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I have an Amazon store that I update weekly, full of the latest and greatest high-quality ebooks, from trusted authors and publishers. Here are my top picks this week. But the be sure to check out my amazon store for the others. In addition to the top 10, Amazon recently announced that the Kindle Paperwhite is now available in South African retail stores, and will be demoed at the Cape Town International Book Fair from 13-15 June 2014. Having attracted hundreds of local and global exhibitors, the event has become Sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest Book Fair with attendance including publishers, authors, exhibitors, speakers, book associations, book distributors, book stores, electronic book traders, libraries, literary agents, printers, repro agents, bibliophiles and the general public, and publishers. Kindle Paperwhite will be available for attendees to sample; authors can also acquire information on how they can get their materials on Amazon.
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Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is a part of Amazon Prime membership that costs $99 a year.
Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to join Prime just to be able to borrow books from KOLL. The most important benefit of Kindle Unlimited is the fact that it’s a part of a versatile membership program. Read also 50 best Kindle cases and accessories to buy in 2016Top articleFind the best Kindle cases and accessories in one frequently updated list. The most important thing to keep in mind is that Kindle Owner’s Lending Library is not a service on its own. Therefore, trying to evaluate it in separation from other features offered via Prime membership is a logical mistake. Membership sharing – Prime members may share the account with up to four eligible household members living at the same address. The membership is aimed at customers who shop for different products, both physical goods (free shipping) and digital content (free access). When you decide to join Prime, make sure you are aware of two limitations that relate to Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Within Prime membership, you are eligible to borrow a Kindle book just like you borrow a book from a library. You will not be able to read KOLL books on the Kindle app (such as Kindle for iOS, Android, PC, or Mac). When Kindle Owners’ Lending Library launched in November 2011, there were only some 5,000 eligible ebooks.
Lack of the bestselling titles from the big publishers is the weakest point of Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is very often confused with Kindle Unlimited, as these two services are offered in a subscription format. In Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, you will be able to read at most one book per month. In other words, if want to add the eleventh Kindle Unlimited book to your account, you’ll have to finish and remove one of the ten books you currently have.

What’s important to know is that a vast majority of books are common to both services. The attractiveness of both services will jump high the day Amazon will finally come to an agreement with the Big 5. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to find out whether Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is attractive enough for your reading preferences. The other way is to narrow down the list to specific categories and find out what’s hot there. The left sidebar will also let you pick up the newly released books (last 90 or 30 days), books that received 4 stars or more, or books in a specific language if you are looking for non-English titles. Prime-eligible items (there are over 22 million of them) are usually very well marked on Amazon. There is a quick trick to find out whether an ebook is included in Kindle Owners’ Lending Library or not. If you happen to land on Amazon directly on a product page of a book, for instance from Google web search, you can still find out whether this particular book is included in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Test all the features in the first three weeks of a free trial, and leave the fourth week for a decision whether you want to continue (and pay) or not. What happens with the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library book when the subscription ends? You will, however, keep all the notes and highlights that you made in all the books borrowed from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Limiting cost calculations only to one feature offered within the larger membership program, is not the right way to go. This week I have updated my free ebooks store on Amazon, with over 50 FREE ebooks for Kindle. If you think you might be interested, I’d recommend grabbing it now, because the promotion can end at any time. The price is subject to change whenever, and many of the promotions only last for a day or 2, so it’s easy to miss.
The top ten best-selling books takes into account Kindle editions purchased by South African customers between June 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014. Experts will also be at the exhibition stand assisting all those visiting the event and Kindle devices will be available for purchase.
With Prime, you will be able to buy or rent digital movies and songs, and qualify for a free shipping of millions of physical items. However, the eligible books don’t come from famous authors, like Nora Roberts, Lee Child, or James Patterson. When you join Prime, for $99 a year, you will be able to borrow from KOLL one book a month. Harry Potter books are included in Kindle Unlimited, and essentially helped draw a huge attention to the service when it was launched in July 2014.
Finding a favorite book in this list may be a problem because using the search box here won’t show the results narrowed to KOLL books.

If you cancel the subscription before the 30th day, you won’t pay a penny for Amazon Prime membership.
It will disappear from your Kindle device the first time it will start syncing with Amazon servers. There are no $10 bestsellers available via KOLL, because these bestsellers are sold by Big 5 publishers. The membership program is a perfect solution for customers who occasionally shop for different products. No matter whether you use Facebook on the iPad or Twitter on your Android phone, our site loads fast and is easy to read.
It was revealed on 28th September 2011, and it has come with a standard 7-inch multi-touch display screen provided with advanced IPS technology, and it operates using a forked edition of Google’s Android OS (Operating System).The new tablet includes access to many Amazon Appstore streaming movies, kindle e-books, and TV shows. Also, if you’d like more info on how to find your own free books, you can see my post, 5 ways to Find Frugal Books. When I see one announced, it reminds me to check, so instead of going straight to the free stuff, I just go to the Kindle store, literature and fiction, then religious fiction, and the sort the results, lowest price to highest – then the free ones rise to the top! If you love reading books in favorite categories, you’ll find plenty of interesting titles to read. For $9.99 a month you can read as many books as you want, but you can have 10 books at the same time on your account. It could usually mean they are the bestselling books, but it also means they are books Amazon want to become bestsellers. It was scheduled to be released in the United States market on 15th November 2011, but it has been released a day earlier i.e. All books were $0.00 when added, but the price is subject to change, so please double check before purchasing. However, there is one major limitation: you can have only 10 Kindle Unlimited books on your account at the same time. Some techno analysts expect that the new device will be a strong competitor to Apple’s new iPad, but when you consider the features it’s absolutely no match to iPad.It offers a wide range of apps to its users including entertainment, books and comics, games, cooking etc. This particular app belongs to book and comics category in the Appstore.  Previously, Audiobooks were made available on Kindle, but with the invention of Audible app, the users find it easier as well as satisfying to use it on the latest android phones.
If you like audio, then the new Audible is the best store for buying audiobooks, as they are made available in many places and formats now. This app allows you to download any of the books, which you have previously purchased for local use on your Kindle Fire.
If you love to read comic stories, then with the help of this app you can enjoy free reading as well as you can download your favorite comics that you can find over internet.Hulu Plus – This is yet another cool free app, which belongs to entertainment category on the Amazon Appstore. It can be obtained free of cost, but you need to subscribe to Hulu plus.Plants Vs Zombies – If you love to play games, then this is the best app that you can find on the Appstore.

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