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Dj inkers - clip art, fonts, teacher ideas, printables , Dj inkers cute clip art, fun fonts, teacher ideas, printables, crafts ! All the weapons include descriptions, ammunition types, and images which you can click to see what they look like in detail. The stat consists of two things; first off you can see how many rounds of single-shot fire are needed to reach the different condition icons, ie.
For some weapons I have also added some personal notes which are usually present if there is anything interesting or notable about the weapon in question; for many weapons I've also included a description of where (or how) you can obtain the weapon.
The basic weapon statistics - accuracy, handling, damage and fire rate - are also present, including an average of these - the latter doesn't indicate the best weapons as such, but serves as a decent comparison basis for weapons of the same type.

In the example above, it takes 334 shots with the weapon in mint condition to reach the green condition icon, then an additional 208 to reach the yellow one, and then another 208 to reach the red icon. All stats, including the weight, are the properties of an unmodified weapon; modifications can seriously alter the characteristics of a weapon, and I'll leave it up to you to experiment and find the combination that is right for you.
The percentage at the end is a general indication of how many shots it takes to reach the red condition icon, and can thus serve as a more usable basis for comparison of weapons of the same type or category; you can also use it across categories, but it makes less sense to compare an assault rifle to a sniper rifle, for example.
Developed as a specialized weapon for hunting medium-sized and large game, as well as for shooting competitions involving firing at steel body targets at distances over 50 meters.
For some weapons you may notice one or more icons next to the title; these icons indicates which accessories an unmodified version of the weapon can utilize (such as a silencer or SUSAT scope). These pistols make it into the Zone in large numbers thanks to the sale of defective weapons, which suffer from technical miscalculations in early design models.

Produced by dozens if not hundreds of arms manufacturers around the world in both standard and modified configurations. In service with armed forces and police across the ocean, as well as various military and law enforcement organizations worldwide. The pistol is equally popular with members of the underworld, thanks to its powerful round and magazine capacity.
The front of the pistol's barrel is covered with an integrated silencer, while the bolt mechanism is short, which prevents a back-moving spring from being located inside it, and it is therefore situated in the weapon's handle.

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