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This entry was written by Laura, posted on March 13, 2013 at 8:44 am, filed under Stories from the Farm and tagged names. Receive weekly or seasonal updates from the farm including recipes, farm happenings, event announcements, and what's on sale this week at our farm stand. Travel books come in handy for more than mapping out a destination once you get there—sometimes planning a trip can be half the fun.
Probably 95% or more of the greatest self-help advice I have ever come across has been found in books. If someone with a really great mind walked the earth during recent generations and accumulated a lifetime worth of wisdom, they probably wrote these lessons down in a book.
So with that in mind, here are the books that I consider to be the top ten best self-help books of all time. Just because this list is only ten books long does not mean that I believe you should only read ten self-help books in your lifetime.
These 10 best self help books on my list don’t always offer effortless solutions to your personal development problems. If someone asked me what is the one book that anyone who is interested in changing their life should absolutely own, it would be this one. Author Carol Dweck, the renowned professor of psychology at Stanford University, brilliantly explains how the way we think about our own talents and abilities shapes just about everything we do in our lives. My only criticism is that I wish that Dweck (and other proponents of her ground-breaking research) had the marketing knack that the authors of modern day snake oil like The Secret have. In what I (and many others) consider his masterpiece, Stumbling On Happiness, Gilbert delivers another eye-opener. Daniel Gilbert shows that we are basically clueless when it comes to predicting what will make us happy. Gilbert also teaches that it would serve us quite well to learn from what others have experienced in their quests for happiness. Randy Pausch was a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon stricken with terminal cancer in his mid 40s.
His advice is so insightful and compelling alone, he probably could have had a second career as an incredible self help guru if he had lived longer.
Carl Sagan is best known for making science more popular through his incredible communication skills in bestselling science books and most notably, his award-winning 1980 educational TV series, Cosmos. Great self-help advice cannot lift you up nearly as high if bad self-help advice is simultaneously pulling you down. For centuries, the scientific field of psychology has been focused on treating people with mental illness.
For example, where classic psychology might have tried to figure out how to make a sad person no longer sad, positive psychology might try to figure out how to make a happy person even happier.
Perhaps a quote by Daniel Gilbert (the author of the #2 book on this list) best explains how her book differs from most self-help garbage disguised as books. Her subsequent book, The Myths Of Happiness, is also excellent and chock full of even more great self help tips.
Tal Ben-Shahar used to teach a class on positive psychology at Harvard that was the university’s most popular class. I could easily find a place for Happier on this list, but since it covers similar subject matter to The How Of Happiness, I figured I’d just mention it here for those interested in further happiness advice. Fiore not only teaches you how to overcome your procrastination habits, he also teaches you where they come from. For people with simpler lives, many of his time management techniques might be overkill, but probably still worth knowing about so that you can pick and choose what works best for you.
Two great tips that everyone can take away from this book are that if you have something on your to-do list that only takes 2 minutes, do it immediately. Maybe she will inspire you to take more action, to discover more great advice, and to refine your behaviors and habits until they form you into a new, improved person, propelling you toward greater happiness and success. You will not understand how best to navigate your way through life until you truly understand the role that chance, randomness, and probability have in affecting it. The author may be a Cal Berkeley trained theoretical physicist who has taught at Caltech, but he writes in a way that anyone can understand.
Fans of self-help often make giant mistakes in understanding what actions affect their lives simply because they do not understand the concept of randomness.
I catch self-help gurus uttering nonsense all the time simply based on their lack of basic mathematical understanding regarding statistics and probabilities.
Like the Carl Sagan book that appeared on this list earlier, this book will help you to think better.
Let’s finish this list on a whimsical note with a book of brilliant self-help advice and inspiration disguised as a book for children. If self-help books were judged by their power-per-word ratio, this book would definitely be #1 on this list. You read the entire list, which means that you are a person with serious interest in improving your life. If you like what you've experienced here, then you'll love my free email "useletter." It's the best way to stay on top of essential lessons I share, and to receive free bonuses that I reserve for my most loyal readers. As a signup bonus, you'll get instant access to a favorite lesson of mine that is tucked away and hidden from public view on this site. It's called: "The 5 Common Thoughts That Are Sabotaging Your Success," including #3 which also mentions the effective strategy that Hollywood celebrities use to deal with internet haters.
