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The New Yorker has previously released collections that encapsulate most of the magazine's 85-year history in cartoons. The title of the new softbound book -- what Mankoff terms a "book-a-zine" -- is "The New Yorker: Cartoons of the Year," and it features more than 300 cartoons from nearly 60 cartoonists. The silver-maned Mankoff -- who was in town this month to give a Georgetown University talk on the past, present and future of humor -- says The New Yorker cartoons' dominant focus on deeper truths over trends helps the humor transcend the politics of the moment. And then there's Mankoff's most famous cartoon, a gem that resonates as relevant today as when he created it in 1993. Mankoff does see the value of true political satire -- "Humor opens us up to questioning authority," he says. Case in point: Mankoff is proud of Chast's three-page illustrated introduction for the new book-a-zine. And by design, Mankoff and Chast say, the best-of-the year collection actually begins in the fall of 2009 and wraps the next summer. That is to say: Mankoff has proved adept at growing the marketplace exposure of an already superior product.

Since succeeding Lorenz as cartoon editor in 1997, Mankoff -- ever the juggler -- has constantly sought new ways to increase the presence of New Yorker cartoons beyond the magazine's pages.
There has also been the popular weekly Caption Contest, an idea for which Mankoff credits Editor David Remnick. In championing the cartoons, Remnick wrote several years ago for a New Yorker collection: "What has certainly not changed is that the cartoons are essential to The New Yorker.
Of course, Mankoff says, "The New Yorker didn't invent the magazine cartoon, but it did really establish it. So just who decides which the "best" cartoons are -- especially given the routine excellence of the illustrations at The New Yorker? It's also a process that encourages multigenerations of talent, as Mankoff keeps an open door every Tuesday to potential new talent.
The flurry of submissions amounts to "about a thousand a week, counting people who send in unsolicited," Mankoff says. That results in a 2010 book that includes everyone from the great Sam Gross -- "who seems like he's been here forever," Mankoff says -- to the '70s crop that included Mankoff, Chast and the recently deceased Leo Cullum (whom Mankoff memorialized in print); to the newer talents such as Matthew Diffee (smartly observed truths told in deft draftsmanship) and Drew Dernavich (whose strong cartoons have the wonderful weight of woodcuts). In The New Yorker's encyclopedic 80th-anniversary collection, rightly cited is The New Yorker founder and institutional visionary Harold Ross, who was passionate about cartoons from the magazine's 1925 inception.
Thanks to Mankoff and scores of his fellow New Yorker cartoonists, the new 2010 "book-a-zine" is an engaging architecture of such little windows -- each a single pane into the truthful absurdities of the human condition. And when human frailty and vanity and a host of other eternal traits are spotlighted, then TSA screenings, it turns out, have nothing on The New Yorker and its cartoons that, philosophically, lay us so bare.

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Come in, sit down and put your feet up as we celebrate, contemplate, eviscerate and pontificate on cartoons. But for the first time, Mankoff tells Comic Riffs, the New Yorker has now collected its Best of the Year cartoons -- for the class of 2009-10 -- in a special magazine. What it spotlights especially is the tantalizingly eclectic range of styles that is the magazine's cartoon signature.
In the oft-quoted classic, a stipple-coated businessman says into the phone: "No, Thursday's out. Mankoff, by comparison, could not only sell ice to the Eskimoes; their sparkling-new ice-cube trays also would probably be emblazoned with classic New Yorker cartoons.
Yet one trait remains constant: Then as now, The New Yorker cartoons mine most of their humor from truthful reactions to the human condition.
From the Roz Chast introduction through to Charles Barsotti's in-house ad gag, the book is a trove of brilliant, split-second treasures.

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