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School is going great (the first 6 weeks are already over!) but I am happy we get the next week off to relax a little and spend time with my momma!
I'm not complaining ;) We took the girls for their first beach walk last night and they both loved it until they fell into the very soft watery sand and sank down!! And while I love the beach, I can't leave without sharing this picture of the lake that's right across from my house. Well here I am almost 2 months from living in my apartment and I'm just now showing it to you all!
I have my in class final on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I am tested skills and a head to toe assessment. After Fridays ended we went over to a Mexican restaurant because some people wanted drinks. I've had this ice cream craving for a few  days now and I finally gave in when I saw that Ben and Jerry's was on sale (#poorgradstudentproblems). I've been praying for God to lead me to the right church up here and this could be the one.
Sunday I continued on my church shopping venture and tried out a new place (still looking for the right fit).
I'm now a little paranoid that I didn't put enough soil in and the roots won't have anywhere to go!!
In between the school work (1 case study, math exam, flash card making, and worksheet doing, to be exact) I watched a couple Orange Is The New Black episodes and took a nap.
Plum Paper wanted me to share my planner happiness with you all too, so if you are in need of a new planner, go get one and use the code: KEEPINUP10 for 10% off your order! Also -- In my move to Charlottesville, my address had a little mix up on this order, so Plum Paper sent me 2 planners.
School is taking up a lot of time right now, and will for the next two years, but outside of it I am now taking Pure Barre and I LOVE it! First day of Nursing School outfit ;) Also probably the one and only time I'll look this nice for school!
But Mallery, I thought you already wrote a post about how to create a jar of lactation cookies? Lactation cookies– You need to go visit that recipe and make these  delicious cookies for all of your volumptous friends.
Fenugreek herbal supplement– Be warned, your man might start to lick you in hopes that you will taste like you smell. Jeannette recently posted..Make Brushing Fun with Firefly and 5 Oral Care Improvement Tips for Kids! I was pumping and dumping so much that I feel like I was in a very similar position as you.
Do you have to use all of these things or will using just a few of them work should my supply dry up? My name is Mallery and I’m a recovering workaholic oversharing with a solid sense of humor. You can reach this milestone by completing the quiz What's Your Perfect Nursing Career Fit? You can reach this milestone by starting a group that is one of the top 100 most active groups. You can reach this milestone by being one of the top 100 users on the Reputation Leaderboard. I recently had my second son, K, back in March and am fortunate that we have had a very easy and enjoyable nursing experience (so far!).
It might sound weird to some, but I really do enjoy those quiet moments where it’s just me and him at 3 a.m.
I don’t know why, but I love talking about nursing with other mamas and am eager to help with advice or encouragement if I’m asked. I included tags on each gift and left it all unwrapped, which I think was appreciated since opening gifts at this shower took almost two hours! This is such a great, practical gift idea, especially for a first-time-mama who may not have thought to have some of these things on hand. With my first son I experienced a lot of pain the first few weeks and I found the “Soothies” gel pads offered me a little relief! As someone currently in nursing school, here are five  tips that have helped my fellow nursing students and I make it through our first semester. Know your “hard stop”, or the time before bed when you are definitely closing your textbook.  You can’t study ALL the time and you do need to sleep right? While C’s get degrees,  the right kind of R & R can help you do more than just pass your classes. You sold yourself on going to nursing school with a desire to do something great for others.  Remembering that patient care is not about you goes a long way.

