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When it comes to exchanging gifts at Christmas, my brother and I have a tradition of buying each other books. If you’re buying for a book lover, who also uses SAS, our list of the best-selling books this year might be a helpful shopping guide. We also have a holiday spectacular sale going on right now with 75 percent off select titles.
The best part about giving someone a book is hunting for that special one that you think they’ll enjoy. I'm cautious about selecting books for family or friends, lest my assessment of what they will like is wrong.
I’m Maggie Miller and I’ll be providing you the latest updates about SAS books, documentation, tips and industry trends here on the SAS Bookshelf. The blog content appearing on this site does not necessarily represent the opinions of SAS. Hardcover non-fiction titles released in the quarter ending September 2014 demonstrated strong sales among African-American readers, according to the compilers of the Power List of best-selling books written or read by African Americans. In second place among hardcover non-fiction titles was The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League by Jeff Hobbs. Among the best-selling titles is Cosby: His Life and Times by Mark Whitaker, which was in ninth place in hardcover non-fiction.
Walter Mosley’s book, Debbie Doesn’t Do It Anymore, was first place in hardcover fiction on the Power List. Also notable about the Fall 2014 list was the inclusion of several titles in paperback non-fiction that have ranked in the Power List’s top 10 books for the past eight consecutive calendar quarters.

The Power List is compiled by collecting data from online book sellers, random samples on relevant Facebook pages, and a quarterly survey of 1,200 African-American book clubs. There has not been a single novel written by a Black novelist on the New York Times bestsellers list in at least six months.
Readers, if you believe in our mission of celebrating books like the ones you find on the Power List, you can help by purchasing these books through our bookseller, MahoganyBooks. We will launch a new site in time for our Winter 2015 list, which will make sharing The Power List on your website easier than ever.
This entry was posted in 2014, African-American, Bestsellers, books, Press Release and tagged bestsellers on December 7, 2014 by Troy. Promote literature and literary nonfiction from Africa and the African Diaspora to readers of all backgrounds and ages.
Even when he lived away in Chicago, and everyone else in the world was buying eBooks, I could always count on a big, heavy box delivered to my house each year filled with new authors and titles he thought I’d enjoy. I stumbled upon the perfect book for my brother months ago and it’s something he’ll never guess. Follow along with my talented colleagues, and guest posters as we bring the written word to life and share helpful content with our fellow SAS book enthusiasts. What I Know for Sure, the new release by media mogul Oprah Winfrey, topped that section of the Power List, and sales of the book were likely bolstered by the announcement of her eight-city, “The Life You Want” fall tour. Although Hobbs is not African American, he was Peace’s college roommate and good friend, and deftly tells the story from the perspective of someone who thought he knew Peace well, but really did not.
The recent avalanche of accusations that Cosby sexually abused several women he encountered during his years in the television industry will either bolster sales, or have a chilling effect on them in the coming weeks.

Leading the pack among paperback fiction books was Americanah by Nigeria-native Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
The two year old Power List is the only national bestsellers list that recognizes the most popular books in this category. When Black authors are recognized in the main stream media, as in the case of the recent National Book Awards, their accomplishments can be easily ignored in favor of coverage a watermelon joke. It may also be read on your Kindle ebook reader, or any device by downloading a PDF version. After opening one as a gift on Christmas Eve a few years ago, I couldn't stop reading and couldn't stop laughing. One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future provides Carson with a conversation piece for potential GOP primary voters as well as members of the media.
Publishers and authors, we encourage you to share this list, with your readers and fans, as well. Enjoy our previous eNewsletters and consider sponsoring our eNewsletter or a dedicated mailing.
Smith was number one in paperback non-fiction for the second quarter in a row, having topped that section of the Power List’s summer 2014 edition.

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