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The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide giveawayThe Hunger Games is one of the most popular movies of all times. Q: Have you seen an increased interest from teens in survival skills over the past few years?
These Gift Packs contain a Willow Haven Outdoor Logo Sling Pack, a 100% cotton Willow Haven Outdoor Survival Bandanna and a Multi-Fuctional Survival Tool with built in lanyard, compass, ferro rod, whistle and water-proof container for storing matches other survival kit items – and an autographed copy of The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide.
Then you're gonna love my free PDF, 20 common survival items, 20 uncommon survival uses for each. I would like to learn how to consistently make fire with a bow drill, and learn how to make a primitive longbow.
A little corm ground up into meal, wild bird eggs, salt, and wild onions, and then I should have some edible corn bread MAYBE? I live in North Georgia just an hour from where they filmed the sequel to “The Huger Games”.
Put the Odds in Your Favor!Train like a Tribute before you enter the Arena using this wilderness survival guidea€“you dona€™t have to live in Panem to put these survival skills to use.
I bought this book for myself quite some time ago, and found it so good, I just bought another as a gift.This book contains info on everything you need to know about survival in the wild.
So not only is this book extremely well written and researched it is also filled with a tons of pictures and demonstrations! The unique thing about this book is that it effectively blends popular cultural and real world Wilderness survival skills.
In order to be entered to win the items seen in the picture below which includes an autographed copy of The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide just do two simple things. Also if you would like to connect with me and get updates of all of my posts via Facebook please click this link and “Like” my Facebook Page!
Last but not least, if you are a shooter you may also want to Click This Link, that will take you to a page that provides FREE plans for building an awesome Portable Shooting Bench from one single sheet of plywood.  Or if you are an outdoorsman and you spend time in the wilderness you may also want to Click On This Link, to go to a page where you can download my FREE mini-ebook that describes all of the most important steps needed to affect your rescue if you were lost in the wilderness.
Great review, I would love to get myself one of these savage guns but its too expensive for me to afford right now. Such type of technical information is genuinely required these days and above all to be shared with everyone around us to make them aware that by making small efforts, they can stop unexpected and bigger mishaps and accidents. I am contented about the security in our place, but there is still something bothering about me. Creek Stewart is an outdoor survival expert who runs Willow Haven Outdoor, a training center for people to learn bushcraft and survival skills. As you can probably infer from the title, The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide takes the normal survival manual, and rewrites it through the lens of the insanely popular Hunger Games Trilogy. I really like the idea of The Hunger Games as something that empowers young women instead of just telling them that they need to find a man to make their life complete.
The book opens with what I think is one of the most important parts of any survival book: talking about mindset. What I really like about The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide is that it’s brief without feeling rushed.
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What real-life survival lessons can we learn from the newest installment of The Hunger Games Trilogy?

Our regular readers will remember that last year we reviewed Creek Stuart’s Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag. Creek uses details from the Hunger Game book series to illustrate specific preparedness concepts, such as specific situations with individual characters like Katniss or Peeta to relate the skills represented in that fictional scenario with a real world survival or wood craft example.
Creek succinctly relates that our own personal Hunger Games can begin at any time, without warning, be it job loss, earthquake, tornado, etc. I found the book to be a good introduction into various survival skills, along with helpful practical tips, usually in the form of the Survival Quick Tip sidebars. I should also note that Chapter Nine is a essentially a very short summary of Creek’s Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag which I highly recommend.
Basically, The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide is a survival manual written with The Hunger Games in mind. Modern techniques such as Katadyn filters are mentioned – but also more primitive methods.
For Hunger Games fans, this book brings the survival skills mentioned in that book series to life.
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They filmed the movie near Amicloa Falls State Park, which is a very scenic part of our state. Experience the adventure of life in District 12 by learning and practicing the survival skills used by Katniss, Peeta, Gale and their friends.Detailed photos and step-by-step instructions will help you master each skill.
Practicing the skills Creek outlines in this book, will definitely 'put the odds in your favor'. Then on the 15th of June 2013, I will randomly select 2 people who have entered the contest and they will receive the prize pack below that includes an autographed copy of the book directly from Creek Stewart!
There are times that no one is going to look for our house and then I will be gone for how many days.
I reviewed and really enjoyed one of his other books, Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag, so when I got the opportunity to check out his latest, I jumped at it. I think this is a really interesting way to approach the material if for no other reason than it helps get people into the subject of preparedness who might otherwise not be interested. I watched first film and enjoyed it well enough, but just haven’t gotten around to the books yet. Katniss, the protagonist of The Hunger Games, is a strong, capable young woman who can take care of herself.
After that, we get a really nice chapter on building a survival kit (Stewart’s bread and butter).
It covers a lot of ground and relates everything back to the novels, which is probably really cool for fans.
I know that sucks, but shipping gets really pricey otherwise, and Bricks of the Dead doesn’t really have any sort of operating budget. I think mindset is incredible important anytime you’re working with self-improvement, and I love that this book confronts that head-on. Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way. Today Creek’s latest book, The Unoffical Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide is being released and we were lucky enough to receive a review copy just in time for this review.

Katniss didn’t develop her skills in a few hours, rather long days over years in the woods. The tie in to the popular books and movies also helped make the book fun to read as it related particular survival skills to examples from the books.
The Bug Out Bag book has very little in the way of describing practical survival skills, and the Hunger Games book barely scratches the surface when it comes to gear.
Each of the two winners will receive an autographed copy of The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide, a Willow Haven Outdoor Logo Sling Pack, a 100% cotton Willow Haven Outdoor Survival Bandanna and a Multi-Fuctional Survival Tool with built in lanyard, compass, ferro rod, whistle and water-proof container for storing matches other survival kit items, all compliments of Creek Stuart and Utah Preppers!
People used strategy, unique skills, and the forest around them to last as long as possible as they killed each other. Just leave a comment to this post as to the one wilderness survival skill you would like to learn how to do. One of wilderness survival skill I would like to learn would be navigation in the wilderness.
The real-life skills found in The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide will help you in any wilderness or disaster survival situation. Here is why I say that, I believe this book may have possibly been the most creative and interesting way to get young people and children interested in the traditional old world skills of wilderness survival that I have ever seen!
Everyone entering into the prepping world should get a copy of your guide book and develop their individual uniqueness around your basic information program. It’s more of a primer than an in-depth guide, which I think is perfect for the target audience. Like Creek’s other book, this one is also full of useful information (see the page sample to the right).
This approach may have limited impact for someone who has no knowledge of the characters and why that skill was critical to their survival, or even for someone who only watched the first movie. In fact, I think this is where this book will really make its mark; introducing newbies to the world of prepping.
Creek talks about how water can be boiled by taking small rocks that have been sitting in a fire or on coals, and dropping them directly in the water. Thank you, for taking the time and putting in a valiant effort to produce a final copy that was easy to follow. However, given the title and the suspected audience, I think this has the chance to pull non-preppers in and give them their first exposure to these concepts. These often provide a little more insight into specific techniques or tricks that can help if you begin practicing these skills. Many books on the subject have the tendency to turn off people who aren’t already thinking about preparing for emergencies. Together though, the books become a great introductory guide on the key aspects of survival and preparedness in general. This book however has the opportunity to reach a whole new group of people who otherwise might not be exposed to these ideas.

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