.
You should collect some luggage that will help you to survive and build home, find food, and discover land. This game will include strong horror atmosphere supported with twisty storytelling and frightening revelation. The trickiest parts are the ones where you have to avoid the blind “clickers” that seemingly attack out of nowhere.
Segun varias fuentes, Outlast 2 contara con completamente nuevos temas, asi como una nueva ubicacion y nuevos personajes y no sera relacionada con Outlast. Red Barrels Games han trabajado muy duro en este juego en primera persona de supervivencia de terror. Este juego sin duda es debes jugarlo en los ultimos meses.9 - DoomDoom ha sido uno de los juegos de terror mas populares entre los jugadores y que estan a la espera de que su salida lo antes posible. ID Software y Bethesda Softworks han trabajado duro para hacer este juego un juego de terror de primera categoria. Este juego fue lanzado por Ready At Dawn con el consentimiento de Sony Computer Publishing.
La Orden es una agencia que trabaja para proteger a los seres humanos comandados por Nikola Tesla quien les da extranas armas para cazar a el lobo. Este juego tiene el octavo lugar en la lista.7 - Fatal Frame VEl juego ya esta lanzado en Japon, pero se rumorea que lanzara en 2015 alrededor del mundo.
Fatal Frame V o Fatal Frame: Doncella De Negro es un juego de survival horror desarrollado por Tecmo Koei y Nintendo SPD. El Wii-U actuara como una camara para realizar un seguimiento de fantasmas alrededor de tu sala de estar. Fatal Frame V es el septimo juego de terror que debe ser jugado.6 - DarkwoodDarkwood es un juego de survival horror con tantas caracteristicas impresionantes. El juego cuenta con una atmosfera del mal donde tendremos que explorar un bosque despues del final de la guerra.
Lo que hace a este juego tan bueno es que estamos perseguidos por locos que estan tratando de matarnos. Darkwood toma sexto lugar en la lista de los mejores juegos de terror que debe ser sin duda jugado.5 - Until DawnSegun la historia, Ocho amigos viajaran a una mansion en la montana para vacaciones que despues comienza a girar en una pesadilla. Until Dawn llega como exlusiva en la PS4 y pueden jugar hasta 8 jugadores con ocho personajes distintos para experimentar el miedo. El multijugador entre los jugadores y sus acciones decidira quien vivira y quien va a sobrevivir hasta el final. A pesar de que la gente siente que un solo jugador es mas terrorifico, el juego multijugador tambien es una buena ventaja. El juego esta listo para lanzarse en multijugador el 25 de agosto 2015 por Sony Entertainment.4 - SOMASOMA es considerado como un juego de terror de ciencia-ficcion de los creadores de Amnesia y la serie Penumbra. Este juego sera definitivamente de los mejores juegos de paga y estara en los mejores juegos de 2015. Desarrollado por Shinji Mikami, que tambien creo la serie Resident Evil, The Evil Within toma la tercera posicion en la lista de Los mejores juegos de terror 2015.
El personaje principal del juego, Sebastian Castellanos se sumerge en un terrible mundo lleno de horror y pesadillas. Resident Evil comienza con el personaje favorito Claire Redfield regresando a la franquicia Resident Evil.
Todo comienza cuando Claire es golpeada y va recuperando conciencia, la encontraron con Moira Button en un centro de detencion abandonado.
Siendo tanto de un jugador, asi como multijugador y rol, este juego es demasiado bueno para los jugadores como para ignorarlo. Este juego fue lanzado en marzo de 2015 y ha vendido mas de 1 millon de copias a finales de abril.

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