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Many websites, including this one encourage families to start buying small amounts of food related preparedness items each time they go shopping.
Helensand the layer of ash it left around the Portland metropolitan regionmay have faded from Portlanders collective memory, all you have to do is dig up videos of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011 , or the more recent Hurricane Sandy that flooded lower Manhattan . Oregon Field Guide spent a year-and-a-half probing into the state of Oregon's preparedness, and found that when it comes to bridges, schools, hospitals, building codes and energy infrastructure, Oregon lags far behind many quake-prone regions of the country. A look at what water infrastructure can tell us about the survival of coastal communities after what could be the largest natural disaster in American history. We know a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake isn't a matter of "if," but "when." So, why do we put off preparing for it? The city of Portland has released a new map showing the most dangerous places to be during an earthquake. The South Island, New Zealand earthquake occurred as part of the aftershock sequence of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010. Scientists tell us our region is going to experience a subduction zone earthquake and tsunami.
Along the Willamette River, a six-mile stretch in Portland holds more than 90 percent of the state’s fuel supply.
New data compiled by the Oregon Department of Transportation reveals nearly 60 percent of the state's bridges could be impassable after a big earthquake. The state has known since 2007 that 649 Oregon schools are at high risk of collapse in a subduction zone earthquake. Eight years and one Great Recession later, has anything changed? This image shows kindergartners ducking and taking cover under their desk at the Blossom Gulch Elementary School during a tsunami drill Thursday, May 31, 2012, in Coos Bay, Ore. For years, experts have said that if there’s an earthquake we should "Duck, Cover and Hold." But is that always the best approach? The Federal Emergency Management Office recommends that every household have the appropriate tools to shut off their gas and water in the event of a natural disaster.
In the wake of a natural disaster like an earthquake, the natural gas, water and electricity in a home become potentially serious threats to health and well-being.
Experts warn that it could be 72 hours or more before help arrives after the megaquake hits Oregon.

OPB's Kristian Foden-Vencil explains the difference in energy released from a magnitude 9.0 earthquake compared to lesser magnitude quakes. While there are many lessons Oregon can take away from the massive earthquake that struck Japan in 2011, one of the most basic is just how much more energy is released during a 9.0 compared to lesser magnitude earthquakes. Oral traditions of people native to the Pacific Northwest and lots of scientific data point clearly to a major earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone in 1700, and another one is looming. The USGS says the Portland metro area was hit with a magnitude-3.2 earthquake Saturday evening, but no damages have been reported. First responders rescue dummies from crumpled cars during the Cascadia Rising earthquake simulation. Communities across the Northwest simulated their response to a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. The Pacific Northwest kicks off a massive earthquake and tsunami drill as part of a multiday event to rehearse scenarios on how the region would deal with a dual natural disaster. Visitors to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon, can now feast their eyes on a living legacy of the quake and tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011.
The massive earthquake expected to disrupt life in the Northwest sometime in the next 50 years has become a popular topic for national media. Federal agencies and university scientists are making progress on the deployment of an earthquake early warning system for the West Coast. In a radio special as part of OPB's "Unprepared" series, we explore what water infrastructure can tell us about the survival of coastal communities after what could be the largest natural disaster in American history. The American Red Cross recommends each household have a backpack with emergency supplies for evacuation.
In the event that you end up without a place to shelter after a major earthquake, a mobile "go-kit" should be part of your scenario planning. OPB invited Jay Wilson, chairman of Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission (OSSPAC), to answer questions from our audience about a Cascadia Subduction magnitude earthquake.
Do you know what you absolutely need to survive the first few days after a big earthquake, or if a wildfire forced you to evacuate?
Sara and Ed Johnson shine a flashlight in their pantry to see what they can make for their first "Living Off Your Quake Kit" dinner.
For more information about our police enforcement and tactical gear, contact Uncle Sam’s today! Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach provides emergency supplies to Lincoln's hungry, but now they're having to turn people away.
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OPB’s own "Unprepared," series tackles the impending disaster and what to do when it strikes.
It involved oblique-thrust faulting at the easternmost limit of previous aftershocks, and like the mainshock itself, is broadly associated with regional plate boundary deformation as the Pacific and Australia plates interact. 23, 2011 file photo, Murray and Kelly James look at their destroyed house in central Christchurch, New Zealand. In the moments after the shaking stops, treating injuries and finding a safe shelter are paramount. The shutoff is typically the first valve on the pipe that runs into the gas meter from the buried line.

Over the course of the weekend, they camped in their backyard, cooked all their meals on the fire they created from wood they had on hand, spoke with neighbors about their emergency preparedness plans and said they learned a lot about areas they need to improve on in order to be fully prepared for in the event of a natural disaster. Four families learned first hand just how prepared they were — and what they still need to do to get ready. Geological Survey says that minor earthquakes have shaken part of the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area and Hawaii. Failure would have long-term repercussions for transportation up and down the Oregon coast. The trees are believed to be the remnants of forests growing before the last major earthquake and tsunami hit. When you are on a law enforcement job or doing another type of strategic task, it is important that you have some of the best police gear and equipment available.
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Food storage calculators are a great tool to incorporate in your preparedness planning, and can help you understand how much food your family will need for a given emergency. A magnitude-6.3 earthquake collapsed buildings, caused extensive other damage and killed dozens of people in the city. Some newer meters have the shutoff located on the pipe that goes from the gas meter to the home. Tasks of this nature call for real finesse, and Uncle Sam’s has the products to help you get the job done well. They try to give away baskets with enough food to last several days but right now they just don't have anything to hand out. The food storage calculations can also be printed out and used as an inventory list to keep you on track in terms of what preparedness supplies you have and will need.
Thats exactly what apartment dwellers in New York City and the former residents of Joplin, Mo. They're asking for basics like canned meat, canned fruits and vegetables, bread, pasta, dried milk and meal kits like mac 'n cheese and Hamburger Helper. To make the most of your emergency food supply, keep these essential food pantry rules in mind before purchasing: Caloric intake is an important factor in survival.
Hunger is a problem which affects everyone, but thankfully, it's a problem you can help solve.
We hope you will allow us to help you defend yourself and we have many, many unique ideas to help every family no matter what their means. While there are many great resources that document various emergency preparedness steps , this story is going to focus on preparing an adequate food supply in case of an emergencyand not just for yourself, but for your neighborhood as well. Development Specialist Vicky Drozr says, "When you're in the grocery store, think of the simple things that you're picking up.

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