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Whether you're a namaste-newbie or vinyasa-veteran, yoga challenges are exactly that: challenging. A new water bottle, PY yoga tank, or maybe a fun yoga mat can put an extra jump in your step. Sleep is so important for your yoga practice- especially if you're planning on downward-dogging every day!
Streeeeeeeetch it out and breathe in that fresh air - without dipping into your summer-fun fund! The DIY spirit is alive and well, and solar panels are among the more exciting and useful Do-it-Yourself projects to undertake. Makers are always identifying ways to invent new products and hack devices to improve their lives and lifestyle. If you want to make it to the finish (aka checkout) line, you'll need to map the store course out ahead of time.
The day filled with crazed crowds and deep discounts takes place every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is Nov. In 2014, stores such as Macya€™s, Best Buy and Wal-Mart have already announced plans to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day. If spending Black Friday in stores still seems too intimidating, try a less daunting approach. Much like running a race, successful Black Friday shopping comes down to preparation and dedication.
We've just wrapped up the summer and after indulging - and sometimes overindulging-  it's time to treat yourself to wholesome, nutritious foods.

I'm actually already doing all of these things for my 30-day challenge at Yoga Public and they help to make the challenge just a little bit easier, and more fun. On first glance one might feel intimidated; however, this book is like no other you have read before. With easily accessible components, open source hardware, and hackable platforms, it's easier and more fun than ever. Many stores have also featured pre-Black Friday sales in the days (and even weeks) leading up to the famed shopping day. Competing with the veteran Black Friday shoppers beside you when the store doors open comes down to execution. Showing up spur-of-the-moment may leave you fighting for the Black Friday veteransa€™ leftovers. Some yoga studios have apps where you can pre-register for classes and hold you accountable for attending classes.
Book a massage at the end of your challenge and use that as an incentive to complete your 30 days successfully.
Monique loves to create, whether it's writing, cooking, painting, photography or free-styling fun sequences on the yoga mat! Ultimately, Black Friday has become more of a shopping season than an isolated bargain day. Poring over every single retailera€™s ad can be time-consuming, and it may also be difficult to determine which deal is truly better.
So once youa€™ve got your sights set on some deals, youa€™ll need a game plan to carry out your mission.

You may know what physical store location youa€™re going to, but have you thought about what aisle in the store youa€™ll need to visit? This means comparing store opening times and prioritizing which products are the most important to you. Some retailers release Black Friday store maps that detail where each doorbuster and deal will be positioned. If you do your research and formulate a plan, you can give yourself a head start on the competition.
Doorbusters are time-sensitive deals that are traditionally available in only limited quantities.
While youa€™re packing, ensure you have your wallet and a full tank of gas for trips between stores, too. An ada€™s fine print will often reveal when store doors open, the time period for each deal, whether there is a limited quantity of items in stock and whether a mail-in rebate is required to obtain the advertised price. As these products historically boast the biggest price cuts, theya€™re often in extremely high demand. If you opt to do your Black Friday shopping online, your strategy for securing sweet savings will be the same a€“ minus the jostling, of course. Youa€™ll need to be positioned at the front of the Black Friday pack to even have a chance of scoring one of these.

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