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And in case you were wondering about my freshmen year boyfriend, he broke up with me when he became a freshmen in college the next year…see he was smarter than me – be single! This may sound like a given but think about it…do you really know the ins and outs of your chosen major?
Even though your dorm room is decorated super cute, feels like home and there is a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon on tv….get out of your dorm room!
When you are a freshman you will be exposed to more junk food than you have ever seen in your entire life! Freedom comes in many forms to the new college freshman, and continues to reign throughout college. It’s amazing how college students can function on 3 hours of sleep and still ace the final for which they were studying. You sit during your 30 minute commute to school, you sit when you are in class, you sit as you study, and you sit while you are completing homework. We want to ensure that every student is safe, healthy, and happy during their years at Florida National University. Tips for College Success by Nigel the Fox; the summer project of CAST intern, Amir Bar, shares 12 tips from Amir’s personal experience that can improve the college learning experience of any student. In this Book Builder book, Nigel the Fox presents each of the 12 tips with an explanation of the tip as well as relevant links for further exploration.
CAST is a nonprofit research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals, through Universal Design for Learning. The AIM Center works with key stakeholders to support the implementation of the National Instructional Materials Standard (NIMAS) and effective uses of accessible instructional materials (AIM). At Amazing on a Budget you can create a budget list for everything one would need at college from dorm must-haves to the perfect outfit. Amazing on a budget will them use it’s magical internet powers to create a list of the most budget-friendly items for your list.
You can then alter what you have on your list, see more similar items, or add to your Walmart online cart to buy what you need and have it shipped to you or your local store!
Please note that due to the amount of spam comments submitted, we do moderate all comments but they will be approved as soon as possible! When I was a freshman I had a tv schedule that started at lunch time and went through the time I went to bed. I cringe at the thought of how I used to go out in public when I was a freshmen…nasty!
I know you will be busy meeting new people and experiencing new things…and your parents want that for you! If you would like to feature excerpts, or one to two images on another site clear credit and links must be provided back to the original source on this blog. As US News describes, this “isn’t revolutionary advice, but it’s very relevant to college students.
The problem, however, is that college students often refrain from water drinking in lieu of other beverage options. Combating an overbearing class load as you balance your social life and work schedule is a stressful task (and, during finals week?
You finally get to live without the hassle of doing every little thing your parents want you to do. Whether they are your roommate, a classmate, or the cutie that works at the frozen yogurt shop, having a reliable best friend is crucial to your well being.
HOW DO I STUDY? College is certainly a transition into a new academic world, and many students have to re-think studying habits – and they should!

There is much fun, heartache, confusion, excitement, and emotion in starting a college career. This means if you click on the link and make a purchase we may earn a commission fee at no extra cost to you, which helps keep this site running.
Rent your textbooks, or buy used and resale. Brand new textbooks are super expensive upfront, though they can be sold back at the end of the semester.
Don’t fall into credit card traps and access need vs want. Credit cards are generally pretty easy to be approved for once you get into college, but they can be a very expensive trap as well!
Write out a budget and stick to it. One of the best ways to stay on budget is to actually write out a budget and see where you stand. She lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia where she enjoys creating recipes, learning how to do things smarter, photography, tech, gardening, and herding cats. I also taught a freshman wellness class my senior year of college, and was exposed to the lives of about 50 college freshmen.
My weekends usually consisted of making the 3 hour car trip home to see him, or he would make the trip to see me. And who wants to eat at the same salad bar for lunch and dinner every day!? Let yourself cheat…but make sure you are exercising. Please do not remove any watermarks or edit the images without written consent from The Blue Eyed Dove.
As they walk around campus, students lose more water than they realize, raising the risk of dehydration. Many students don’t realize just how much time is spent in different chairs all day, every day. You no longer have a curfew, the opposite sex is allowed in your room, and you can watch as much TV as your want. US News reveals, “Loneliness shows up in measurements of stress hormones, immune function, and cardiovascular function. Most students don’t stick with them all four years, but freshmen will certainly meet tons of people and find some with whom they click. College offers new rigors and ideas and classes, of course one is going to have to change their study habits. Seriously, first, nothing makes a professor more aggravated than a student clicking on his or her phone all period long; also, think about the money per course a student spends – why waste the time?
While living on your own can be a great experience while at college, it can also be an expensive one.
Instead, it may be more budget-friendly to rent your textbooks, or buy used books that you can still resale at the end of the semester. If you can afford the time for a part-time job it will certainly help your budget instead of eating ramen every night and having no money for entertainment.
A credit card can be a great way to get started building your credit, but only do so if you can remain diligent about how much you are charging and that you can pay it off each month. So if I can help someone learn from my personal experiences {or those of my former freshmen students} I feel they are definitely worth sharing. Which meant I didn’t spend a lot of time getting to know the other freshmen girls on my floor. While you need to devote some time to studying it’s ok to branch out and find a club or organization to get involved with. It’s not only good to help you keep off the freshman 15 {20, 25 or 30 in some cases} but exercise is good for your mind! You never know what kind of opportunities will present themselves to you when you feel your best.

Your parents are no longer breathing down your throat and the cafeteria is full of delicious, buttery carbs. The problem with this is that alcohol dehydrates your body, it “lowers inhibitions, [and] is a source of non-nutritious calories” (McMullen). Getting too little sleep on the regular can “increase your risk of stroke, lead to obesity, up your diabetes risk, fuel memory loss, damage bones, increase your cancer risk, hurt your heart, and even kill you” (Klein). If the research revealing the affects of a sedentary, chair-hugging lifestyle doesn’t get you to stop sitting, we aren’t exactly sure what will. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends moderate cardio for 30 minutes, five times per week. Learn the signs of stress and anxiety so you can beat them the moment you begin to feel overwhelmed. It only takes a few days to make something a habit, don’t even give yourself the ability at the beginning of the semester, and that will set up a great habit.
If possible, continue living at home while attending a local college, plus in-state tuition is cheaper.
That’s why I thought it was very awesome that Walmart has created Amazing on a Budget!
I personally didn’t experience one of my own, but I totally get where they are coming from. Because when you wait until your junior year and decide “I don’t like this biology stuff…I want to be an International Corporate Accountant.” Good luck switching your major and graduating within 4 years. Try the Greek system, or if that’s not for you most colleges have a gazillion clubs to join. We aren’t saying you can’t have a brew or two; we are just saying that you should be cautious about what you allow into your body, and how much you are consuming. Most college students are still young enough to avoid the organ damage, neck strain, overactive pancreas, and muscle degeneration associated with spending hours, daily, in a chair.
Their diet is higher in fat, their sleep is less efficient, and they report more daytime fatigue.” It sounds like loneliness can undo a lot of the positive moves you have been making.
Just by doing that you will stand out anyways because 95% of your freshmen peers will go with the greasy hair, un-brushed teeth, sloppy sweats look. No matter what you think about being out on your own, you should still follow the doctor’s orders.
Whether or not your parents were the coolest pair on the block, you owe them a call here and there! The report continues, stating that college students “can be around a lot of people but feel completely isolated. And you are experiencing more changes than you have probably ever had to deal with your freshmen year.
Use that time to focus on yourself, adjust to the college life, and get to know some new people. For the most beneficial health and wellness tips all college students need to hear, keep reading. Don’t miss out on the chance for a healthy immune system, enhanced strength, and a good-looking body!

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