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Coronary artery spasm: medlineplus medical encyclopedia, Coronary artery spasm temporary, sudden narrowing coronary arteries ( arteries supply blood heart).
The gall bladder, gallstones, digestive problems, chicago, Should treated avoid , fatal, consequences. The fate retained gallstones laparoscopic, Reported complications retained gallstones laparoscopic cholecystectomy (lc) increasing.
The gallbladder gallstones - global healing center, And so is the removal of patient’s gall bladders.
My stomach starts to hurt and then I get this excruciating pain on the right side of my abdomen right under my rib cage.
When these episodes first started, probably in November of 2010, I didn't know what to think. My poor attempt at humor aside, however, the incident made me want to get some information out there for anyone who might be having some of the same symptoms.
Different gallbladder problems can have a lot of the same symptoms so, if you have any or all of these, it does not automatically mean that you have gallstones.
If you have some of these symptoms, you could just have a really gnarly case of acid indigestion. From the beginning of an episode, the pain could last anywhere from thirty minutes to four or five hours. When you talk to your doctor, he will likely order an ultrasound to check for the presence of gallstones and to look a the general state of your gallbladder and other organs. Treatment of GallstonesMost likely, if your gallbladder is infested with tons of gallstones and you have recurring attacks, your doctor will sign you up for surgery to remove the gallbladder itself. A laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the removal of the gallbladder through small incisions in the abdomen and the recovery time is minimal. AN: Because I am going to have to soon have surgery to have my gallbladder removed, I would love to hear from anyone who has had the procedure.
Millionaire Tips 3 years ago from USA Ditto what Kathy said - I haven't had any gall bladder troubles, but I do wish you the best on your surgery and the aftermath.
During the Second World War, Operation Stone Age or Stoneage was the passage of MW13, the convoy of four merchant ships that reached Malta from Egypt on 20 November 1942 from Alexandria. British possession of Malta had been sustained through 1942, despite heavy naval losses and in November 1942 the rewards were realised.
Critical packets of supplies were brought in by fast minelayers and submarines (tagged Magic Carpet runs). Convoy MW13 consisted of four merchant ships[note 1] and escort (15th Cruiser Squadron[note 2] and 14th Destroyer Flotilla[note 3]) that departed from Port Said on 16 November. The operation had benefitted from the British capture of the airfield at Martuba, near Derna in mid-November. Stoneage delivered 35,000 short tons (32,000 t) of supplies[6]), which delayed until January 1943 the so-called "target date" at which Malta would be compelled to surrender for lack of supplies.
This convoy operation is seen as the end of the two-year siege of Malta.[1] This is not because it completely fulfilled all of Malta's current and future needs, which it did not, but because it coincided with the expulsion of Axis forces from the coasts of Egypt and eastern Libya, allowing further convoys and, later, a regular overnight service from north Africa. On the worst occasions, the pain radiates around my back to my kidneys and up through the center of my chest.