The majority of people, including myself, will search for the first time on search engines, especially on Google. Most of the services have been tested by myself and I can say for sure that they work for my country (Romania). If you’re looking to save money, you can always do so by hunting for special deals or by buying used books.

I’m a loyal fan of BetterWorldBooks and I really like how their business is established. They have some impressive numbers to boast with: almost 10 million donated books, almost $15 million raised for literacy and libraries, more than 105 million books reused or recycled. The above mentioned are only three of the best and I’ve decided not to puzzle the reader with more detailed selections.
A paperback is a type of book characterized by a thick paper or paperboard cover, and often held together with glue rather than stitches or staples.
So, before getting excited for that sweet deal you got, think about how long you want your book to resist. Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. Open a book and enter a world of imagination … who knows where the author will take you … will it be a spooky mystery or an extraordinary advenutre?
Patrick Henderson, a student in Year 6, enjoys reading and would like to share with us a writing about his very own favourite books.
While the web is also a great resource, it can be exciting to get a copy of a travel book that you can write on, bookmark, and take with you on your trip.
Browsing at a bookstore in the travel section might help you to identify a region or culture that you would like to explore further.
Choose among books like the Eyewitness guides, known for their vibrant photographs, or Frommers Guides, known for offering information at a variety of price ranges. This can mean an entire book on one city, providing an in depth look at all of the culture, museums, parks, and tours that are on offer.
Magazines can at time be more up to date than books, and offer of-the-moment information on restaurants, nightclubs, and exhibitions. This shouldn’t be too surprising when you consider that all these authors had the benefit of being able to access all the great self-help books that have been written before them. There are many other great books that contain important advice that it would be a shame for you to miss out on. It’s a shame, but it seems that in the self-help field, popularity does not always equal quality. It revolutionized my thinking about fears, procrastination, success, and many other topics that I’m certain will be of great interest to you.
But, admittedly, Dweck does not have the luxury of selling the preposterous (yet shockingly popular) notion that you can simply lay back and wish your dream life into existence. You might think that a couple simple notions we could all agree upon are: 1) that each of us is relatively unique, and 2) that each of us knows what makes us happy. This has tremendous implications for the directions we take in life, or more importantly, the directions we should take in our lives. If you think you know the path to your own happiness and you are busy trying to get there, read this book before you take another step. Faced with his mortality, he gave a legendary final lecture to his class that became a viral phenomenon. But knowing where his perspective comes from gives his lessons an additional powerful wallop that will motivate you to never take another day for granted. So you might be wondering how a science book makes it onto the list of the best self help books ever written. This book will give you the thinking tools to better avoid falling for that destructive, bad advice. Serious academic research has tried to figure out how to fix mental problems so that people could be normalized. It often focuses on how to increase people’s happiness so that people can be the most that they can be, not simply avoid being the least. Many great books in this field by serious academics, who rely on scientific methods to determine what really makes people thrive, have been published in the past several years.
She gives you specific instructions on particular exercises you can do to increase your own happiness. It is especially great for people who are very busy with complicated lives, such as high-powered business executives. And if the list of things you need to do are constantly running through your head, then you need a better to-do-list system you can trust and rely on so that you can dump these running thoughts out of your head.
She is simply a smart, determined person who sets out to learn as much as she can about various self-help subjects as she experiments with them on a month-by-month basis. And thinking better is the tool that will enable you to better distinguish between self-help strategies that actually work and those that are nothing more than white noise. It is no wonder that this book is such a favorite gift to high-school and college graduates, or anyone else making a giant life transition. If you want to graduate from your rusty, stagnant old life to a shiny, new, improved life, and you want some fun poetry to assist you on your way, then get this book for yourself. If you are really interested in improving your life, you must develop the habit of being proactive.
Whenever I hear about something new and exciting, I rush to note that down and later to find books on that subject. The majority of them will have quite a large array of countries where they ship to, however, do check if your country is among them before proceeding with your book scouting. Books are sold online to help raise funds for awesome non-profit literacy organizations changing the world through teaching kids, supporting families, building schools and filling libraries. And when it comes to buying books and other things and having them shipped to my home, Amazon is among the first choices that I think off.
However, there are still many reliable online service to buy books with international shipping.
