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Merriweather asks: What would be the best place in North America to begin rebuilding society after most of the population AND zombies had been wiped out? Many have planned for the zombie apocalypse; What weapons should I use, what food should I have, and what music should I put on my iPod as I smash zombies? If we look back at our own history as Americans, we find that as we colonized, we stuck to major water resources.
For my money, I would make my way to somewhere near the Mississippi River, probably somewhere around Arkansas to Tennessee. This area also gets a fair amount of rainfall, which can be used for drinking or for your crops.
I am a Professor of Biology, A Zombie Prepper, and a father (The scariest job in the world). Our mission is to be the voice of the independent zombie community and bring awareness and uncensored entertainment to the zombie loving masses. In your haste to become the baddest zombie badass on the face of your planet you forget that you have kids. Lighthouses Lighthouses, years ago, were built to stand up during the many storms, having to be built so close to the coast.
Okay I’ll let you use Google to find this country on the map first… Good welcome back! Rabies, Flu, Ebola: National Geographic Investigates Zombies In the zombie flicks 28 Days Later and I Am Legend, an unstoppable viral plague sweeps across humanity, transforming people into mindless monsters with cannibalistic tendencies. Zombies in popular culture Zombies are very popular in horror- and fantasy-themed entertainment. Lets face it, most people live in cities and those aren’t the best places to be during a zombie apocalypse. As I’m writing this, I just realized this is the only reason you need to give this a chance.
So you have all of this, spread out over several apartments in your building, or you’ve dedicated a room plus your storage unit to this stuff. You now start a room clearing operation with the larger part of your group, clearing every apartment in the building. Meanwhile the group members who went to the roof, start building a first shelter and sort all the supplies brought up by the rest. Now that the building entrances are sealed, the staircase to the roof is secured and the roof door is barricaded shut, you can start your new life.
The roof is also great because it gives a view of the current situation, you get sunlight, grow things, signal for help, spot other survivors and much more that you can’t do well from within the building.

I would think temperatures, rainfall, land fertility, fresh water, and possible natural disasters would all need to be assessed. Although, once the human population declines, Mother Nature will reclaim the earth, so that may not be that big of an issue.
We appreciate it that you take the time to read our site, and have come this far in preparing yourself for the apocalypse. They are isolated and built like medieval towers, which means that they are perfect fortress like structures which can hold off the undead. Though dead humans can’t come back to life, certain viruses can induce such aggressive, zombie-like behavior. They are typically depicted as mindless, shambling, decaying corpses with a hunger for human flesh. 18-wheelers, buses, and other such vehicles can carry several times the cargo or passengers that the largest trucks and SUVs can hold.
Living miles away from civilization, already being self reliant and ready for anything is a much better option. When everything is on the roof, the building is sealed downstairs and everybody is back safe, you can start barricading.
The ladder for example is now your only way off the roof, or the only way on for survivors looking to be saved. Because you won’t be able to constantly see how rotten the zombies are, or hear them moan.
Materials (steel, glass, cloth, etc) would be in abundance via scavenging in most places so that’s less of an issue. This area is defined as a temperate area, which means four seasons with relatively mild temperatures year around. Leave your comments below, maybe I have the wrong idea; us zombie preppers gotta stick together. Now when our heads are clear and we have plenty of information at hand today, they are already dangerous. If the warehouse belonged to a grocer’s or supercenter, food would be in bulk and likely a long shelf life.
Fictional zombies have a long history in Western culture, dating back to the 1600s, with many evolutions of the concept from literature to films and beyond.
Also, unlike most smaller vehicles, these can easily run over zombies without suffering any serious damage.
For the first period you’ll need lots of canned food, stuff to start fires, to make a permanent shelter and other handy supplies.

You get everyone who wants to leave out of the building, while others in your group start moving all the supplies to the roof.
Right now I’m thinking the San Diego area of California but would like to hear other possible locations. They contain elevated shelves, which can provide a secure place for sleeping and recreation. You make sure everybody has the keys to get into the other apartments too, in case these group members can’t make it back in time. After clearing the building and barricading the building entrances, you scavenge the other apartments for food, clothing, supplies and whatever you may need. Make it impossible to climb over objects, like couches and tables that you drag out of apartments. They breed like rabbits (because they are rabbits) and you can eat them, use their fur and what not.
There are rooms everywhere where people can hide, fridges filled with food that will go bad and spread illness.
If you can get a few people to stay and help move furniture around from all the other apartments, you’d be golden!
Even better, get neighbors involved in this and all store certain items in your apartments. Otherwise a fire will do of course.¬†Your rooftop will grow into a garden, farm, village and everything you need. If this is not possible, take furniture from the top floor and make a huge barricade in the staircase that leads to the roof. So board games, card games, or even paint and graffiti can be used to make your roof more colorful in this now grey world. And then barricading the door, you’ll make it damn near impossible for anyone to get in. Barricade the shit out of the staircase leading to the roof and preferably the one leading to the top floor as well. Unless you own a fucking helicopter, because that will be… Wait for it… On a ROOFTOP!
Waiting for loved ones to reanimate before finishing them only makes it harder and more dangerous.

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