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The idea is simple: military spec 550 paracord is braided and connected with a metal pin to form a wrist strap. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The company is based in Florida and have been making the straps right here in the USA since 2005. Utah Outside LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for injuries sustained while attempting these activities.
The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!! This is an incredible non-profit organization (with an impeccable reputation) that supports our soldiers who are coming home severely wounded. We are constantly evaluating our suppliers and our products, and your feedback is very helpful in doing so. So far the straps have served as tourniquets, helped build shelters and even been used to tie a brand new grill to a roof rack.
10% of every Survival Straps purchase goes to to Support America’s Heros, and if you buy the dog tag version 50% of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warriors Project. Always be prepared for all possible hazards when venturing outside and have the proper gear plus the knowledge to use it.
They are hand-constructed from approximately 16 FEET of Seven-Strand, 550 pound test heavy-duty military specification parachute cord.

A portion of all proceeds coming from our Survival Straps website is being donated directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. Survival Strap's paracord gear is worn around the world as a fashion statement, but also as a symbol of strength, honor, and the greatness of American production.
By including your email address below, we are able to follow up with you, help solve any issues, and learn from you what our community likes and doesn't like. In an emergency situation, you can easily unravel the bracelet and deploy the paracord for use.
Our goal is to raise money and awareness about our severely wounded soldiers who now need all of our help.
They are made in America from super strong military spec paracord which gives them a secondary purpose. That means that 16 Feet of seven strands, plus the shell, equals about 128 FEET of high-grade nylon cord immediately available for a wide variety of tasks when the inner strands are removed for a variety of applications. If you do use your Survival Strap, simply send what is left back to us, along with your story, and we will remanufacture it for you, free of charge.
In an emergency situation, unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord to help get you out of a jam.
In an emergency situation, you can unravel the bracelet and deploy the parachute cord for use.
Whether you are in the woods, at the range, or running errands around town, you will always have several feet of 550 lb.
If you do use it in an emergency situation, send them your story, and Survival Straps will send you a new one, free of charge.

A tough plastic side-release buckle keeps the bracelet on securely, but can be released to deploy the bracelet very quickly. After unbuckling, simply slide out the working ends of cord on the underside of the bracelet, and unravel.
They come constructed with either a tough side release buckle, or a marine grade stainless steel shackle. Military Forces use these survival bracelets every day, and they are proven to be a vital component of any survival-minded persons gear. Survival experts worldwide suggest that survival tools be carried on the person, not just in their gear or equipment pack. If you are looking for a big, bold, piece of gear that is a lot of fun to wear, one of our Survival Straps are for you.
An "Owners Manual" comes packaged with each bracelet that describes your bracelets features, tips, and how to deploy it. Please pay close attention to the sizing: These survival bracelets are intentionally made to be slightly larger than your measured wrist. Ensure that you measure your wrist prior to order, as exchanges or returns for size issues are not allowed. Note: completely soaking the bracelet in water and drying completely will shrink the bracelet by about one-quarter of an inch.

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