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Join us as we delve into the delights of Indie Games in our Monday Night Indie showcase, Featuring talks with the developers, giveaways & more. Grab you popcorn and take the weight off your feet, we got you covered with our Monday Night Indie, showcase. Featuring up and coming indie games and pre-release demos, Monday Night Indie showcases the latest fine indie games to hit the scene. During the streams, you can expect giveaways for some of the streamed games to our viewers, as the game developers join in on the action to give an insight to how the games are made. We look forward to showcasing some of the great titles promoted across our sites and invite developers to get in touch, to be considered for the stream. Be willing to supply game key, or demo file to the indieDB or Desura staff, optional give away keys for the viewers welcomed.
A huge open-world game where you have the freedom to play how you want - but your choices have consequences.
The PC version of Survivalist will be available on Desura from Saturday the 6th of September at 11.00 am Pacific Time. It can be played with mouse and keyboard (as shown in these screenshots) or an XINPUT gamepad. The XBox version has been updated to v20 and will be updated to v21 (the latest patch on Desura) as soon as I'm allowed to (probably next week). I've added "Awardments" - the non-copyright-infringing version of "Achievements" - to the game, along with a special Cheat Mode that becomes available if you complete the story.
Having added a cheat mode, I wanted to give people a reason not to cheat so I've introduced Awardments - aka the non-copyright infringing version of Achievements. And of course, if the game gets on Steam the Awardments will be implemented as Steam Achievements.

I'll aim to bring this patch (but not the price change) to the XBox 360 version in the next few weeks.
Survivalist hat nun den sogenannten XBox Live Indie Games Peer Review process uberstanden und kann nun auf dem Xbox Live Marketplace fur 4,79€ erworben werden.
Beim Uberleben helfen in dem 2D-Spiel mit Comicstil auch NPC-Verbundete, die beim Aufbau neuer Gebaude oder Anbau von Lebensmitteln Unterstutzung bieten. Robert Fischer hat fruher ein Spieleportal, das sich auf Kostenlose Netzwerkspiele konzentriert hat, geleitet. Unseren wochentlichen Newsletter abonnieren und aktuelles uber dein Lieblingshobby erfahren!
Wir verlosen au?erdem regelma?ig zu viele Keys oder Retail-Spiele unter unseren Newsletter-Abonnenten.
The general feeling from players was that it was too hard to find insulin in sufficient quantities to keep Alice alive, so I've increased the amount per dose and given some more clues as to its whereabouts. The patch also fixes a memory leak that would cause the game to crash if played for long periods of time. Fix for the game not progressing if you killed Alice's zombie sister in the water tower before talking to Alice. Moved a late-game quest called Alliance to a bit earlier - this improved some things I vaguely disliked about the way things played out later on, plus it makes some insulin available a bit earlier.
Based on what people told me about their struggles with finding enough insulin since I submitted the patch I did start to wonder if I was still being too harsh, and maybe I should have made it last twice as long as before.
I'm already planning a second patch, to fix a couple of rarer crash bugs people reported after I submitted the first patch, and to fix a quest called "The Architect" which could not be completed.
I have to wait a week before I'm allowed to submit a new patch, and if it's anything like the first it'll take a week in review, so it'll be two weeks before it's out.

Survivalist is an open-world zombie survival RPG where you can build a base, recruit people to join your community, go on quests and interact with other communities. Or will you break once the cuteness starts to fade off and your running for your life from the unspeakable hideous beings that shake and writhe in bowels of this house? You've survived the zombie apocalypse by living in a bunker for a year and now it's time to venture out. March 2015Reign of Kings: Mittelalterliches Survivalgame mit Aussicht auf Thronbesteigung12. Nach uber einem Jahr Verharren in einem Bunker, wird es dir zu bunt und du fliehst in die zombieverseuchte Welt.
Wer das Indie-Game vorher noch ausprobieren mochte, der kann sich auch erst eine Demoversion laden. Scavenge for supplies, find other survivors, trade or fight with them, form relationships and build a community. Dort konnen zahlreiche Aktivitaten durchgefuhrt werden: Andere Uberlebende treffen, Nahrung und Ausrustung beschaffen oder kleinere Quests erledigen. They long to finally meet you and show you how flexible your skin can be after it has soaked in blood. Will you brave this journey, will you set to beat the impossible, the insane, and the incorporeal?

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