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Hats off again to Magnetic South who, in an effort to make the Otter Trail Run as safe as possible, sent a team of Sanparks Rangers, Lifesavers and MS Crew on this condensed Survival Training Course. Most people who take urban survival seriously would be equally serious about looking for a systematic way to learn survival skills and this would entail looking for a good urban survival training course. If you believe that it is important to be prepared for disasters and you believe there is a likelihood that some catastrophe will take place then you are not the only person who thinks this way.  However, there is a big difference between this level of thinking and the disposition of so-called doomsday prophets who drum up fear and paranoia.
Some survival training courses will be run by organizations that have strong militaristic tendencies. Find out exactly how mentally tough you are with a complimentary Mental Strength Assessment.
Usually survival training camps and institutions will offer you a choice of courses that may last for half a day or two days or more.
Most survival training courses have common subjects that are considered standard fields in urban survival.
Building survival shelters is a skill that is extremely needed in the wilderness but it may have its uses in urban areas as well. Undergoing training for urban survival is not at all an uncommon idea and more and more people are beginning to feel that the activity makes sense. To help with your urban survival training you must work on your mind as well.  Pick up a copy of Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior today and get going!
Everyday SurvivalMost survival guides fail to consider some very useful tools: an individual’s character, wits, and worldview.
Long ago I believed that survival meant having a pack full of equipment that would allow me to make fire and build shelter and trap varmints to eat in the wilderness.
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I had been looking for a motivational tool for a member of staff that had been bullied so badly she …This is valuable advice!

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It is quite easy to find organizations that offer live-in seminars, workshops and lectures on urban survival training but it takes a bit more effort to find the one that would be right for you.
This is one of the things you need to bear in mind so that if you do attend a survival training course you will be able to get the most from it.
Typically they will talk about trying to get fatigues, learning to use guns and taking self-defense classes. The methodology used in these trainings will combine seminars and lectures with field work. This is particularly important for people who plan to evacuate to the country or to wilderness retreats but it is also useful for people who are urban bound. Participants learn to build fires with different materials such as matches, lighters, spark rods, electricity, optics and various tinder materials. This includes finding and purifying water; collecting and storing foods that are free from contamination.
This provides instruction on basic steps to take in order to make your home safe from looters, radiation, earthquakes and floods.
If you feel the same way then go ahead and look for a course to attend – just make sure that the course you pick is the right one for you. The tips assembled here will change the way you approach each and every day—and help you survive a particularly bad one.
But then I kept coming across cases in which someone had survived without any equipment or had perished while in possession of all the right tools. As a Cancer Survivor and current fighter of a second Cancer These tools are…This is a great article. The right approach is very important so you can begin to learn things that are useful to you.

Some will lean towards wilderness survival training and will not have as much to offer in terms of meeting the needs of urban dwellers. This course provides comprehensive instruction on planning and acquiring a survival kit as well as how to make sure your kit is always accessible. When you try to find a course to attend, it is important that you know what you want and recognize the nuances of the different courses that are offered.
The trainings are usually conducted in camps outside of the city with survivalists as teachers. After more than three decades of analyzing who lives, who dies, and why, I realized that character, emotion, personality, styles of thinking, and ways of viewing the world had more to do with how well people cope with adversity than any type of equipment or training. Although I still believe that equipment and training are good to have, most survival writing leaves out the essential human element in the equation.
That’s why I’ve concentrated my efforts on learning about the hearts and minds of survivors.
But new research shows that if we adjust our everyday routines even slightly, we do indeed change. To make these lessons useful, you have to engage in learning long before you need it—it’s too late when you’re in the middle of a crisis. Presented here are 14 concepts that have proved helpful to survivors in extreme situations, as well as to people trying to meet the challenges of daily life.

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