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The basics of Ruby (or the language your coding bootcamp teaches)- The Well-Grounded Rubyist is a great book to help you along.
I had to relearn how to use a Mac (it had been 1994 the last time I’d used one) as well as learning the command line, Git, Ruby code, the text editor and all the new vocabulary that goes with these. You probably don’t have a development environment setup on your computer yet, Cloud 9 is a great place to practice your command line skills and coding online anywhere you have a computer and the internet. Treehouse – (14 days free) has a fantastic course on how coding works for complete newbies as well as some great HTML, CSS, Ruby and JavaScript courses. Some great  online resources to help learn the Ruby programming language Ruby for Newbies and Learn Ruby the Hard Way  – Both are great resources for other courses as well.

Download Sublime and use it to write anything so that you can start learning the keyboard short cuts and feel comfortable working with it. Having said that I would recommend giving yourself an evening off each week and at least some of your weekend to prevent burn out. If you are struggling speak up early and let you teacher or someone else at the coding boot camp know. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Hopefully you will have more than the 5 days I had because during your boot camp you will want to make the most of the experience and expertise of your teachers.

Tell your family and friends that for the 12 weeks of your course they won’t be seeing or hearing from you much.

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