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The first record about dowry paintings appeared in the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD), and their material objects could still be found at the time of the founding of the Republic of China (1912 - 1949).
We can see that this long poem not only describes the dowry painting, but also describes the joyous time of making love on the wedding day. In addition to dowry paintings, yaxiangdi (valuables at the bottom of the chest) was also used in sex education in ancient China. Yaxiangdi (valuables at the bottom of the chest) is used to teach newly-weds about sex in ancient China.
The dowry painting was actually a file of erotic pictures: about 8-10 pieces of art that showed different ways of having sex.
The biggest share of jobs Arizona will create in the next two years will be in positions that don’t require even a high school diploma. New figures obtained April 14 from the state Department of Administration show that sector of the economy will increase by more than 6.6 percent. By contrast, the jobs for which a bachelor’s or master’s degree will be required will grow by less than 5.2 percent.
But the numbers also show a trend: The part of the Arizona economy that needs workers with only a high school diploma or less is growing faster than the sector of the economy that needs college graduates.
Right now, for example, 27.4 percent of all jobs in the state require no formal education credentials.
Doug Walls, research administrator at the Department of Administration, said there may be another reason the rate of job growth is highest among employers who need workers with just a minimal education.
But he did point out that it was the state’s construction industry that took the biggest hit during the recession.
He said someone who graduates with a degree in engineering probably can find a job in Arizona.
And McPheters said he’s not just talking places like San Francisco where the cost of living is so much higher.

That, in turn, leads to the situation where Arizona employers claim they can’t find enough qualified help. As proof, McPheters said nursing jobs pay as much in Arizona as they do elsewhere as hospitals are forced to compete. The latest report from the Department of Administration shows the state’s seasonally adjusted jobless rate dropped a tenth of a point last month, to 5.4 percent. The biggest job growth came in bars, restaurants and hotels with 7,300 new jobs added between February and March.
Why is no one alarmed that Arizona is spiraling down to the pit that Mississippi once held exclusive title: the place no one with any ambition wants to live and work, because there is no future? Of course there was; it was just not systematic or comprehensive, and usually used visual teaching aids or methods of hinting and inducing. But after that it moves onto the main subject of the couplea€™s first encounter, from removing their makeup and costume to spreading the dowry painting on the bed and imitating those acts which interest them. It was made of china, as large as a humana€™s fist, and was often shaped like fruits in appearance.
They were very crude and mostly from woodblock printing because there was a large demand for them. And the second biggest boost in Arizona employment will be in jobs for which only a high school diploma is required.
And people who went back for a doctoral degree will find just a 4.2 percent increase in available jobs.
Doug Ducey who has committed to growing the economy and creating high-wage jobs, said the numbers are not necessarily bad news.
Employment plummeted from a seasonally adjusted peak of 244,200 in June 2006 to 109,300 just three months later.
Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, said there’s another big factor at work that is making the Arizona economy less dependent on jobs where a higher education is required: Money, or, more specifically, the lack of it.

But he said software developers and others have instead counted on the “sunshine factor’’ to convince folks to work for less in Arizona. And the state added 12,300 private sector jobs in the past month — and 86,000 since last year. I had the chance to join the exodus and didn’t because I believe this place can be turned around. The "dowry paintings" and "yaxiangdi (valuables at the bottom of the chest)a€? were two major ones among the ancient means.
There was a writer called Zhang Heng in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 - 220), who wrote a poem about the mood of a man and a woman on their wedding day from the womana€™s perspective. The happiest time of onea€™s life is the pleasurable time tonight, and this feeling will not be forgotten even in old age. Before the wedding, the bride's parents would often buy one or two sets of dowry paintings and put them inside the dowry.
That’s the largest growth rate of any sector of the economy; the share of some sectors will shrink.
The daughter brought the dowry paintings to her husband's house and spread them on the bed on the wedding night. Before the wedding of their daughters, mothers opened them and showed their daughters how to have sex with their future husbands.

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