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Wedding days are all about making memories, and you're going to want to get as much down on film and paper as possible! It only took one look for me to fall in love with these gorgeous hand-drawn and hand-painted wedding invitations. I'm ready to admit that I'm getting pretty niche with this wedding detail, but if you can obsess with the nitty-gritty on a wedding blog, then where else?! A few months back, I was lucky enough to attend The French Wedding Show, as their in-house wedding blogger & real life bride. You can safely assume that most of the guests at your wedding won't notice all the perfect wedding details, you've so carefully curated.
The Host LineStart with the names of those issuing the invitation, traditionally the bride's parents. If you're looking for a little less formality -- and a chance to list the first name of a married woman -- omit courtesy titles entirely.
Reception Line or CardIf the ceremony and reception are in the same space, they can be on a single invitation. Special Details on the Wedding InvitationIf your event won't include a full meal, it's courteous to inform your guests. So I bought some cute Thirty One bags for my bridesmaids and had their names embroidered on them.
If I was someone’s bridesmaid it would epic to get some Lush products, some hair grips, a little bottle of their favourite drink and mini mixer. Word of caution – robes can get pretty pricey so look around a lot before you buy them! A card reminding them that they are really lucky to have a friend as awesome as you, and that they should feel really honoured you deign to suffer their inadequacy. The amazing giant sculptures, which were used at MineCon, were lent to Matt and Asia from artist Greg Aronowitz. There was some artwork from the game to help non-Minecrafters to get a feel for what it’s all about.
Despite the fact that Matt and Asia had been hanging around together all morning, getting things ready, they still did a first look and I am SO GLAD. If the plates had the crafting interface on them, the whole wedding would of been at least 6% cooler. That was like the most beautiful way of having a wedding, doing it with something you both love! LOVED the pictures i hope that you guys live with echother forever and stay in the minecraft community. So imagine my excitement, when at a recent dinner party, the gentleman on my left told me he'd just launched a new stationery website. As a stationery lover, the gilt-edged, pale blue, featherweight paper, teamed with soft lambskin makes my heart melt.
There's something about the sweep of subtle colour, that gets me thinking about sunsets and sorbets and Monet's water lily paintings. Something New Stationery is the brainchild of Jenni Bryan, and she's clearly taken inspiration from the British seaside. Designed by illustrator Victoria Whincup, their whimsical charm perfectly suits a British summer wedding.
I'm a huge fan of the wedding traditions, and the lucky silver sixpence has been a traditional wedding symbol since the Victorian Era.
I've been meaning to post the pictures {by Caught the Light} for months, so stay tuned for that feature, coming soon! If you're one of the huge numbers of future brides who's got engaged over the festive season - congratulations! Guests are usually encouraged to fill a bag with their goodies and take them home as wedding favours.

The male guests won't even be able to describe the colours of the flowers, let alone the lace you stayed up all night glueing onto jam-jars for the perfect boho vases.
Evolving family structures and financial dynamics often make this the trickiest part of the process, so follow the format that best fits your situation. In some instances, as with the example for a deceased parent, using this format will avoid some grammatical awkwardness; if you choose this option, it's best to omit middle names too. Use phrasing such as "and afterward for cocktails" instead of the classic "at the reception." If you want to stress the importance of the style of dress -- black tie, for instance, or casual attire -- place that information in the lower right corner, or on the reception card. Please know that Wedding Obsession has the right to remove any unreasonably profane, self-promoting or rude comments. With its exposed brick walls echoing scenes from the game, what could have been more perfect? If you remember from the proposal, JunkBoy, Mojang’s (the creators of Minecraft) Art Developer designed this lovely graphic for Matt to use to pop the question. All who attended had a blast and we all loved learning more about Matt and Asia’s love for each other.
We have a very popular feature here at Rustic Wedding Chic called Ask Maggie where we encourage our readers to send in their questions when searching for a little advice or inspiration.
Nearly everyone who came to our wedding took a silly polaroid picture of themselves, and stuck it in the book with a lovely message.
But this year, my husband's grumbling at the cost {£180!} encouraged me to look further afield.
It's the perfect theme for a summer wedding, and this gorgeous, rustic, watercolour invitation suite from La Pomme et La Pipe would be the perfect introduction of your big day to your guests. Each picture is unique, although you can choose to personalise the designs in her Etsy online shop. Yes I know the norm is to put the knife and fork on either side of the plate, but why do what's normal when you can be original and creative? While I was there, I was lucky enough to meet some truly fabulous vendors, including the brilliant wedding stationery designer, Gemma Milly. There's something about the magic of Christmas and the promise of a fresh new year that gets guys going, and many a girl has woken up to an engagement ring in her stocking. It's a brilliant idea, because it doesn't cost much {you can even bake your own biscuits}, and people always appreciate favours they can eat! Thinking of the design and what kind of print is troubling enough so fret not as Martha Stewart Weddings shares to us a guide to wedding invitation wording.
Although every invitation should have all these lines, they can be worded and arranged in countless ways to reflect the style of the occasion and the changing times. The year is traditionally omitted as well, but it is sometimes included for the invitation's keepsake value.
The only thing that should not be included anywhere on your invitation -- not even as an insert -- is your registry information. My wedding is about and hour and a half away from our hometown so I wanted to fill them with useful things and some things they can keep. They met through their church (Matt said he fell for her watching her dance, awww) but they truly bonded over the game of Minecraft. I've already ordered some monogrammed cards, and I've fallen for this watermelon invitation for New Year's Eve bash.
These rustic stickers by Ohhh So Darling make me want to start writing letters, just so I can use them to seal the envelopes. The lovely Andrew works from his home in Oxfordshire with trusty partner in crime, Alfie the Labrador. Her shop also stocks a huge range of colourful baking twine, at a reasonable price of £5 per spool. Love this card too - wouldn't it make a fantastic present from the groom to the bride - or equally, you could turn tradition on its head, and give one to your future husband.

