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If you browse around on most survival websites, you will notice most of the posts are about gear reviews, lists, debates, etc. People are quick to recommend the latest and greatest piece of gear, or replicate something innovative they saw online instead of going with the tried and true, field tested alternatives. If you prep for being in the wilderness you might like this article which offers a lot of tips to make sure you don’t make the mistakes listed in it. There are also tips on how to dress meat you may kill in the wild and which need skinned and which you should pluck. Next time you are headed out to the wilderness why not take along Backcountry Wilderness First Aid Kit with this list of items to have in case of a medical emergency. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and we make no medical claims, nor intend to diagnose, treat, or heal medical conditions. If you are serious about backcountry hiking, you are encouraged to carry a defensive firearm. If you only have a branch or empty hands, strike down onto the bridge of the animal’s snout.
The lodge at Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School in Craig County, owned by Reggie and Dina Bennett, has classrooms and a kitchen and can accommodate 46 people.
Since I dropped out of high school in 1998 and dedicated my life to returning to a more indigenous lifestyle, to rewilding, I spend my time divided between working odd jobs, reading, writing, learning, teaching, community organizing and wild-crafting. One of the most inspiring people teaching these crafts is Lynx Vilden and her school the Living Wild School. This is a fantastic program for gaining proficiency in primitive skills. Even before the classes started, I was already gaining proficiency in skills. Living in close quarters with others who are enthusiastic about and experienced with primitive technology felt priceless.
Living outdoors for the summer changed me. There were many things that I learned that were not directly related to crafting primitive skills, but from making a transition from living on the grid, to living off the grid. What Lynx has done with her programs is create inspirational imagery of white people–who have no real life record of indigenous imagery–looking indigenous, without stealing from native cultures. My few criticisms come with an expiration date. As the rewilding movement continues to grow, it is absorbing the primitive skills community.
More than a teacher, a leader, or a guide, Lynx is a catalyst. Lynx is pushing the edge of primitive skills further towards rewilding, by making it about actually using the technology to live. 1.You commented that the images on Lynx’s website are “giving us back a modern, visual, indigenous identity”.
2.Some of Lynx’s programs ask that students bring 10 lbs of wild food native to their own area.
10.How closely do you think this “modern indigenous identity” might resemble a real post-civilization society on this continent? I’ve been looking forward to this summary post of your thoughts regarding your Lynx Vilden adventure ever since you started it. Is there a program that combines the best parts of Lynx’s program, with education in sustainable social organization, tending the wild skills, and the whole Rewilding philosophy. Also did the immersion and project with peter, although i left early from the project because of lyme disese (dang that is serious buisness!). Much of those practices, like active hunting, trekking, and river crossings will kill you rather quickly in the wild. This also goes for gimmicky things like tacticool items, Altoids kits, and paracord bracelets.
Some tips are common sense but then some folks don’t always use common sense and may not ever have thought of some of these tips. You might also check out this Backpack Camping Preparation Checklist, after all the more prepared you are the better your chances of surviving are if you are ever in the wilderness and you must depend on your self for your survival. Women who are pregnant or nursing, or persons with known medical conditions should consult their physician before taking any herbal products. FirepowerPhoto by GlockIf you are serious about backcountry hiking, you are encouraged to carry a defensive firearm. Air Force spent $1 million training Reggie Bennett to be a survival specialist so that he could teach the craft to members of the military. Air Force spent $1 million training Reggie Bennett to be a survival specialist so that he could teach the craft to members of the military Now he teaches courses at Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School in Craig County, which he owns with his wife, Dina Bennett. Air Force spent $1 million, 26 years ago, training Reggie Bennett to be a survival specialist so that he could teach the craft to members of the military. Early on I realized that primitive technology is a bi-product of a sustainable culture, but a sustainable culture is not the by-product of primitive technology; primitive skills are the superficial layer of indigenous people.
The list of required items to bring this year made it clear that this was not a class for beginners. Beyond what Lynx’s program does for creating proficiency in her students, the imagery she creates does an amazing job of giving us back a modern, visual, indigenous identity.
Through the people she teaches, inspires and brings together, through re-creating indigenous identity, she plays a major role in the rewilding renaissance and I am glad to have met her and got to know her over the summer.
Thanks for sticking the effort into expressing yourself so clearly–I especially appreciate your depth of perspective on what it takes beyond the typically taught skills to actually live primitively. Do you think there is an unacknowledged hunger in our Caucasian culture for this, and that the collective need or desire has led to the popularity of such things as Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films?
If so, do you think this was due to quickly acclimatizing to outdoor life, or due to being a small group isolated from the rest of society? I am curious if the natural diet and clothing made people less of a target for biting insects. If you know anyone with lyme or have it yourself, consider to amputate your whole body, or antoher option is to just take care of yourself, be aware and reserach. We are in danger of being attacked by wild animals, which are sort of like drunk drivers only with less Old Style and more teeth and venom.