First of all, you should know what’s the difference between a paperback book and a hardcover one (or hardback).

The problem with international buyers is that websites that compare book prices include many North American bookstores that don’t have international shipping.
Also, when you are searching for your book’s price, use the ISBN (all books published after 1970 have an International Standard Book Number) rather than its name. Every traveler will have their own opinion on the best travel books, but some of the most popular series include Let’s Go, Frommer's, Time Out, Rough Guides, Insight Guides, and Michelin Guides, among others. Some people think that the best travel books are small and compact (to fit in your pocket) while others prefer comprehensive volumes that include details on history and politics as well as suggestions for attractions, restaurants, tours, and practical information such as airports, currency, and local customs.
Rough Guides are a great choice for backpackers or budget travelers, while history buffs will love the comprehensive coverage of Fodor's guides.
Signing up for a subscription can offer significant discounts on magazines including Travel & Leisure, National Geographic Traveler, Budget Travel, or AFAR. But these classics are sometimes also strewn with homespun theories that do not hold up to the rigorous scrutiny of serious scientific examination.
You might save yourself decades of wasted effort when you later discover that you’ve been on the wrong path the entire time. She also shows that although 60% of your general happiness levels are determined by your genetics and life circumstances, 40% are completely within your own control. The other reason, and probably the reason it made my list, is that it is simply a great example of how you should be going about your life by experimenting more. Usually, I try to find books in my native language on the matter but if there aren’t, I have to rely on international book selling websites that usually have books in English language. However, not all the time you will manage to find the best deal or the exact title for what you’re looking for. Also, another important factor for picking out the best international websites for buying books online was the diversity of books.
They have a huge diversity of books and eBooks that are very well grouped by different genres, languages, authors.
So you’ll just have to recognize from the list they provide you with those online book selling services that can ship to your home.
Beyond traditional books there are also travel e-books and guides geared towards specific groups, such as budget travelers. The best books also include details on local etiquette and suggestions for staying safe during travel. Depending on your destination, you might be able to narrow down your choices by who has the most recent title, or what size and style suits your needs for this individual trip.
These include popular stories such as Eat, Pray, Love and other travelogues that will bring readers along for a wild ride to destinations around the globe. Each of these has their own unique travel angle, similar to the guidebooks, so finding the right match is important. These are the sorts of questions that are now being studied by serious researchers at top universities like Harvard and Stanford. This list is designed to give you an awesome start on your lifelong path of never-ending self improvement. But I suppose if misguided self help gurus can promise people that radical life change is a cinch, and that self improvement never requires any effort whatsoever, it’s no surprise that many uniformed people will bite.
Yet millions of people follow their every word and, unfortunately, their lives are much worse because of it.
But simply that you think of your life as a vehicle for further exploration and experimentation. There’s a chance that one might find books in other languages, as well, but the biggest diversity is in English, of course. The second choice then becomes Amazon or eBay and that’s where most online searchers stop. But their service is top-notch and the books, even the used ones, are very well maintained.
Any books we can’t sell are either donated directly to one of our non-profit partners or recycled. Some of them are quite notorious, such as Barnes & Noble, Biblio, Lulu or eBay but in my humble opinion and in my experience, of course, the above mentioned managed to satisfy my reading needs.
This is a growing genre and whether you’re looking for the perspective of an investigative journalist or a love story, you will be able to find it in modern travel literature. Once you find a good fit, you too will realize that planning the trip, anticipating all of its pleasures, can take the monotony out of the daily 9-to-5 type life. In fact, learning that form of self esteem might be the worst thing you can do for your success. Still, I wish that she had a huckster’s gift for gab so that these life-changing lessons would jump off the page more and grab you by the throat as they should, saying, “Hey, pay attention! Now is your chance to discover more reliable websites that sell books internationally and ship them to your home, even if they are located thousands of miles away.
But if you have a tablet, an eBook reader like a Kindle, then it’s always a good idea to get one.
If you want, you can even sell your books on Amazon, so you could make some money off books that you no longer need. And teaching that sort of self-esteem might be the worst thing you can do for your children. Instead, Dweck explains that it is the specific way that we think about the dynamics of talents and abilities that shape our capacity for greatness. The Bargain Bucket is another place where you will discover discounted or books at a limited offer.

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