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AndrewLB194d ago The past couple weeks there have been some performance issues for the PC version. ARK Survival Game offers fun if you are playing solo, but if you make few friends game gets to another level, tribe hunting and taming for biggest and baddest dinosaurs that’s just epic. When you start game for first time or starting on new server all you have to do is create your character.
After character creation you will wake up on strange island with nothing more than underwear and a map that slowly fills as you explore island. More time I have spend playing game the more I like it, scouting out world you discover caves and more dinosaurs, collecting random drops, exploring strange looking objects on map ( kinda alien looking ). I would love to give this game 10 out of 10, but they are still working to improve performance, and they did great job so far, need bit more fine adjustment.
You got choice between a male and a female form, with so many options, so end results can be really interesting. On right part of screen you’ll find indicators for experience, weight, hydration, food, stamina and health.

Food is important as well as water, so go ahead and search some bushes, you will get fiber from that as well.
ARK Survival Game developers keep adding new stuff into the game to keep it interesting, like new game mode Survival of the Fittest, for me best part will come, anyone can give it a try and make mode for game. The game doesn’t hold your hand in any way, which makes online guides so incredibly valuable.
For sure you will run into some creative looks, small people with big hands and giant heads, and I keep getting surprised every day.
By time you have basic tools and some food you will reach level two, and then you see that you can improve character by adding points to his health, stamina, oxygen, food, water, weight, melee damage, move speed, fortitude and crafting speed, spend points to improve and get to engrams, for a start you’ll have just few to upgrade, but as you progress more and more will appear, some of them may require previous engrams and ARK Survival Game team keep adding new ones. While we won’t be putting something together that as in depth as some of the Wiki’s already available, we will share with you our top tips for playing. This game has by far the most community engaged developers of any early access game, it's insane the amount they add very regularly, and most of it based directly on player feedback. I can't say consistently but they happen a bit more often than when at, say, the beach on the Southern Islets.

Dinosaurs are big part of ARK Survival Game and you can find big and small, herbivore or carnivore, peaceful and aggressive, there are so many at this moment and developers keep adding more, if you are interested in more information about Dinosaurs you can check it HERE. Best part is you can tame dinosaurs, to use them for fights, as pack mules or mounts, yes you can ride most of dinosaurs in the game, all you need is patience to tame and saddle to ride.
Getting first raptor or trike and ride is such great feeling, after you tame dinosaur you name it and you choose how to level it, do you need fighter get points to damage and health, you want to go fast put points into stamina and speed etc. Probably because you aren't trying to maintain a connection with a server to 70 other players.

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