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Since all of us could use a little more time on our hands, I summarized the main gist of each of the following books. Ok, coming from me, an exclusive breastfeeding mom and mama who gave natural child birth twice, this recommendation might surprise you with France having not being necessarily known for either their breastfeeding rates or their natural births. Alright then, freak out abated, onto the review: This book is a very scientific but an easy read on the importance of sleep and what to expect at each age.
This is one of my favorites, and I don’t hear it referenced all to often and I am not sure why. This is a great book, but is a bit lengthy for what can be described as the following: early on when the baby is young, shoot to keep them awake for 90 minutes at a time.
Although their books are perfectly good, and I have no problem with early sleep training, I wasn’t in love with this book. I read Happiest Baby on the Block and tried it with my daughter 2 years ago… she told me to shove it, haha.
DIY Blue BowlI love all the blue and white bowls but, unfortunately most of them cost an arm and a leg.
What to Do When Your Kid Stops Napping: The Tool Every Mom NeedsThis shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc.
DIY Board and BattenSo many board and batten DIYs look great in photos but horrible in real life.
Happy reading!As 2015 comes to an end, the internet is thronged with thousands of listicles on the best books of the year. Coetzee, Elizabeth Strout on Man Booker Prize list10 smart ways to make sure that your book is a bestsellerKick off with a bestseller!
You are a busy woman, you don’t have endless amounts of time to spend reading, what may not be useful books. But, I truly think that it is one of the best books on keeping a balanced outlook on raising your children.
It tells you all about why your newborn is the way it is and how to make your newborn or infant happy. It gives a good unbiased view of each of the ages and common problems that parents deal with at each. It is packed with information; however, some of his case studies might worry you if you are the type to think “oh my gosh, that is my child! Essentially, Karp’s theory is that newborns really should stay in their moms an extra three months. The author does talk a bit more about sleep training, and makes some good recommendations but when practiced in real life (or at least mine,) they fell short. If you keep them up too long, the stress hormone will kick in and what you will get is a tired kid who is acting hyper.

I had a lot of time and I considered it my responsibility as a nanny to be informed of all the best practices. These are what I consider the best books right now and they form the foundation for how I parent my kids.
What I come back to time and time again, is that the French don’t believe that your world should revolve around your child. Hell, if your child isn’t sleeping, you probably are probably trying to sleep whenever you have a free moment!
Due to evolution, we push the babies out three months early so they can fit through the birth canal. I think that this book used to be more popular than it is now, which just proves to show what a classic it is! Her suggestion to set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than the baby’s typical feeding time to avoid the association of the child waking up and getting fed and then falling back asleep, is great in theory but fails in execution. Also, if you kid wakes up from his or her nap after 30 minutes, most likely you are not going to get them to go back down. Instead of comforting me, it made me have anxiety: Is my child going to be permanently damaged by my letting her cry it out?
Unlike other experts who say that a child needs to be a certain age before they sleep through the night, MOC think that babies can sleep through the night at an earlier age. Thank you for supporting All Things Big and Small and the companies I choose to collaborate with! I felt it was my job to learn the best practices so I could provide the best care, and I wanted to know what to do when I had children. I don’t only listen to one but I take my favorite parts from each and make my own parenting philosophy, which is what is working now with my kids. In the book Weissbluth breaks down what are healthy sleep habits, what common fussiness is, and what to do. First, my children never woke up at the same time night after night; furthermore, am I not awake enough to start recording the exact times and duration she fed. Would you want to read my in-depth notes, summaries, and more from these books in the format of an E-Book? You can get a really good idea of what to expect for each age including how much sleep, how much fussiness, and what to do about it. Second, you are so dead tired already that you are not going to want to get up for a stupid alarm and wake up your child. Here, I share our experiences along the way and all my thoughts on topics big and small: motherhood and babies, decor and fashion, and how to achieve great style on a budget!
Although, mothering my children, I believe, is my main purpose in life, I don’t think that it is my only purpose.

Although his healthy sleep requirements are a bit strict (no movement as in no swings and no car rides) and is very strict about nap times (which is totally unrealistic with a second child!) his premise and message is solid. Unlike monkeys or horses, whose young are mobile when they are born, our babies are 100% reliant on us to move, feed, and keep warm for a long time.
It hurts my back like hell when I do it all the time, is my child going to feel like she is never held. But to be honest, they never worked for my family (I have a serious cat napper who falls asleep EVERY time no matter how short the drive to preschool); however, they might work for you.
Gone are the trips to the bookstore when I could leave with $100 worth of books and be able to read them all within a week or two.
I know that because you are taking the time to read this post, and are a proactive parent who will do what is best for your kid. Sleeping is important for your child and you should work to establish the best routines that you will want. They even have a book on parenting a toddler and a baby at the same time, which has helpful schedules as well. What I do do now, is read more short synopses of the books I am interested in, and I have to weigh whether or not they are worth my time.
And as for re-reading the ones that I found to be the most useful, I go back to my notes and my highlights.
They are responsible for amusing themselves and have become very good with keeping themselves occupied. I do limited co-sleeping with the babies when they are very young; but, only out of pure necessity. And hold sideways (Side) to make the baby feel more comfortable; however remember, always lay a baby on its back! I need to keep the house clean, get meals on the table, do laundry, shop for groceries, oh yes, and keep them alive. This is a great book to give your husband to read so they can feel like they too can comfort the baby. On the other side of the coin, the book is very good cumulation of knowledge regarding normal problems that you might experience with your kids from birth to age two.

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