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Whether you're prepping for the eventual downfall of humanity, you're a serious survivalist looking for an addition to your bug-out bag, or you're just a collector of bizarre weaponry, you need the Survival Slingshot. Already known for their design contribution to the likes of Ferrari, Pininfarina is synonymous with beautiful, luxurious aesthetics. It doesn't matter if you get an occasional squall or feet of snow every year — shoveling your driveway is a pain in the ass.

But now they'll be known for something a little bit different — the Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen.
Its rail system allows it to hold an included flashlight, as well as a range of additional attachments, while a compass and a waterproof storage area make it a versatile tool for handling the toughest situations nature throws your way.
At first glance, the design is unmistakably Pininfarina, with an elegant shape, handcrafted in Italy from aluminum and wood. Available in four models ranging in size from 26 to 30 inches, these blowers feature powerful 4-stroke engines, push-button electric starters, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, and a three-stage system that gathers the ice, slush, and snow in the center before blasting it out and up, away from your drive in no time.

This tip gives it the precision of writing with a sharp pencil, with effortless strokes, while also leaving a permanent mark like your former favorite pen.

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