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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about efficiency and which tools are most necessary to have around all the time, so this survival tool kit from Flickr pool member Alexander Becker caught my eye. The Boy Scouts have an emergency survival merit badge – and assembling kits like this one rae part of the requirements. My apologies to the Boy Scouts – its Wilderness Survival Merit Badge and Emergengy Preparadness. I think I would swap the can opener for a button compass, you are probably not going to run into cans without running into something you could use to get into them. While I agree with Putnameco’s compass comment, I disagree that you will find can openers with cans.
You can open cans with a knife, or similar, but why destroy an important tool that might come in handier later?
Travis Donley { I just purchased a used Delta Shopmaster, and I'm seriously happy with the quality and function. Sifflet avec un anneau de diametre plus grand, un accessoire necessaire pour se signaler a l'aide exterieure. TP-101 is a detailed listing of the SURVIVAL KIT, tools to take along on a road trip, followed by a list of other tools I leave in my garage. Okay, this took a little digging to find it in my archives, but I went to considerable effort to do a precise answer to this recently.

Take along a baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes when the top is down, and a vessel of your favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage. My typical autocross or rally trip would be 300 to 400 miles in a day, and a real out of town visit doesn't even rate mentioning if it's less than a 1000 mile road trip. Now I think this question will be really easy to answer, because everything I normally pack for a tool kit fits nicely into a tackle box style tool box. Since it all fits nicely in the small travel box, I usually leave it in the boot at all times. Gadgetorium is a free online website ran by a bunch of geeks who partake in too much online window shopping. Our philosophy is simple, We want to display only the coolest stuff you can find on the web. Montezuma’s portable toolboxes are compartmentalized in such a way that every tool and accessory is visible and within immediate reach. Montezuma’s portable toolboxes are made of 16 gauge steel, and are said to be “rain resistant.” Depending on the size, these toolboxes feature wrench pegs, socket pegs, driver and ratchet holes, as well as compartments to hold pliers, larger hand tools, and accessories. The only downside to these toolboxes is that they are fairly expensive starting at about $350 or the smallest version.
I would like you to e-mail me a set of instructions to help me organize my tools in your large tool box-the montezuma.

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Some some assemble them in a samll tin can with part of the lid attacched that can act as a handle. Convient pour la chasse, la peche, le camping, les secouristes, et pour toute autre activite de plein air et en famille, etc. To answer both questions I like to list the travel tools separately because they are a subset of the garage tools, and because they represent the basic minimum set of tools to have on hand in your garage. These extremely well designed toolboxes are well suited for both portable and static tool storage and organization. In addition to great functionality, these toolboxes also have a superb look and feel to them! Montezuma tool chests come with a solid reputation, a lifetime warranty on the steel models, and a 5 years warranty on the aluminum ones. Not unexpectedly, the warranty doesn’t cover components that are subject to natural wear and tear.

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