Theres nothing wrong with those items, but none of them work any better than a good old Mora, a backpack based kit, or a full hank of cordage at a fraction of the cost.

There are suggestions on avoiding flash floods while in the wilderness and to know how a fire would behave. Last Minute ToolsPhoto by AMC NetworkYou can attack the eyes of a predator with sticks, dirt, rocks or anything possible. Now he teaches survival techniques at Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School in Craig County, which he owns with his wife, Dina Bennett. It attracts students from all over the world, and one of them was bestselling thriller writer Michael Koryta. He now teaches survival techniques at Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School in Craig County, which he owns with his wife, Dina Bennett.
I prefer the cultural, social, mental and permacultural aspects of rewilding because they are more foundational to creating culture. Things like how to make arrows for target practice, how to lift a clay pot from the coals, how to fix rawhide sandals with a bone awl under the moonlight, and how to adjust a tumpline on a pack basket.
Meals were cooked over fires, food was kept cool in holes that we dug in the ground, we hauled water from the spring and from the faucet across a large meadow. There wasn’t much that separated us from other mountain back-packers other than our clothes and tools.
Lynx is an artist and her students become her models. The images strike a cord deep in people, of ancestral remembrance.
As this happens, the principles of indigenous land management and social organization models are becoming more foundational to understanding and practicing primitive skills.
I look forward to seeing her continue to give people the experience that I had this summer, and to watch how the larger community benefits and grows together. I encourage you to keep exploring and writing, as example and stories are the greatest teachers.
Her programs may be the closest thing to “Living Wild” that anyone in our modern Caucasian culture is doing.
So I applaud you for taking (and surviving!) Lynx’s program, and also look forward to seeing how you will integrate your experiences and new knowledge into the ReWild program. Do you think that Lynx’s work might end up being a catalyst for a more realistic portrayal of primitive and pre-industrial people in film, TV and literature? How did you (or did you?) stay dry in rainy conditions, especially at night during long hikes away from the main camping area?
Or were natural repellents (applying herbs to the skin, or drinking the right kinds of herbal teas) sufficient? Was there a moment where you or any of your fellow participants became seriously worried about being able to survive without such access? To allay your fears and help to prevent a dangerous situation from turning even dangerouser we have assembled a guide on surviving a wild animal attack. If the survivor is separated from their gear, they should be able to survive without it for some time, or at least fashion a temporary replacement. It’s a lot of slow, repetitive work like gathering and procession firewood and sanitizing water, or slowly walking to safety. The article is from Survivopedia and if you learn a thing or two then you will be that much better prepared to survive in the wilderness if you ever have to.
One seen on the belts of serious backpackers as well as military members is the SOG SEAL Pup Elite. Be conscious of wind direction, as the spray will be just as effective on you as it will be on attacking animals. This is not to say that there are not important aspects of learning primitive technology that can aid in the creation of a sustainable culture. One morning after a cold night I spent the day stitching up my wool blanket to create a draft-free sleeping bag. Meeting new people, putting myself in someone else’s program, these are things I rarely do. Our stone age human ancestors lived sustainably on the planet for hundreds of thousands of years, tending the wild through regenerative methods of food production. As Lynx’s program grows and changes, these principles with undoubtably become rooted in the experience.
As a practical, living, breathing mythology (a theater of real life) it functions wonderfully on two levels – both pointing toward actual rewilding culture (which is rooted, as you point out, in a sustainable social organization first and foremost) in an inspiring and iconic, and symbolic way, and it also equips folks like yourself in the here and now, with the hard skills that an emerging sustainable social organization would find very very handy. The Glock G20 Gen4 in 10mm is a solid choice because it is lightweight, easy to use and provides exceptional power. Though it's set in Montana (and to a lesser extent in Indiana) Bennett is the person Koryta modeled his character after. I spent about two months of preparation working on all the things that I needed to bring with me. Another day I stitched ties onto my fur hat to keep it from falling off during the night. Everyday we would spend a little time tweaking our tools to better match our needs and the demands of the environment. At first I wanted to leave, feeling very stressed from not having a system and routine that kept my body comfortable and my IBS symptoms in check. Their myths, culture and traditions passed on this knowledge and kept the land and people healthy and happy. Their perception of themselves changed depending on what they were wearing, and how those clothes are perceived. The goal, after all, is living wild and living wild can only be accomplished through adapting traditions of tending the wild. Actually this is the introduction to that guide; the actual guide is below this introductory text and spanning multiple pages thereafter. This Glock also allows for a much higher magazine capacity (15 rounds) than most other revolvers. In order to fully understand this, I decided to dedicate the summer of 2012 to focusing purely on the crafting of primitive technology.