After some internet research and consultations with my best friend who had to have her gallbladder removed several years ago, I decided there was something wrong with my gallbladder, too.
Although science cannot explain why, these attacks usually happen at night, regardless of the schedule you keep. If you have several of them and have had them on more than one occasion, then it's time to call your doctor - even if his name isn't Pronto. In my experience, if I've thrown up, I will likely be really hungry once all of the pain has subsided. The wound will be several inches long and there can be up to five days in the hospital to recover.
Keep in mind that I am not a doctor, but I would strongly urge you to be very careful with these should you choose to do one.
I have a good idea of what to expect, but I'm looking for suggestions on how to make the process easier - especially once I'm back home.
The pain was horrible, and not being able to sleep at night cause of the pain was the worst.I think what I hate the most now that its out, is still not being able to enjoy the foods that I used to be able to eat ( Greasy Burgers from a Bar) and I don't like to go out to eat, because I never know if what I am going to eat will make me sick. And it had to be done "the hard way" and not laproscopically, but you know why.I haven't had any complications or anything. It may be a great idea to contact him and see if he has any pointers in the realm of alternative healing.I'll talk to my wife, an RN who is truly seeing the light regarding the HUGE difference between what the AMA prescribes and the wise teachings of the elders, and see if I can glean any information that would be helpful. You have informed me of a problem which most women have thanks so much for this my neighbor had gallstone problems.
The Pedestal convoy survivors, including the tanker SS Ohio, delivered sufficient stores and military materiel to reinvigorate British submarine and aircraft activity from the island's bases. As Axis forces withdrew westward, they gave up air bases from which they had threatened convoys and allowed Allied aircraft to move in and offer protection. Two of the ships, Bantam and Denbighshire, had loaded cargo at Port Sudan before continuing to Port Suez.
The details of the escort and its dispositions have been taken from Woodman's account, pp459-460. So I made the decision to (mostly) steer clear of greasy and acidic foods (bye bye spaghetti) as they tend to cause a flare up. If the pain is so bad that you are having trouble breathing, then you need to be seen by a medical professional immediately. Though there are other treatments, none are permanent or as effective as the removal of the gallbladder.
Though there are many people who will swear by them, the medical community is, in general, skeptical of them as a whole. Seems to me she had a recipe for a natural cleanse that might be worth looking into.IF and when you do have surgery, please give us all a shout out so we can lift you and the surgical team up in thoughts and prayers.Aloha, Georgie! I wonder if the surgeon will let me keep mine?Julie Fletcher:I do remember how bad it was for you, and I'm grateful I'm not there yet. The four merchant ships gathered at Port Suez where the convoy commodore boarded Denbighshire and added protective sandbags around the bridges gun positions.
Submarines based in Malta, the reinstatement of Force K (with cruisers HMS Dido and Euryalus and the 14th Destroyer Flotilla) and the transfer of 821 Squadron's Albacores allowed increased attacks upon Axis shipping.

It's either caused by cholesterol or a combination of bilirubin and calcium salts that are all found in bile.
Please don't be dumb like me and let this go on for years before seeing a doctor - I've put myself through literally years of unnecessary pain. My belly will also usually be very tender after the episode, and that will last for several hours. Patients have said that they've flushed their gallstones but, upon examination, the material that has been flushed is likely not from the gallbladder.
I'll show you later.)I've told you, but I think anyone that may have this surgery needs to know - after the surgery, anytime you eat anything, be near a bathroom. You definitely have a great attitude about it - I love that you were able to inject some humor into this informative article, despite the fact you're in pain right now. Despite the damage and occasional air attacks, Arethusa was safely towed to Alexandria by HMS Petard, after three days.
He says that the bulk of the cruisers only joined at Alexandria and that the Hunt class destroyers were of the 5th Flotilla.
The bile that your liver creates usually sits in the gall bladder and is released in small amounts.
The only thing that bothers me when I eat it still is chicken pastry (like dumplings but thinner.)I'm glad I had the little booger out.
Those who are on low fiber and high cholesterol diets as well as folks who have lost a large amount of weight fairly rapidly can develop them - it's a common side effect of weight loss surgery. Also, people with certain vitamin deficiencies can get them, specifically vitamin C, magnesium, calcium or folate. I'm not even looking at it as surgery, but more as a relief!savingkathy:I was telling some pretty awesome jokes in the ER, though the morphine had something to do with it, I'm sure.
On those rare times you may--it isn't as bad as before the surgery.Also, you may be told that you will lose weight.
You won't be absorbing fat as much as before, but for some reason post-surgery patients see an increase in weight around their middle. I've been struggling with my body shape quite a bit.You may also have phantom pains, I have them at times.
I think there may be no amount of herbal remedies that will stave off the surgery for long. I'll send up smoke signals or something (or send you an eBay messge) when I get wheeled off into surgery. It isn't often, but if you suddenly feel a pain like a gall bladder attack starting and it has been six months since your surgery, it will freak you out. The problem will likely be recurring for me so I think the best thing I can do is to just get rid of the dang gallbladder.

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