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The Play Bar is directly adjacent to the sports book and drinks are comped if you are placing sports or horse racing bets. If you’re looking for a larger sports book nearby, The Mandalay Bay sports book can be accessed via a sky bridge that takes you through the Mandalay Place shopping and restaurant area. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
Norman Mailer (1975) The Rumble in the Jungle has gone down in history as one of the epic nights of heavyweight boxing, when Ali took on and beat George Foreman on a steamy night in (then) Zaire. With NFL and College football season in full swing, Las Vegas sports books are buzzing with activity on autumn weekends as locals and visitors alike take in all of the pigskin action. LVH – The LVH sports book is the world’s largest and on top of that, a separate theater that holds over 1,500 people is opened up on NFL Sundays for the ultimate football viewing party.  Parking here is a breeze so you won’t miss any of the football action due to a long walk from the parking structure. Touchdown – cheap food, easy parking access, a large-sized and very comfortable sports book, The LVH Theater aka Football Central is a party every Sunday. Punt  – Off-strip location, condition of the LVH property, which is in need of a facelift, food choices limited to “sports bar” cuisine. Touchdown – Easy parking access, great customer service, excellent food choices nearby, and an intimate setting as this modern sports book was not built in the “SuperBook” mold. Touchdown – Unique and upscale, excellent viewing sight lines and ultra high def screens, Emeril Lagasse’s food menu, good service. Planet Hollywood – The modern design and convenience of Planet Hollywood’s “The Playing Field” Race and Sports Book makes it a great spot for watching and betting on football. Touchdown – Friendly sports book staff, ultra-comfortable seating and well placed video screens, quality (and inexpensive) food option in The Earl of Sandwich nearby, intimate setting. Punt – Restroom is not nearby, sports book is easily accessible from the strip but a long walk from the Planet Hollywood parking structure, free drinks can be hard to come by at times. Caesars Palace – One of the oldest sports books on the Las Vegas Strip, Caesars still maintains a classy vibe in their spacious and elegant sports book.
Touchdown – Classic Las Vegas all the way, great customer service, bathrooms are nearby, multitude of screens for easy football viewing, good cocktail service.
Punt – A bit of a journey from the strip and the parking structure, nearby food options are limited, can get busy (limited seating) on big football viewing days. Follow The Vegas Parlay – The Las Vegas Sports Book Blog on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook!
The sports book scene on the strip and off strip has definitely changed with Cantor Gaming operating several sports books in town (no drink freebies at these spots) and just about all casino sports books going the drink ticket route.
Mirage – The Mirage’s drink ticket policy has always been pretty loose depending on the ticket writer’s mood. Treasure Island - The sports book supervisor is in charge of drink tickets and the ticket writer will direct you to the supervisor if you would like to receive comped drinks. The free drink tickets make for a nice souvenir as well as they are the nicest looking of any in Las Vegas.My advice is to ask for free drink tickets in a friendly yet confident tone and make sure you have your betting ticket(s) visible. South Point – Even though the South Point sports book has a drink ticket system, comp drink coupons are pretty easy to come by here.
Wynn – The sports book at The Wynn is one of the best sports books in town and it is also a great  place to score free drink tickets. Golden Nugget – The Golden Nugget sports book uses the drink ticket system and if you are betting the ponies, getting drink tickets is a breeze.
The Mirage returned to being one of the best sportsbooks in Las Vegas when they renovated in March 2013. The sportsbook at Red Rock Resort is without a doubt the best sportsbook off the Vegas Strip. Wynn is still has one of the nicest casinos on the strip even though it’s beginning to show its age.

