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However, it uses rare 12.7mm rounds which generally must be bought from vendors, and the high rate of fire makes it relatively easy to overuse ammunition if one is not mindful of ammunition conservation. The Survivalist's rifle can fire a total of about 2495 standard rounds, the equivalent of 250 reloads, from full condition before breaking. After the first day I realized without a heat shield the hand guard was useless, as the plastic literally began to melt during my specialized mall ninja training routine, so I just refinished some wood furniture I had lying around and slapped it on. My first impression wasn't too good to be honest, and I was second guessing myself the whole time but as an AK fan I knew better than to reject it outright. I did notice a couple of these 74s had an issue where the matching up of the selector lever nipple, to the notch in the receiver was off by a couple milimeters. The rifle seems pretty good, it's also very cheap, the ammo is also extremely cheap, mags are cheap, and overall this is a very cheap gun to use. It's won me over as a very legitimate SHTF weapon, and this coming from an MBR nutjob who has argued about sissy rounds and barbie doll guns on many occasions. When I was doing my mall ninja bit my shots opened up, but were still easily minute of bad guy. As I mentioned earlier, I shot all 1,080 rounds over a 4 day period without a single cleaning.
As soon as I get some more freetime and ammo I'll be giving a more detailed and image verified range report and torture test. As you can see the Ak47 is in the normal range, and my AK74 shoots far and away better than I honestly thought it would. Just so everyone knows, I have done minor modifications to both the AK47, and AK74 in question.

The cycling of the rifle seems to have flattened the mud into a smooth layer over every working part, and it lined the receiver rails that guide the bolt carrier. The receivers have dimples, and more importantly, the proper rails within the mag well that prevent too much free-play.
There's literally next to no recoil, the accuracy is improved over the standard AK, I haven't had a single malfunction and I've noticed the bullet tumbles quite easily upon impact of even mere cardboard. The price of owning, and using, this rifle makes it a great low-budget option for a capable combat rifle.
You know I'm shopping to add a 74 to my collection (from our PM's) and this helps point me in the right direction. The accuracy slightly tapered off after awhile and this is an exceptional target for me in any regard. I had to completely strip the rifle down to a bare receiver and barrel to clean every single individual part! Chambered with the 12.7mm round, this rifle was supposed to offer guards the firepower necessary to intercept anyone attempting to breach a checkpoint, regardless of equipment. The rifle was used by the Survivalist for decades, evident by the heavy wear and sun damage on the wood and metal of the gun. The bent iron-sights, which can be rectified (see the notes below), may require a bit of practice if using true iron sights. I got this one locally for about $400 out the door with a sealed case of 5.45 mil-surp, and 4 Bulgarian 30 round magazines after some haggling. Cheap plastic, no heat shield, no hand guard bulge, heats and melts easily, and it has a cheap look and feel.

From my limited knowledge the 74 has a very solid reputation since it's inception, despite Mr.
There was however a ton of red particles lining the bottom of the receiver, and all around the bolt group. I'd recommend at least a proper stock set, with a shielded handguard, but other than that it's a great rifle. It did not blow up because of the clogged muzzle, and it did not have a failure through two full magazines. It also show signs of improvised repairs, such as the foregrip wood being made from mismatched furniture wood held in place with metal clamps.[1] The barrel is noticeably shorter than a typical service rifle, and the front sight is bent out of shape. It seems to just be relatively new Bulgarian parts kits built on a proper Nodak spud receiver. The Bulgarian wood and plastic stock sets cost $15-50 depending on condition and how much shopping around you do, and you can get K-var's 21st century plum and black plastic stuff for under $100. While I was cleaning, I could see water deposits forming rust in the chamber after only three or four hours! It has seen extensive combat by both sides in Chechnya, Afghanistan, and Croatia just to name a few with a very good reputation.

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