Each week of the program had a different theme: buckskin clothes, containers, felted blankets, fishing kits, etc.

Crafting primitive skills is fun and great, but gaining experience in real life application completes the knowledge base. I made a lot of friends, and even when there was drama it almost felt like it was created just to change up the monotony of our lives. Every day we would get up and begin working on crafts together or on our own when we needed space.
Having people to share knowledge with, to experiment and learn with, helped to maximize my goal of proficiency. Animals are just like people in that they don't want to attack someone who either doesn't have anything they want or can obviously kick their ass. After weeks of working on projects and crafting with our hands we became much more proficient in crafting skills. This is the amazing power of collective knowledge and experience; you can learn a lot more from a group than from a single person.
We did not learn regenerative land management. Sure, we were hunting and gathering, but not like hunter-gatherers.
This is not as easy as simply drinking weight gainer shakes, weightlifting incessantly, and walking around on stilts while covered in tiger urine. This change was gradual, as my comforts expanded and routines strengthened and became easier.
This was my one caveat with the program: looking wild is not the same thing as living wild. To help prepare you we've broken the animals down into categories, just follow the preventative measures for each category that applies to you. Biting Cats Examples: Cheetahs, pumas, tigers, lynx, panthers, particularly large otters, wolves.
It just feels good and I’m going to figure out how I can continue to live in a similar way here at my home. Prey Prevention: Biting cats are known to be extremely insecure and almost all of their reported attacks on humans are simply examples of cat machismo gone too far. There's no point trying to out macho the biting cats, just let them know that you're not a threat to their masculinity and they'll leave well enough alone.
This can be achieved by frequently urinating in your pants, wearing shirts with pictograms of large predatory cats killing you (they can't read), and a giant foam hand with the number one printed on it that you wave enthusiastically and shout "wooooooooo" whenever you see a biting cat. Occasionally their attacks are also hunger motivated so try not to carry snack foods appealing to biting cats like blocks of cheese, bowls of milk, catnip filled plush animals, hunks of bleeding human meat, or toy fish attached to sticks by a length of string. Stomping Things Examples: Elephants, hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, Israeli bulldozers, buffalo herds, rolling boulders.
Prey Prevention: Stomping things are characterized by a tendency to run fairly quickly and crush things under their massive bodies.
Luckily they also have a number of deep-rooted phobias that can be used to make you an unacceptable choice of prey.
It's widely known that elephants are afraid of mice, so construct a suit of live mice by covering a pair of overalls in hot glue and then rolling in a pit full of mice. Hippos are supposedly fearless, but research we conducted seems to indicate that they are in fact afraid of massive explosions. Luckily the Far East provides us with a solution in the form of the martyr vest, a convenient contraption designed with pouches for plastic explosives. Where there's smoke there's fire, and nothing persuades a charging rhino to change direction like a raging inferno. Since fire can be hazardous to your health we advise a mobile pyrotechnics display as opposed to the more convenient but more painful self-immolation. Nothing stops an Israeli bulldozer like giant bags of money, buffalo herds can be put to rest with hypnotism, and rolling boulders are just unstoppable. Venomous Villains Examples: Scorpions, cobras, eagles, death adders, asps, black widow spiders, chemical factories. Prey Prevention: Having lethal venom in glands in your body is sort of like being perpetually drunk, and drunks tend to swagger, brag, and be violent.
The anathema of their rabble-rousing lifestyle is boredom so to ward off their attacks just make attacking you a proposition sure to be extremely tedious.
Venomous creatures will find maybe two of these mindbenders and get sick of trying to catch you.
When you set up camp for the night climb to the top of a tree and leave a grease coated ladder behind as the only means to ascend to the top.
Do anything to frustrate or otherwise draw out the pursuit of venomous creatures, they just can't stand that shit.
Aquatic Adversaries Examples: Deep sea squids, octopi, Canadians, hammerhead sharks, eagles, giant deep sea squids, colossal deep sea squids, unbelievably huge deep sea squids. Prey Prevention: Nothing ruins a peaceful camping trip in the forest quite like a colossal deep sea squid emerging from a nearby oceanic trench and crushing your entire campsite into its clacking wheelbarrow-sized beak. The only way you can discourage aquatic predators is to make them think that you're one of them. Then cover this layer of paint with organic or electronic photophores that simulate the complex color changing ability of squid.
Link all of this to a complex computer-controlled system so that if you are approached by a squid you can convince it not to attempt to mate with you.Even though you're prepared you can't completely guarantee that you won't be attacked. Just like in human society the animal kingdom can be a stressful place and some predators just can't handle the pressure.
But it's also the perfect form for so much more, like surviving the trauma of reading any news headline in 2016.

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