Cutlery wrapping is a great way to add pizzazz and colour to your wedding reception tables, particularly if you can't afford to splash out on tonnes of flowers.
Gemma's stand was hugely popular throughout the show, as it was cleverly created with lots of pretty, vintage details.
If you're one of those lucky new brides-to-be, or even if you've been engaged for a while, it's never too late to get organised. You can choose the wax to match with your wedding theme colour, and either use your initial as the stamp, or your signature wedding motif {mine was a vintage key}. Spell out numbers and capitalize proper nouns only; you can begin the line with the preposition "on" if you'd like. We will be away starting the day before my wedding and also the night before so we aren’t driving the day of my wedding. They built a house together in the digital world and have been inseparable ever since, both in the game and in real life.
Their wedding stationery line is fab as well - just take a look at these fun folksy invitation.
Now, there's all sorts of creative ideas for recording your guests, from jigsaws to collages, but my favourite is still a beautifully bound book. Wraps are super-easy to DIY, whether you're going for a rustic theme, {use hessian like our real bride did her}, light-hearted {love the chevron pattern}, or pretty. Looking at her work, you can see she has a fantastic eye for conceiving a wedding as a whole, and designing the prefect wedding stationery to suit the theme and colours chosen by the bride and groom.
In these digital days, it's easy to save all your wedding details online {I recommend Pinterest}, but with a romantic glance back to the old days of pen and paper, I've fallen for these gorgeous wedding journals by Starboard Press.
Buy your wax seal supplies from Paper Source {US stationery shop} or Confetti, and if you can't afford wax seals, or can't be bothered with dripping wax, then try embossing your wedding stationery with one of these. It was all part of my Secret Garden wedding theme, and it tied all the our wedding details together.
Matt even proposed to Asia up on stage at MineCon with the help of the game’s creators. Stick them to your napkins and invitations, wrap them around paper straws, or use them on your confetti sachets as pictured.
Receiving one of her bespoke invitations couldn't fail to get your guests excited about your big day, and building anticipation is key to creating a wedding that stands out from the crowd. They'd make the perfect momento after your big day, and are a great present for any newly engaged couple. So it was no surprise that Matt and Asia would plan a Minecraft themed wedding, and wow, did they ever.
So many fabulous DIY ideas, and at only £7 for 100, you can afford to go sticker-crazy! They worked hard and put together an incredible event, which truly reflected their love for Minecraft, ahem, each other! With that said these bags dona€™t have to be over the top expensive or excessive to be fun, really ita€™s all about putting some thought into them. We felt so lucky to capture such an awesome day, both in photos and with a wedding film (at the end of this post). Matt, Asia and friends created the pixel-trees from cardboard boxes and used them to decorate the structural pillars, genius!
For example if you are getting married in Door County, WI, known for its cherries a little bag of chocolate covered cherries will be a great way to greet your guests.
Many times guest forget to bring their invitation and they might not have the specifics on times and locations so this will really help!

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