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A section of bamboo works very well, if you cut out a section between two sealed joints (Figure 12-11). A sealed section of bamboo will explode if heated because of trapped air and water in the section. Carve forks, knives, and spoons from nonresinous woods so that you do not get a wood resin aftertaste or do not taint the food. Note: Do not use those trees that secrete a syrup or resinlike liquid on the bark or when cut.
The Clever Survivalist Blog is a survival guide devoted to teaching strategies on self-reliance, to seed survival and critical thinking skills in everyone. Knife: A well made knife is best, but if you must make your own, you will typically need to use stone, bone, wood, or metal. These are just some of the field expedient weaponry that you can make.  I really respect people that learn these techniques and skills, but would say that they should never ACTUALLY have to use them, if they always have their bug out bag and bug out gear with them. I have spent many years learning wilderness survival, military survival, and urban survival.
To make a stone knife, you will need a sharp-edged piece of stone, a chipping tool, and a flaking tool. Start making the knife by roughing out the desired shape on your sharp piece of stone, using the chipping tool.

Note: Stone will make an excellent puncturing tool and a good chopping tool but will not hold a fine edge. To make spears, use the same procedures to make the blade that you used to make a knife blade.
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To make wooden bowls, use a hollowed out piece of wood that will hold your food and enough water to cook it in. However, these containers will burn above the waterline unless you keep them moist or keep the fire low. As described with bowls, using hot rocks in a hollowed out piece of wood is very effective. Most Survival guides, or survival school trainers skip this skill, but it could be a mistake. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Bone, glass, and rough metals, stones, antlers, horns, and other materials can be modified for use as weapons. You can make a chipping tool from wood, bone, or metal, and a flaking tool from bone, antler tines, or soft iron.

This action will cause flakes to come off the opposite side of the edge, leaving a razor sharp edge. To make a knife using wood, first select a straight-grained piece of hardwood that is about 30 centimeters long and 2.5 centimeters in diameter.
Depending on the size and original shape, you can obtain a point and cutting edge by rubbing the metal on a rough-surfaced stone. If using bamboo and after fashioning the blade, remove any other wood to make the blade thinner from the inside portion of the bamboo. The preferred method is to split the handle, insert the blade, and then wrap or lash it tightly.
Use a suitable flat, hard surface as an anvil and a smaller, harder object of stone or metal as a hammer to hammer out the edge. Select a suitable piece of hardwood for a handle and lash the bone splinter securely to it.
Starting 8 to 10 centimeters back from the end used as the point, shave down the end at a 45-degree angle (Figure 12-4).

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