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Step 1: Should You Stay or Should You Go?The first thing you should do is evaluate the threat of the situation and how imminent you expect it to unravel. Step 3: ShelterThe thing you'll have to worry about most during a nuclear war will be the radioactive fallout.
Step 4: What to Do if You're Exposed to RadiationDuring war times, anything can happen—usually it's bad. Final ThoughtsSurviving the nuclear holocaust won't be as difficult as something like a zombie apocalypse, even without the proper knowledge of how to stay safe. Breaking Surviving a Venomous Snake Bite – What You Need to Know When is it safe to start your garden?
With the recent nuclear fallout concerns along the west coast, I thought I’d share some survival gear that would be helpful in a nuclear fallout situation. Yes, but the world is still full of crazy people, and there are now more nuclear weapons in the hands of more countries and terrorist groups than during the cold war. Kearny, those particles that are concentrated and dangerous enough to require the use of fall-out shelters to protect you, will fall to earth within a few hours.
Some countries have done just that, including Russia, Switzerland and some Scandinavian countries.
You can expect localized and downwind contamination from the explosion and dispersed radioactive materials. Thyroid blocking tablets are only supposed to be used for short periods of time in the presence of very high levels of radioactivity, and they do have adverse side effects. It will usually be preceded by a major international political crisis, so it is important to stay tuned to the news.
So among other things, your car probably will not start, which is another reason to be prepared at home.
It includes the following sections: Nuclear Shelters, The Bare Minimum, Additional preparations for a good shelter, Radiation Detection Devices, Protective Clothing and Thyroid Blocking.
In this ongoing five-part series, we examine what would happen if zombies, nuclear weapons, cyber wars, earthquakes, or aliens actually destroyed our planet—and how you might survive. If you don't expect the threat to affect where you're currently residing, then stay put and skip over to Step 2.
While some acquire water, food and supplies, make sure the rest are working on shelter issues and any other priorities that are pertinent to your survival.When it comes to food, stock up on ready-to-eat foods such as granola bars and raisins and any type of canned food. This dust will be carried high up into the air by any mushroom clouds and will be swept across the nation via any strong wind currents. Whether it's because an explosion of sorts destroys part of your shelter or you just plain missed an exposed crack, getting radiation in the house is a huge possibility.

As long as you use common sense and stay indoors, you should be fine.The bigger challenge will not be surviving the war, but recuperating in the aftermath. We are planning on adding many more games and maps to our server with the help of donations, staff, and players!
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There are different types of fall-out radiation, and its dispersal will depend on several factors, but it is basically fine dust from the explosion that continuously gives off invisible radiation as it falls to earth. There are many myths about nuclear war, including this big one that no one will be able to survive it. If you decide to stay, the priority is to gather water and food and then to shelter yourself. You can also collect a few perishable foods, but obviously those won't last you a long time, so it's better to find long lasting food. The map below is a 1970's prediction of prevailing winds in the United States and how they carry along any radioactive fallout material. So what do you do if you think you're exposed to radiation?Get out of the immediate area quickly. Right now we are looking and recruiting for people to join the NSG Build Team and Moderators on the server too! There is also the possibility of a terrorist attack with a portable nuclear device like a "suitcase bomb". To the contrary; nuclear wars are very survivable, IF people are prepared, excluding a small percentage of people near ground zero (the point directly below the explosion). And even minor preparations can save your life, even though your health may be adversely affected. If you do not have a nuclear shelter prepared, then there are many variables involved in deciding what the best thing is to do.
Other types of food you can try and find are:Rice, beans, flour, potatoes, pasta, quick oats and other grains Dried milk Boxes of food, such as pancakes or hamburger helper Sugar and honey Cooking oil and baking soda Bottled water Water will be one of the most important things you can try and collect, so make sure you have a substantial amount of water for you and your group.
During this time of war, you should brush up on anything useful that will help you survive in the aftermath of war.
In fact, in Nagasaki during the atomic bomb attack, some people who were far inside tunnel shelters built for conventional air raids located as close as one-third of a mile from ground zero, survived uninjured.
Learn how to fend for yourself, how to rebuild, and how to protect yourself from dangerous people.
We hope you enjoy what we have and we do have some AMAZING maps that you will likely enjoy!

This was true even though these long, large shelters lacked blast doors and were deep inside the zone within which all buildings were destroyed. It depends on several factors, including if you have family or a safe place to go to that is within the available travel time, which will depend on the roads and traffic conditions, etc. If you have several weeks or days of planning, make sure it is reasonable for you to get to the other destination in time. Image via When it comes to supplies, the list may be a bit longer and more complicated than food. War is a crazy time and makes even the sanest of people turn a little coo-coo.Try and team up with people in your neighborhood that are strong-minded and strong-willed.
If the wind is blowing toward you from the direction of the blast, travel in a direction that is cross-wise or perpendicular to the wind as you move away from the blast area. These people will be your best hope at rebuilding your neighborhood and society as you knew it before times of war. If possible, cover your face with a dust mask or cloth to avoid inhaling potentially radioactive dust. Make sure you can get there at all (roadblocks, military, traffic) and if that's clear, make sure you can get there in a timely fashion.Your knowledge of the situation will make all the difference between having your group make it out in time with enough supplies to survive. Upon reaching a safe location, remove your outer clothing outside and shower as soon as possible. If not, build small individual places for each person to hide under if an attack strikes near. Use that duct tape you have to cover any small cracks in the house that could be susceptible to dirt coming in.
Get creative if necessary, JUST MAKE SURE NO RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL GETS INSIDE THE HOUSE BY ANY MEANS. The video below can give you more information on how protect yourself from this hazardous material. If a nuclear war were ever waged on our country, the red dots on the map below predict where the first strikes will hit U.S.
Since no one can ever be wrong, opposition is met with hostility and war begins.How can we face this hostility head-on if it does ever happen on a global scale?
Whether or not something happens on December 21st—zombie apocalypse, meteor strike, or nuclear holocaust—it's best to be ready for it.

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