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Then maybe you should get hold of Luke Barclay's book 'Good Loo Hunting', which records the author's globe-trotting quest to find the world's most picturesque toilet. Barclay travelled to some of the earth's most remote locations in order to test out their bogs, with top spots including the plains of Africa, Mount Sinai in Egypt and Lake Titicaca in South America. The 'obsessed' researcher, who describes himself as a 'chief loo hunter' said he was very specific about the level of vision: 'The toilet can't just be in a great location, you actually have to have a window so that you can see the view while doing your business, as it were'.
Believe it or not this is not the first toilet-trekking book Barclay has written, having previously released 'Loos With Views' two years ago.
Little boys who are transitioning from the potty to the toilet (and the grown ups who are helping them) will love this cheerful, adorably illustrated book. What’s a style fashionista to do when a toilet break interrupts precious reading time? This toilet paper holder with magazine rack as pictured above is a modern stainless steel design that will fit most types of bathroom interior design styles. That’s right!  I’m in a book!  Not only am I officially published, but over the weekend I Want to Pee Alone became a best-selling book!

Along with my Mother of the Year Award, which totally should have arrived by now, I’m anxiously awaiting my Pulitzer Prize for my essay, The Tale of Two Vaginas. My Real LifeAnd if you buy it, once you read it and love it, let me know (and feel free to leave a review on amazon which helps other mothers out)! Children will be gently led through the steps of using the toilet with the help of Captain Jack as he uses the big toilet for the first time--just like Daddy.
How are the Astin Martins and Bugattis meant to stay pristine in the car magazine if you have to take your eyes away from the pages?
Therefore we like to have some kind of table or holder which lifts our reading material off the ground and which is easy to access from certain positions.
The stainless steel look after all is rather ubiquitous to the regular domestic toilet room. You can find a full list of contributors at the bottom of the post (many of them you probably already know and love)!
Short of attaching a colostomy bag, there is nothing much you can do about the call of nature.

Another factor is that as we grow older, our bodies are not particularly receptive to bending over great distances.
As well as leaving both reading material and the toilet paper close to hand, it also means often valuable floor space is left uncluttered. However, there is a way to enjoy both activities simultaneously without getting your reading material wet and dirty. A magazine toilet paper holder that is close to hand is therefore a more comfortable proposition.

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