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Lots of readers asking us to cover an article on best Android apps for Reading Comic Book, and to keeping this in mind, we decided to dedicate this article to all comic lover. When I was a child, it was quite a challenge to find comic books to read – I had either to buy them or to look for them in libraries. So if you’re a big fan of comic books, despite your age and if you own an Android phone, the apps below are just for you.
JJComics Viewer is one of the most popular comic book reading apps on Google Play and offers excellent optimization for mobile devices. This app has made its way over to Android from iOS, which is only natural considering the large fan base that Dark Horse Comics has. A Comic Viewer is a straight forward app offering an excellent user experience for comic and manga reading. Perfect Viewer is not as flashy as some of the apps featured on this list but is does offer an excellent fast and smooth reading experience.
No zoom out and zoom in, this app comes with Smart Lens technology solves this once and for all! Free Download High quality comic books, captain america, america, captain, the shield, red white and blue, first avenger Captain America Wallpaper Num.

Now things have become much easier, because almost all comic books have their online versions.
It does not have the features of any of the other apps on the list, but it is certainly efficient in what it does, displaying books in great clarity and detail. There is a really great selection of books to be found on this app with regular bundle sales offered. All formats are supported and the app can read the book straight from your SD card with left-to-right and right-to-left viewing options. Users are able to fully customize controls and display options and can benefit from comics being automatically scaled to size. Comic books can be easily managed and a vast range of features allows users to tailor a reading preference.
Just click on any text block, and CRM will automatically detect where it is and pop it out in a readable size! This app is optimized for phones and tablets it allows you to read your eComics anywhere you want.
But if you feel i missed to share any good name then don’t hesitate to share with us.

We don't warrant any part of the content nor do we represent the content will meet your needs or that its operation will be uninterrupted or error free. Moreover, you can read them even from your Smartphones thanks to the apps created especially for this.
Not bad, especially if we take into account that it can run on almost any Android device, even on oldmid-range ones. Of course, you can use it on almost any Android phone, but it will look best on powerful devices with big screens, like Samsung’s Galaxy Note or the new Galaxy S3 – if you’ve already managed to buy it.
Best of all, it works on any image, so there’s no need for proprietary formats or converted comics. Names of goods, names of companies, marks, trademarks, and symbols are trademarks of corresponding organizations.

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