That alone will lure some sports book fans that are staying at the south end of the strip to the Egyptian themed hotel to watch and bet on sports.
Food options are limited; however there is a food court on the second level above the casino with your typical fast food offerings. CLR James’s literary book looks at race, society, politics and culture through the prism of cricket, the game he played at top level in the Forties and Fifties.
There are dozens of sports book choices in Vegas and for the most part, all of them have something unique to offer. There are a plethora of screens available and sight lines for viewing in this space are some of the best in Vegas. Large screens and ample seating is what you’ll find in a very open space which is a throw back to the “Super Book” era of Las Vegas sports books. As popular as sports books in Las Vegas are, the free or comped drinks are a little harder to come by than back in the good old days, where simply sitting in the sports book seat all but guaranteed a free morning coffee during the first race at Saratoga or the cold beer during Monday Night Football.
As we have preached before – a small tip goes a long way in loosening up the ticket writer’s grip on free drink tickets, so keep that in mind when you are placing bets at your favorite sports book around town. The two sports book supervisors I dealt with during my time at the TI sports book were friendly and presented me with several free drink tickets when requested without any problem. At some Vegas casinos, I often feel that the sports book is a forgotten place to cocktail servers; however at TI this wasn’t the case at all as the cocktail server came around often. There is no drink ticket system here and whether it’s betting on sports or playing the ponies, you will score free drinks from the cocktail servers as long as your betting tickets are visible. There is no stated minimum bet for drink tickets and any time I have made a sports or horse racing bet at the South Point (no matter how small) I have never been denied drink tickets when I asked for them. The ticket writers here are very friendly and are usually very willing to fork over some free drink tickets – tipping certainly helps.
Your mileage may vary when betting sports, however just ask the ticket writer after making a bet – the level of “tightness” varies depending on the sports book staffer. There are varying degrees of greatness but sportsbooks are the best place in the casino as far as I’m concerned. Watching the games is the reason I’m at the sportsbook so the quality of the TV screens usually matters more than anything else. The  Mirage sportsbook renovation removed about a third of the old desk seating and replaced it with big comfy chairs. The screens on the individual monitors aren’t the best, however the larger overhead screens are more than acceptable for sports viewing or catching a horse race or two.
Backstage Deli, located near the Criss Angel Theater, has some decent deli style food that you can take back to the sports book.
If you want to impress friends or business associates, Lagasse’s Stadium is the spot…but be prepared to pay for the luxury as per person minimums of up to $100 for couch accommodations are the norm for busy sports days. Earlier in the year, The Bellagio modified their loose comp drink policy and went to the drink ticket system. If you are betting sports, a tip will usually do the trick (just make sure that the sports book manager is not hanging around). Even on busy days, cocktail servers do an acceptable job in being visible and hitting all areas of the sports book. If you don’t care to wait for the cocktail server, the adjacent Del Mar Lounge bar area will accept free drink tickets from the sports book. There are a couple of ticket writers here that are all business and are tight forking over drink tickets, so choose your ticket writer carefully.
One nice perk at the Golden Nugget is that their drinks come in larger cups (16-oz.) than what is the norm in other sports books. Since I’m at sportsbooks often people ask my opinion so I figured that I should have a current list as football season is upon us.

Lagasse’s Stadium, located inside The Palazzo, is also a bar, restaurant, casino and lounge. The lighting and TV screens at The Venetian sportsbook are by far the best and brightest of any sportsbook in Las Vegas. As part of the renovation The Mirage also added a gigantic TV screen that spans almost the entire huge sportsbook.
It’s huge and has 3 enormous projection screens which can fit anywhere from 1 to 4 games each. Wynn opened in 2005 but when you’re sitting in the large sportsbook it may as well be 1995. Here’s what we at The Vegas Parlay think are the top options for NFL and college football viewing in Vegas (in no particular order). Zoozacrackers Deli (they will bring your meal right to your sports book seat) and other great food options are adjacent to the sports book. This is in line with most Vegas sports books, who have used the drink ticket system for years now. Scoring some free refreshments while enjoying The Mirage sports book’s new ultra high definition screens is a dandy. During this past Super Bowl weekend (a very busy time at The super book) the cocktail server came by my area several times and was very attentive. The main area has stadium couch seating and is surrounded by couches above and cocktail tables above and to the side. The Venetian sportsbook is operated by Cantor Gaming and looks similar to all of their sportsbooks in Las Vegas with red desks and big office chairs. This screen is flexible and can fit just about every game with each game being sized to the amount of interest.
Getting free drinks at the sports book takes a little more strategizing nowadays but it’s still easy if you know which casino to visit.
Waitresses are plentiful so there’s never a time you should be without food or drink.
If it wasn’t for those beautiful TV screens this sportsbook would have zero vibe but those TV screens make up for any lack of atmosphere from the decor. The sportsbook manager decides which games shown and what size they are based on bets made so if you want to see a game make sure you place your bets here.
The Wynn sportsbook is one of the few remaining independently operated sportsbooks and you’ll always get fair lines here. Between the lack of cocktail waitresses and the condescending Cantor Gaming staff don’t expect good service.
The saving grace for service at the The Venetian sportsbook are the quick and polite bartenders. The only other reservation about Lagasse’s Stadium is that the main seating area TV screens are showing their age and could use updating.
Instead it is about Lance Armstrong’s surviving cancer, a story that has been somewhat dimmed by subsequent events, and that fact that he is pretty unpleasant, but remains inspirational nonetheless. It turns out he was also doing this at the bar after the match, and this is the story of his dive into alcoholism and subsequent recovery, showing the dark side of a glittering career.

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