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18 million men in the USA are affected by erectile dysfunction and most have heart disease risk factors. Ariana Grande Dumped Ricky Alvarez To Clean Up Bad Reputation Following Doughnutgate Scandal?
The following article is entirely the opinion of Kim McLendon and does not reflect the views of the Inquisitr. Knowing how to survive a mass shooting before it happens can save lives according to police officers and other experts. Survival strategies and even devices are being developed by police, armed forces, and survival experts around the country. Chris Kopp, an expert on how to survive a mass shooting expert who teaches active shooter survival classes, has studied various shooting scenarios in the development of his device.
Planning how to survive a mass shooting, and even training for an altercation with a gunman, before getting into that situation is the greatest of all survival strategies, according to Chris Kopp.
All survival strategies have downsides or flaws, but the key to learning how to survive a mass shooting is training and planning, as well as developing the skill of thinking on one’s feet. Considering how to best survive in a mass shooting situation while in the midst of an active shooter event can, unfortunately, increase the odds of freezing up. These survival strategies may seem similar, but the subtle differences make these how to survive a mass shooting strategies quite different. Knowing how to survive a mass shooting before coming face to face with a shooter is the key to survival. Knowing how to survive a mass shooting and mastering survival strategies are more complex than simply reading this article, so those interested should look for a trainer.

Now Watch This: Val Chmerkovskiy Sued For $6 Million After Posting Insulting Meme Now Read This: Ariana Grande Dumped Ricky Alvarez To Clean Up Bad Reputation Following Doughnutgate Scandal? The puzzle of what causes the lifelong mental condition called autism has eluded researchers for decades.
With the incidence of mass murder and active shooter situations increasing, perhaps it is time to form strategies firmly in the minds of the public to help them survive shootings. North Carolina police sergeant Chris Kopp with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has developed a device to help save lives in classrooms in the event of a shooting. Sergeant Kopp’s invention involves a steel spool of braided Kevlar cord mounted on the wall next to each door. He believes that barricading a door and staying closed off is the single best way to survive a mass shooting incident. The first step in this set of survival strategies is to move, even if it is unclear which direction to take. The objective is to use the move time to actively consider the best route of escape, according to Mr. According to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, it is quite a significant problem in the USA.
While the device is designed for the classroom, it could be used virtually anywhere, or at least anywhere there is a door with a knob, as he explained to WNCN. He advises that if a shooter is in the room already, there is a whole other mindset involved. Unfortunately, unless potential mass shooting victims are prepared, this is the most common reaction to an unfamiliar situation.

Wood suggests angular movements, rather than running in a straight path anyway, so keep moving and think in terms of cover and concealment while forming a plan of escaping or attacking, according to Wood. Whether to escape or attack depends on circumstances that can only be assessed in the moment. They report data from over 2,000 men in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which shows that 18 per cent had erectile dysfunction. Sergeant Kopp told WNCN about how to handle a situation in which there is no way to barricade in.
It is better not to waste time ruling out either run or hide if neither one is possible in a given circumstance. Likewise, movement gives the individual time to use that same line of sight to look for potential weapons and an advantageous point of attack.
The problem is more common with age; only five per cent of those aged 20 to 40 have erectile dysfunction, but those aged 70 or older were far more likely to report a problem.
The researchers believe doctors could use this data to motivate men to make lifestyle changes, like increasing their physical activity level, as this will reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

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