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Subtitulos en espanol en ingles para todos los videos pudiendose activar o desactivar en el reproductor. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERFeminists are in meltdown following the successful funding of The Red Pill, a documentary about the Mens’ Rights Movement by award winning filmmaker Cassie Jaye. Although Jaye is an accomplished filmmaker, with two award-winning documentaries under her belt, she was forced to turn to Kickstarter after her original backers abandoned her. Grants and institutional support were revoked after Jaye signalled that her documentary would not be a hit-piece, but instead a fair-minded assessment of the men’s rights movement.
A feminist refusing to debate and preferring to hurl insults from the comfort of his living room?
Instead, she discovered her own beliefs were changing, and now the documentary is about her personal journey as well as the movement itself.
Modern feminists and social justice warriors go to absurd lengths to prevent their critics’ arguments from being heard. Underlying this reckless panic is fear: fear that their own arguments will not stand up to scrutiny, and fear that the arguments of their opponents will win over impartial onlookers. Despite their best efforts,  feminists will not be able to prevent her story from reaching an audience. Breitbart Tech is a new vertical from Breitbart News covering tech, gaming and internet culture.
Dissent from politically correct conventions is not allowed, and the politics will get personal. The documentary filmmaker who gave us short films like “Making Mothers Visible” and two full documentaries—“The Right to Love” about LGBT relationships (before the drop the T petition, obviously) and “Daddy I Do,” about abstinence education culture—Jaye had feminist and progressive credibility, plus the media connections that come with it.
Not only did the films win an assortment of awards and accolades, but also the likes of Slate’s Amanda Marcotte starred in the latter. So she embarked on her current project, “The Red Pill,” a documentary on the men’s rights movement. When her backers realized that Jaye would not be doing a hit piece on the men’s movement, she lost their support, both technical and financial. What started as a film about the men’s rights movement became a parallel documentary about the men’s movement and Jaye’s journey as a modern feminist.
Her moment of realization about the truth of balance between feminism and men—that is, there is no balance, only the feminist perspective, purpose, or preference—has many names. The opposite of Betty Friedan’s “click” moment, when the suburban housewife of the ’60s realized that men took advantage of her domestic service, a “clack” moment was when a woman realized that she only garnered praise for actions taken at the expense of men.
So in 1999—apparently a banner year for scales falling from eyes metaphors—“The Matrix” was released.
Soon “taking the red pill” became the preferred metaphor for the moment when a man realized that feminism wasn’t just about women’s equality and that it had no concern for men.

Yet some had spoken with Jaye on the hope that someone from the outside was willing to listen without assuming they were patriarchal oppressors or sewers of toxic masculinity. Then, Milo Yiannopolous published “‘The Red Pill’ filmmaker started to doubt her feminist beliefs…now her movie is at risk” in Breitbart.
Copyright © 2016 The Federalist, a wholly independent division of FDRLST Media, All Rights Reserved. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERThere is a documentary film on gender currently running a Kickstarter campaign that feminism would prefer never sees the light of day. The underlying suggestion in all of this, of course, is that she has come to sympathise with the men’s movement and jettisoned a lot of received feminist wisdom. Jaye also had a paid animator drop out of the project because he didn’t want to be part of a project that sympathised with the men’s rights movement.
Several of the interviewees filmed for the movie are hopeful that Jaye will produce a fair presentation. Based on her fundraising problems, Jaye says she realised, “There was no way to finish the film without a Kickstarter campaign,” a process she says she has found fascinating. Another source of resistance, she says, are, “People who don’t know anything about the men’s rights movement. According to Jaye, without a successful funding campaign the film might not be made at all. Needless to say, the feminists who hoped The Red Pill would never see the light of day are not pleased. This undercurrent of panic and disbelief can be seen in many of the comments prominent feminists have made on social media. She says her Kickstarter backers come from all sides of the political, social and sexual spectrums.
Jaye has raised enough to host her own Oscar-qualifying screenings of The Red Pill in LA and New York. She assumed the feminist movement was open-minded enough, as she was, that she could do an honest film. She had the support of her networks, who were frankly excited about the prospect of a men’s rights movement expose. Warren Farrell, a long-time men’s rights activist who long ago sat on the board of NOW, referred to domination of the feminist perspective as a “lace curtain” in his 1999 book, “Women Can’t Hear What Men Do Not Say.” To help men, one has to get though the lace curtain. In the movie about virtual and actual reality, Morpheus, the wise teacher, presents Neo, the newly found hero, with a choice of two pills, red and blue. She had to resort to a Kickstarter campaign, which onetime-friends even refused to share in email because they did not trust her to present the men’s rights movement as they saw it. Those who were sympathetic to the empathy gap for men—the lack of concern that many from professional social workers to everyday people have about any problems men face—found out about the film.

In about two weeks, Jaye made her main goal and her two stretch goals, which will allow her to improve the production quality and submit the film for Oscar contention. They knew that she had lost support because she was going to present the movement as she found it. Just the way a smell sends you back to a time and a feeling, talking with Jaye had brought back memories of the days when people he thought would always be his friends had shut him out of their lives because he did not agree that feminism had to proceed at men’s expense. You may be imagining some amateur film made by buffoons bumbling their way through a hit piece on feminism, but you’d be well off the mark.
One observer told Breitbart that grants and funding have been withdrawn and institutional support revoked.
They will pull fire alarms and call in bomb threats to events where their opponents are speaking. All the loonies have left is impotent rage and an increasingly disillusioned public who, it seems, are keen to hear the other side of the story. Others struck her as doubtful because if they were true, then surely she would have come across the argument previously.
Others told her that her findings may be true, that men might face an assortment of crises as claimed, but that it was unacceptable to address those concerns while women were still oppressed. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Jaye intends her movie to include a “where am I now” section to discuss how the film-making process has changed her personally. There are no categories for men’s films though there are several for women and minorities.
I hate the idea of it being shelved and collecting dust,” she says, adding that if it were still made, it would take 3-5 years without funding, after already being in the works for two and a half. The Red Pill campaign is currently at $26,500 against a $97,000 target, and will accept pledges through November 11.
They will abuse the reporting features on websites like YouTube and Twitter to censor their opponents on the internet. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
Well, many of them had not had good experience with feminists, especially the old guard, the men who had been feminists in the ’70s before Gloria Steinem ousted Betty Friedan from leadership at now. I have been in communication with her for some time and I find her version of things, that outraged feminists have abandoned her, credible and consistent.

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