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When things are going well we may not think about the supplies we should have on hand should our canine companion be ill or injured. There are some pre-made kits that you can order on-line that include some of the most basics like cotton balls, swabs, bandages, and tape for wraps.
As we have discussed here before, it is also a good idea to keep some antihistamine on hand- dog's can have allergic reactions that close off their airways and suffocate them. Another good thing to have on hand is a styptic powder that causes blood clotting if a dog's nail gets clipped too short or ripped short. Irish Wolfhound, Irish Kennel Club What does it mean to be "big" in the dog world?

Our Canine First Responder Course Curriculum is underwritten by MJ First Aid Training and is the only course approved by Emergency First Response  the largest Certification Agency Worldwide for first aid and CPR training.
I hope this Dogs Printable Coloring Ebook provides hours of fun for everyone in your family, regardless of their age! One of the best parts is, you can access them and reuse the pages over and over again. This is because this Printable Coloring Ebook comes to you as an Adobe PDF file that you can instantly download!
These kits come in different sizes and some are more specialized, for example they make kits for dogs that take part in agility and other events. Like buying a first aid kit for people, this is a matter of convenience and making sure you have the most likely needed supplies on hand. Those with dogs who can get loose stools or constipation like to keep a can of pumpkin on hand; I have used raw carrots and celery for these same conditions.
At home, on the road or in the park - knowing what to do in the initial moments can be critical to your pet's life.

If you need more time with the practical work you have as much time as needed to be comfortable with anything you may want to go over again with your instructor.On the class day we will have an introduction to Emergency Aid and how to approach an injured animal.
You know you will be trained in globally recognised training by the only centers and Veterinary Professional Instructors authorised to provide it.The Pet Problems course is the only course of its kind in Ireland to be fully accredited by the Veterinary Council of Ireland also supported by the Irish Veterinary Nurses Association. Any students who have learning or physical challenges will be helped without issue and will be kept in the strictest confidence. Great for parties, at home, or in the classroom. Because they are printed on separate sheets of paper, you never have to worry about those torn edges you get from regular coloring books when you rip them out for display.

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