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Overview: A millionaire and his wife are shipwrecked after a yachting accident with their former servant, Manuel. Back to the cruisers, Jack and Jennifer are the wealthy married couple who will end up being two of the three main characters (Manuel, obviously, being the third). We have already seen that Jack (Billy Zane) and Jennifer like some kinky stuff on the boat.
I have to say I am a little shocked that there were only two sex scenes in this because it seemed like much more.
So yeah, the voodoo chick storyline is abandoned once Jack, Jennifer and Manuel hit the island. As AngieBee previously mentioned, tensions rise, Jennifer starts boning Manuel, Jack gets jealous and goes all native on them, yadda, yadda, yadda. But wait, the worst part of this flick isn’t the voodoo woman but rather the actual accident that strands the trio on the island. Lightword Theme by Andrei Luca - All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners. Croatian islands made of rocky terrain, bushes, caressed by north wind, terrain surrounded with water - yes, but salty!
Jack, un rico hombre de negocios, y su bella mujer, Jennifer, estan haciendo un crucero de placer cuando el barco se incendia y se hunde. Le recomendamos encarecidamente que se registre y inicie sesión para ver el contenido oculto. The wife is much younger than her husband and I thought right from the start: Is she really happy? I’m thinking that yes, maybe in maybe a better situation, she might have given into his advances if not just attacking this man from the get-go.
By arguing with her husband and liking Manuel this puts Jennifer in the middle of a love triangle on an island with only three people.
Responding the only way he knows how, he turns feral, leaves for the jungle and decides to re-enact the finale of APOCALYPSE NOW as a one-man show.
Kicking the movie off with her casting a hex on the entire cruise and causing them to be stranded on a desert isle is a pretty good idea. I’m a guy and if you’ve read the site before today then you already know that I am quite the fan of Brook. Then the movie goes off on it’s little island-bound DEAD CALM trip with Brook playing the Nicole Kidman role, Di Pace doing his variation on Sam Neill and Zane playing, well, Billy Zane. Listen, there’s not many surprises to be had with this flick outside of the shocking lack of actual nudity and the wonderful “What a twist!” ending.
A fire in the kitchen breaks out, the entire crew (four crew members and four tourists) abandon ship in the lifeboats and then…I guess a storm breaks out. As long as these two are lounging around half-naked on the beach (and occasionally dancing the horizontal mambo), SURVIVAL ISLAND works just fine. One would assume from the involvement of busty Brook that this was being made for the Skinemax crowd, but there really isn’t enough nudity to place it in that category. Both of them are attractive, they show off a good deal of skin (but not quite enough for this kind of pic) and they have a nice easy-going chemistry that works until Zane shows up and goes all Kurtz on them.
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So when the fire breaks out (subsequently sinking the ship and killing all of the passengers save for three) and the wife Jennifer (Kelly Brook) and Manuel (Juan Pablo Di Pace) end up stranded on a secluded island, I wasn’t surprised.
But they were only there for two days before her husband shows up and they built a hut, got food, prepared for the long haul. It’s at this point the film turns into a full-on survival pic with the three battling for island supremacy. Makes sense since the only man who could properly pay homage to Billy Zane in CALM would be Billy Zane…albeit an older, slightly chunkier, balder version of Zane.
You might, however, be surprised that the voodoo woman does reappear in the finale for about two seconds.
Had this flick simply centered around them and their burgeoning island romance, it might’ve worked. I will admit that the random bits of Brook goodness, the decent chemistry between her and Di Pace and the ending (just ignore the fact that Brook’s hair is still perfect after nearly a year on the island) make this moderately watchable. You may not use this site to distribute or download any material when you do not have the legal rights to do so. However, after scoping out the naughty bits in this week’s movie SURVIVAL ISLAND (not to be confused with the Nicholas Brendon “killer pinata“ movie of the same name), I might be more inclined to watch pics like this more often.
Well, while boarding the ship, they witness an argument between Manuel, a crew member, and a mysterious woman. The fact that Zane starred in both films and was way better in CALM only made things worse.
