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All aviators need to be trained in water survival skills if their operations take them over any body of water. ETC offers a complete line of water survival equipment for Underwater Escape, Parachute Drag, Parachute Drop and Disentanglement, and Helicopter Rescue Hoist training. The PDDT supports aircrew practicing disentanglement from the shroud lines and canopy of their parachute in the event that the parachute lands on top of them in the water. The PDT is used for aircrews to practice righting, self-stabilization and parachute release skills when dragged by a wind-blown parachute upon water entry. 220 thousand contract officers and more than 180 thousand contract soldiers and sergeants are planned to serve in the Russian army in 2012. To be a contract soldier one has to go through such survival training course in field conditions and confirm professional aptitude. The program of the course includes firing and engineering training, chemical and radiation protection, medical assistance etc. I think it was France or maybe Germany (I could be wrong for both) but in order to become a contract soldier you had to have been a conscript.
You do one year of mandatory service (as a conscript), after that you are free to leave or to voluntarily stay (professionals).

So yes, almost everyone (even the generals) in the Russian army, started out as a greenhorn conscript. It is of great importance that all aircrew know how to survive a water landing and maintain survival until the arrival of rescue forces. The HRHT main platform is 10 feet high and supports the hoist mechanism and the rotor downwash sprayers.
A variety of helicopters from within the customer’s fleet can be simulated with exits and windows correctly sized for the aircraft being simulated. After successful disentanglement, the trainee swims away from the parachute and enters a one-man life raft, which is secured by a rope to the pool edge. The servicemen have to reach the qualifying standard in each discipline and get good marks. Most professional soldiers don’t sign contracts but that trend is fast changing because of much greater benefits. The instructor uses a remote control to operate the winch controlling the activation, speed and direction of the hoist winch. The HUET provides aircrew the opportunity to train using different cabin exit points under different conditions.

His focus is on using your knowledge and the assistance of modern tools to get yourself out of potentially life-threatening situations. The book is laid out very visually, containing many great illustrations and is somewhat less text than many other survival guides. Pewtherer makes these skills accessible and straightforward excellent descriptions interspersed with both photos and illustrations. He writes from personal experience and includes sections that mention common mistakes to avoid with a variety of skills.
Pewtherer is based in the northeast USA.The challenge of using books is that they are only static words and images to learn from. A series of drawings or photos of how to set up a deadfall trap, start a friction fire, or build a shelter is enough for some. No matter how useful you find a book, it is very difficult to read and attempt to learn a new skill at the same time!

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