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ShareRecently, one of the teachers who is participating in our district’s 21st Century Learning grant project came to talk with me about assessing 21 century skills – one of the expectations for teachers in this project. So to effectively assess skills and habits of mind –we must design a performance task for the students.
One of the most difficult tasks of designing an effective formative assessment tool for 21st century skills is deciding what criteria should be included. Another great strategy for building a formative assessment of 21st century skills is to seek input from the students.  Brainstorm as a class what they think contributes to increased creativity, self-direction, collaboration, etc.
There are many excellent resources available via the Web to begin the process of creating a formative assessment tool for a particular skill. Additionally, below you will find my slides from a workshop I have created on assessing 21st century skills.
Excellent article-all involved in education should take note otherwise we will stay behind….our learners will become the lecturers!
To succeed in today's global economy, Kentucky students must gain necessary skills in communications, critical thinking, and technology. EDUCATION SERVES AS THE BASIS OF DEVELOPMENT IN THE WORLD, WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF EDUCATION IN THE 21 ST CENTURY TO THE SOCIETIES? WHAT WE KNEW ABOUT THE THEME WHEN WE STARTED: Education in the 21st century has benefited the people in a way that most people can use computers In communication and research. Other students also have ideas about education in the 21st century according to the responses we got from them.
THE DIFFERENCES There is difference in development in some countries in that some countries use computers for studies yet some can not Difference in peoples ideas and opinions There is individual differences.
THERE ARE DIFFERENCES BECAUSE OF: Difference in development of countries for example some countries use computers for learning yet some are not.

THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE DIFFERENCES FOR COUNTRIES ARE ; I It leads to variations in development of countries.
WHAT WE LEARNT IN OUR CLASSROOM: W We learnt how to cooperate and work together as a team We learnt how important it is to share ideas with other students in order to learn and get information for example education has helped to eliminate corruption in the Netherlands as given by our colleagues.
WHAT WE EXPECTED TO LEARN: W We expected to learn how education in the 21st century in different countries are being conducted.
WHAT WE LEARNT FROM THE RESPONSES OF THE STUDENTS: We learnt that they have ideas about education in the 21st century and the expected benefits of education in the 21st century. Information Systems Unit Portfolio Presentation Asim Ali Khan The City School Model Town Campus Lahore, Pakistan. In Millburn Academy we aim to… ? ‘develop skilful, resourceful, resilient, flexible and independent learners who are well prepared to contribute to.
Partners in Learning Partners in Learning UK: Next Steps Kristen Weatherby UK Programme Manager Partners in Learning.
Service Learning Today we will explore: the definition of service learning (the what), the definition of service learning (the what), why should we use.
Without giving students specific, targeted feedback on how they are performing these skills, students will have little opportunity to understand how to improve their level of creativity, become better researchers through increased information literacy skills, become better at collaborating with groups for project creation and problem solving, or develop good habits of mind to become self-directed learners. An assessment director in my school district once said, “If you want to assess if a student can play basketball, you don’t give him a multiple choice test!”  How valid would a multiple choice test be in telling us if the student could pull together all of his knowledge and skill, to actually collaborate with his teammates and perform during a live game with an audience? The criteria should be descriptive enough to provide guidance to students of things they can do to improve that particular skill.
But with 30+ students in a class the instructor can’t possibly follow this guideline.
Twenty-First Century Education Enterprise (TCEE) focuses on project-based learning techniques and promotes the use of technology in the classroom, professional development, and educational leadership to improve teacher effectiveness and to better engage today's students.

Jennifer Brown-Omichi Project Officer National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program. Groups Previously students were seated around the classroom and were not participating well in the lesson. Headmasters Annelie Aleson and Tobias Asell Public school About 500 pupils at the whole school, 201 pupils in year. If you’re thinking multiple choice tests won’t work in the basketball scenario –then you also need to think again about what assessment of 21st century skills should look like. Additionally, they might be best used in self-evaluation, followed up with conferencing for an opportunity to give more in-depth verbal feedback. REASONS AS TO WHY WE ASKED THIS QUESTION IS THAT: We wanted to get the ideas and opinions of other people on the benefits of education in the 21 st century to the societies. We learnt more about education in the 21st century and education in the past for example use of computers in the classrooms, proper time management, ensuring `appropriate activities to meet the interest of the learners.
Inquiry is the PROCESS of asking a question or a series of questions and seeking information. How do you train students to get better in a certain skill (like autonomy for instance) when you only see them 2-3 hours a week and inbetween sport and maths or sleepy at 8 am. This is work that the teachers in my grant project have been engaged in for at least 2 years.

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