Hexes make for good spooky storytelling and, for about ten minutes, this little plot thread actually works. That’s right, the filmmakers leave her early on in the middle of her little crazy hex dance, forget about her and then return to her (the trio has been stranded on the island for nearly a month at this point) to reveal that she is still dancing her little hexy dance.
Director Stuart Raffill (holy hell, this is the guy responsible for MAC AND ME!) never clearly shows what happened to the lifeboats or to the remaining four crew members (the Captain does wash ashore dead, so I’ll give him that).
Zane chews the scenery so hard here that you have to wonder if the background was made out of ham. The first doesn’t show any skin and is intercut with the crazy voodoo chick slitting the throat of a chicken. Even when it does finally go all DEAD CALM, Zane is playing it so over-the-top that you really can’t take it seriously. Throw in a few more sex scenes and some actual nudity (quick flashes do not an erotic thriller make) and SURVIVAL ISLAND might’ve been epic. The trip to this ISLAND was pretty fun, but had they had the filmmakers added a bit more nudity and some more fornication this might could’ve been a perfect porno.
Later, we see that she is some kind of voodoo witch or who knows what and she seems to have cast some sort of spell on Manuel.
What is known is that Manuel immediately shows that he is interested in Jennifer and wastes no time wanting to get down.
Forget the fact that the ship sunk, we’re all stranded on a desert isle and the food is running low, Jack wants to know if she’s got the hots for Manuel. When Jack steals from his wife’s would-be boyfriend and leaves to get food, Manuel throws a fit and Jennifer tries to calm him. That’s not to say there isn’t some good stuff on this ISLAND, but you’ll have to wade through an ocean of crap just to get to it.

I’d post a pic post of her everyday if I could, but I won’t because I think that’s technically cyber-stalking and…I’m waffling. There’s some awkward stock footage of a storm, some screaming and then Kelly Brook is swimming ashore. Di Pace does well with the little he’s given, but the film requires him to be alternately charming and annoying. Unfortunately, Raffill went another direction and the whole thing just feels like a missed opportunity. Unfortunately for him, the husband pops up alive, happens to be the extremely jealous type and the fight is on.
A struggle ensues which turns into more of a…well, I actually thought this might become a rape scene then she started responding to him. It’s almost as if the filmmakers forgot about the plot and just decided to focus on Kelly Brook’s magnificent breasts.
For every sweet moment he has with Brook, there’s two moments where he is intentionally goading on Zane’s character or slapping around a woman.
I mean, you’d think she would have quit after she heard the boat exploded and that there were no survivors.
The whole sequence was shot so poorly and mysteriously that I actually kept waiting for some big reveal like that Zane caused the lifeboat to sink or that Manuel did. And as AngieBee mentioned earlier, the first sex scene between Jennifer and Manuel is quite strange. Only the third scene, a midnight skinny dip turned impromptu lovemaking session, is any good and it’s still weird because Zane is watching the two from the shadows. Despite being stranded on an island, these three are relatively laid back about the whole ordeal.
But no, this gal is so pissed at Manuel that, even after a month has passed, she is still dancing the dance of the scorned woman.
Food is relatively easy to come by, the trio remain moderately clean for the entire runtime and there are no real threats on the island outside of Zane.
It doesn’t have to be perfect or make since but at least give me a little something before cutting to the graphic bits. You know, a guy and a gal getting it on for about three to four minutes set to music that is normally reserved for the inside of an elevator.
The sharks in the ocean avoid them when they go fishing and there are no animals on the island save for crabs.
But seriously, scene starts off with these two characters fighting, then she resists, almost seems scared and then, once Manuel has descended into the depths of her womanly cavern, she’s all for it. If Raffill had really wanted to shake things up, he should’ve thrown in a smoke monster or two. I’m all for BLUE LAGOON sexy shenanigans, but I prefer my movie love scenes to be 100% consensual. I figure since he was ripping off DEAD CALM so viciously, why crib a little LOST while you’re at it?

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