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Knowing how bad the roads would get, I elected to stay in New York a few days longer than planned.
Until I got a text from Sarah telling me to meet her at Mel’s Burger Bar, more than 40 blocks away.
Convent Garden, a pretty Victorian-style enclave between the streets, looked especially nice underneath a fresh coating of snow.
What made Nemo especially notable was that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick issued an executive order prohibiting travel on the roads. At first I thought the driving ban was excessive at best, absolutely ridiculous at worst, even though they said they wouldn’t actually be fining or arresting anyone. Compare that to New York State, where hundreds of people were stranded on the Long Island Expressway.
I think next year you should come home in the summa – when the weather is nicer and the beaches can be enjoyed, not feared.
It’s so incredible the way snow can make everything look like a beautiful ice kingdom! They definitely can be pretty – but I always HATE digging my car out in the aftermath!
Secondly – Im an Aussie so I have never experienced snow like this (or ever until we went to NYC about 5 years ago). Lastly – Ive been following you for about 18 months and love reading your posts and seeing your photos! In the wake of the "Rolling Stone" controversy, police photographer Sergeant Sean Murphy, acting without support from the Boston Police department, released stunning images from the night of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's capture.

Murphy's 14 photos show the 19-year-old Tsarnaev emerging from his hiding spot in a drydocked boat in Watertown, just west of Boston, his right hand up in surrender in one, his head buried in his arms in another. While French balloonist Gaspard-Félix Tournachon first photographed Paris by air in 1858, those photos were lost, and this photograph of Boston from 1860 by James Wallace Black is the earliest known aerial photo.
But more importantly, a photo of Providence, RI taken by Black in August of 1860 predates his Boston photograph by two months. So for some sufficiently flexible definition of "surviving", Black's photo of Providence is the oldest surviving aerial photo. I’ve never lived in places that have had really dramatic weather regularly, but even then there were some times in Portland (the west coast one) where the roads have been closed in similar conditions.
It was unsettling to hear the personal stories of my classmates and it made me respect the power of the ocean even more. I more enjoy going skiing for a vacation and not having to dig my car out and drive it with the windows fogged over and icy. I almost want to play in the snow, even though I hate the winter and we have been avoiding it for the last three years now ?? The snowstorms in the U.S.
However, I think it’s an experience to be caught in one and had to stay in my apartment and just chill. If you choose to purchase items through these links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. The title is 'Boston, as the Eagle and the Wild Goose See It.' If I had to guess where in Boston this is, I'd say somewhere along Atlantic Ave. The print, which is part of the MoMA's collection, is badly damaged but it looks like some detail would be discernable in person.

But last year, there was hardly any snow, and the year before, I was spending the winter in hot and sunny Southeast Asia. I was glad to be in Turkey instead of Boston for this snow storm, though seeing pictures of my friends trudging through Central Square to go to bars in the middle of the blizzard made me a little nostalgic! Not to go all Canadian on you, but we don’t close roads or overload the news with footage from the storm. The series shows the moment he emerged from his hiding spot in a boat parked in a suburban Boston backyard bloodied and seemingly exhausted.The release was unauthorized, and Sgt. The coverage of Nemo shows the water ripping through the streets of Scituate once again, only this time with less damage since the homes were more prepared. Life goes on as it normally would – things just take a little while longer to get done. Sean Murphy faced an internal investigation and possible suspension, but was ultimately allowed back on duty last week.
And this is not directed specifically towards you, but to all the people who go overboard at the thought of a snowstorm. We also had a ton of snow days to make up at the end, but fortunately not the whole three weeks’ worth!

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