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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Most wonderful and amazing piece of information, I had come to know about your blog from my friend ravikanth , jaipur, I have read at least 7 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your website gives the best and the most interesting information. When you entering a company, usually you will meet a person behind a front office desk which will ask you about your company visiting purposes as well as your person that you aim to meet.
I am writing to show my interest in the receptionist position in your company advertised in Detroit Press on Sunday 23th December 2012.
In my current position, I am responsible in providing support and secretarial services to executive staff as well as performing on the front line to greet guests. There is a receptionist cover letter template with Microsoft Word format that you can download and personalize based on your words. This is a bank teller cover letter template that you can use for your reference to create your own cover letter.
The joke doesn't provide a definition of what counts as "American", in terms of whether immigrants to the United States count as American, or the children of immigrants, or only people whose parents were themselves born in the United States. In 2013, a Gallop poll found that 34% of Americans could hold a conversation in at least one second language.
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That said, here are some points of reflection for those who want to explore the question from different angles.
In short, this is because of the way questions are phrased (specifically related to German vs.
With these facts and the phrasing of the question "more likely", the answer nudges to "Yes, Americans are more monolingual", but Michael Erard writing for the NYT in 2012 believes that it's still a toss up.

EDIT: Check out this Wolfram Alpha-generated overview of the spread of languages spoken in the USA at home. Well referenced statements that something is hard to measure are useful, so I've upvoted this. And for that matter an American could be multi-lingual and nevertheless speak only English at home (by choice or because that's the only language they have in common with whoever they live with).
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This is just the kind of information that I had been looking for, I'm already your RSS reader now and I would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you!
With excellent people skills and extensive working experiences in the same field, I feel that I am the ideal candidate for that position. I am also very skilled in doing all basic tasks as a receptionist including answering phone, scheduling meetings and maintaining office records. In 2012, a European Commission survey found that 54% of Europeans could hold a conversation in at least one second language. That might skew the statistic slightly in Europe's favor, since school-age children would be more likely to be taking a second-language class.

I posted that comment because I wanted to verify whether and how much the two surveys were alike, and it took me a slight amount searching (whose result I wanted to share) to find the Annex in which the European survey was described. Sounds like those researchers basically found no data on multi-lingual Americans, if that's the closest they came up with. So, at least when compared to Europeans, yes, Americans are somewhat more likely to be monolingual. Still, assuming the age distribution of those polled is representative of the populations studied, 15-17 year olds would only represent a few percent of the population, so the overall statistics wouldn't be affected by more than a few percent by that discrepancy, at most. Based on statistics from the European Commission and the US Census, there is clearly a big gap, although there is also a distinction between speaking a language at home and having the skills to speak another language. It is a kind of job which usually requires a good looking woman with a good communication skills.
The measured difference is sufficiently large that the ultimate conclusion of Americans being more monolingual would still hold. If you plan to apply for this position, make sure that you submit a nice-looking photo with a persuasive cover letter which will make your new employer read your enclosed documents. Below is a sample of cover letter for receptionist position that you can use as your reference to create your own.

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