Our job is to make the patient feel safe, comfortable and to work toward a better quality of life.  Keeping that mindset will help you get through situations that you may not have thought you could handle. Although the duties and responsibilities associated with night shift nursing are similar to those during the day shift, working the night shift poses unique challenges that can affect your physical and emotional health. If you are working night shift as a nurse, it is important that you eat before your shift, because it will allow you to maintain your energy, stamina, and performance levels throughout the night. Coffee might seem like a godsend on a night shift, but drinking too much of it can lead you to crash and burn. Depending on the type of floor you work on, many patients will be sleeping throughout the night shift and their will likely be a smaller staff on duty. Nurses working the night shift experience interruptions in their natural sleep patterns, which makes it important for them to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. After working a long night shift, give yourself a little bit of time to decompress when you get home before going to bed. Use blackout curtains, earplugs, a sleep mask, and other sleep aids to create a “night time” environment in your bedroom and eliminate distractions that could prevent you from falling asleep. Avoid taking sleep medication, because it can alter your sleep patterns, make your sleep less restful, and create a bad sleep habit. It is best to run errands when you are the most alert, so you do not make careless mistakes or cause an accident. Working the night shift can have a detrimental effect on your health if you are not careful.
Working the night shift can make it more difficult to spend quality time with friends and family members who have conflicting schedules. Learning how to adapt to a different schedule is one of the most difficult challenges that a night shift nurse must overcome. Originally I was waiting until I had things to actually hang up on the all and my chair that I plan to put in my living room. Charlottesville has a great downtown area with a huge pavilion and during the summers they have free concerts for the public. Since this weekend was Father's Day my friends all had family coming into town or they went home.
I went here mainly because this is the church were my great grandparents and my great great grandparents are buried. I'd been looking for the perfect one and decided to go with a Regular Planner by Plum Paper Designs. I'm only in need of one, but I have an extra (unused) planner with the name Kaitlyn on it (just like in the picture) available to whoever wants it. I've already had one midterm and today I am taking my second, they don't play around in summer school ;) It's a lot of work, studying, memorizing but I'm loving it.
A couple of the girls in my program do it and so I tried out a class and now I'm a bit obsessed! I can't wait to share more with you (especially pictures of my apartment!) as the program goes on. It doesn’t make sense to wait for the episiotomy to taking control of your breast milk guilt. Plus it totally solved my sinus issues a couple weeks ago, while upping the milk ?? I would add into this, a nice water bottle.
My infant lost interest and would only take formula, now she is breast feeding again but Im just not producing enough. I have had friends who have reestablished their supply with a lot of dedication on their end. I went a little balls to the wall with my approach because my time breastfeeding was already on a truncated timeline. Minus some seriously painful engorgement the first week, it’s been more or less an excellent bonding experience. I love being the one that can soothe him when he’s fussy and I love the way he looks at me and smiles with a mouthful of warm milk dripping down his chin. When my good friend found out she was pregnant after struggling for a couple of years, she told me she planned on nursing and I had a unique idea for her baby shower gift.
Since breastfeeding is something that’s been very special for me, I wanted to do what I could to help the mama-to-be to have a successful breastfeeding relationship with her daughter as well. I made a sign from cardstock and stickers and wrote a card offering support if she ever needed it. It was a gift that was fun to put together and definitely will be useful for any mama that plans to breastfeed. You can put them in the refrigerator and then apply them to your breast for some cooling relief!
Even though your head can’t been seen out of a textbook unless its to eat, sleep, or excrete like some kind of textbook turtle, you still need a mental break to let the people in your life know you still appreciate them.

NCLEX books – If you don’t have any, go get some!  These books not only provide additional material (which helps reinforce what you have learned in your textbook), but also have questions to further gauge your knowledge and prepare you. Share – Remind each other of deadlines and share new information or new study tools.  As a class, you are all invested in the success of one another. If you are looking for tips for night shift nursing that will help you to survive the perils of working the third shift, review the list below. However, be sure to eat healthy foods, so you do not feel sleepy or suffer from the “crash and burn” effect.
For the best results, drink moderate amounts of coffee in the first four hours of your shift to offset fatigue.
Although you will still be responsible for rounds and administrating meds, your patient care tasks may be somewhat limited. Taking sleep medication can also give you a hangover of sorts that leads to poor performance on the job.
Try to make time for errands shortly after you wake up so you are not stuck dealing with them after a long night shift.
Stay healthy by getting your sleep, eating a balanced diet, and working exercise into your schedule.
I'm baptist and have tried a few baptist churches here and just haven't found the right fit. It was great to catch up with them and glad Kristin suggested meeting up on their way back to DC!!
I'm learning a lot in my clinical class -- last week we learned how to put in IVs and different types of injections. You might not have needed this post if you would have practiced taking one for the team a little more. Nursing mothers will want a lot to drink, but having a nice bottle to put it in, will minimize kicking feet spills. My additions would include a nursing tank top or two and a set of ice packs for my sore nips! Opt for a well-balanced meal that includes complex carbohydrates, protein, and minimal fat.
Avoid drinking coffee toward the end of your shift, because it could prevent you from falling asleep when you are ready to go home. Try to keep consistent even on your days off, so that you are not forced to adjust to drastic schedule changes when you have to go back to work.
Set aside time for your friends and family, either before your shift or on your days off, so that you can maintain healthy relationships with your loved ones. Follow our night shift nursing tips to ensure that you can stay healthy and happy while you work the third shift. Also that's the wall I plan to put my chair on (this is the one I plan to get + the ottoman)! When we got this room setup on move in day I definitely squealed a little, I was so excited!
I definitely need to add wall decorations so if you all have any tips for inexpensive wall art let me know! I'm happy I went with option two for my weekly spread because I am able to see what's happening at a particular time. It's certainly not something I want to give up completely though, because I love recording these moments of my life to look back on.
Also, a nursing pillow like the Boppy would be great (but not fit in the box!) I’ve used my Boppy more than any other item I received! It's a bit different then my church at home (besides being a different denomination) but it's a good different. I am ridiculously independent (which has its pros and cons), so I have no problem just doing my own thing. Each weekly spread also has a Weekly Check List and Notes section, plus there are mini checklists at the bottom of every day. You wouldn’t believe how many new moms are out there looking for the answers to increasing their breast milk production. I increased my milk production by 11 ounces a day after an intense round of dumping out my precious milk. It's a huge walk in space and basically there is a little bit over everything in there - school supplies, ironing board, paper products, craft supplies, etc.

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