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In the past, a foreign national could apply for a work permit and a long-term visa extension simultaneously after approval by the One Stop Service Center (OSSC). Official certified copy of the form (PND1 form) and tax receipt for monthly salary withholding for the latest month if the employee is on the local payroll in Thailand.
Official certified copy of the form (PND 93 form) and tax receipt for self-paid income tax on the declared salary, if the employee receives income outside of Thailand.
It is also required that the authorized persons of the company sign the designated form confirming the number of foreign national employees and their dependents in the company.
Foreign national can commence employment when the Work Permit is issued, however it may create delays in extending the visa if companies do not ensure all tax obligations are adhered to.
The common norm of at least 6 months validity applies for Thailand visa as well.Your passport should have sufficient pages for stamping the visa etc. For obtaining Visa-on-Arrival, you must be in possession of your confirmed return tickets.Open tickets are not eligible for obtaining the visa. Thailand has been a popular choice among many foreigners of retirement age as their second home or retirement country. Retirement locations can range from cool, mountainous terrain, pristine beaches or the cosmopolitan city lifestyle. In order to stay in Thailand for a long time, foreigners either apply for a retirement visa or the non-immigrant visa (O-A) which is the visa for retirees who will not work or engage in business in Thailand but would like to stay for an extended period.

To maintain this O-A visa, the retiree is required to report to an immigration officer before the end of a 90-day stay as a way to notify of the retiree’s current address and contact numbers. Failure to observe the requirements of Immigration Law pertinent to retirement or O-A non-immigrant visa may result to some penalties or cancellation of the visa being held. The notification to the Immigration Officer every 90 days must be made within 7 days before or after the 90 day stay period expires. If retiree moves to another address during the 90 day period, the retiree should notify the Immigration Bureau of the change in address within 24 hours after the move is made. If notifying by post or mail, the relevant documents must be sent by registered mail 7 days before the renewal date. Leaving Thailand without a re-entry permit to be presented upon re-entering Thailand will result to visa cancellation and must leave Thailand within 30 days. Overstaying for more than 20 days may result to possible jail time, deportation and being blacklisted in Thailand. Retirement visa application and renewal could be an easier task if you are properly guided by an immigration lawyer who has been in practice for years.
Certified documentary proof must then be provided in order to get the long-term visa extension. A visa to enter into Thailand is considered by Thai authorities as a privilege extended to that particular applicant, not a right nor a commodity.

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Thailand has all the amenities for a retirement haven to many foreigners who flock to the country to visit and after their wonderful vacation in the Kingdom will decide to make Thailand a permanent second home. Communication facilities, transportation system, medical and health facilities are of international standards so foreigners don’t have to worry about staying in Thailand for a long time. Validity of this visa is one year but it can be renewed each year for an indefinite period of time. This notification may also be done by mail, by submitting some documents and forms to the Office of the Immigration Bureau.
In addition to providing documentary proof for that foreign national’s long-term visa extension application, OSSC also requires evidence of monthly salary withholding tax for all other foreign nationals who hold work permits issued under that company, regardless of the work permit type.
The visa may be refused or cancelled by officers in charge. When applying for visas from the Thai Embassy, it is advisable to be courteous and cooperative, failure to do so may result in delay or refusal to process your application.
The country’s warm climate and a variety of fantastic landscape and beautiful retirement locations spread across the country are some of the reasons foreign retirees decide to retire in Thailand.

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