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To which we replied, “Indeed but then should we include advanced rider training itself? Given that a motorcycle mid-lean is most stable at constant speed or when gently accelerating, the suggestion that we should close the throttle and reduce speed mid-corner has always seemed to us to be contradictory, and that a better solution is to maintain speed and change lean angle to deal with anything but major changes in the limit point. We have maybe all faced with that bend, you know the one, where you just make it round as the bend tightens up and you have had more than one go to get round – you just rode round that corner as if it was a thrupenny bit! Also included in the CBT is – you are able to effectivly evaluate your own skills, atitudes and behaviours in relation to driving, maybe something we should all remember and something that should be considered by other vehicle drivers as well, no matter when we passed our tests! We hope like the motorcycle CBT, at the very least, new drivers will have self evaluation of skills, atitudes and behaviours in relation to driving included! Survival Skills will be doing a full review of Motorcycle Roadcraft in the next couple of weeks.
We would like to thank all those individual riders, clubs, groups and businesses who have supported us and helped us in our endeavours since 2009 to, “officially” – promote awareness and understanding of training, environmental road safety and security issues relating to the use of those vehicles classed in law as motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, motorcycle combinations and tricycles and to research and investigate solutions to these topics. The event was a one-day free workshop organised by Tony Smith, road safety coordinator for Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service and was an opportunity for road safety professionals to share best practice and improve strategies to improve the safety of riders. Getting them to understand where, when, why and how they are likely to crash is the important point. How does this “get into” training and influence future reports so that it becomes informed knowledge and no surprise? Survival Skills Rider Training is dedicated to improving motorcycle rider skills in the UK Since 1996, we’ve trained hundreds of riders of all standards from newly qualified to police licence holders, from IAM to RoSPA, from Harleys to Hondas. Survival Skills is a motorcycle training school run by BTEC-qualified advanced instructor and DSA-certificated CBT and DAS instructor Kevin Williams. With over 30 years of professional riding experience Survival Skills specialises in post-test, advanced & online motorcycle rider training to instruct riders of all ages and abilities. Survival Skills provides a wide range of practical motorcycle training courses from convenient locations in England, Wales and Northern France, as well as distance learning options and free rider resources. With that heat comes the usual manifestation, as surely as rain and threats of flooding return, advice from various “safety” sources to ride wearing nothing less than the full  “proper” protective clothing.
Some advice considers that it is better to dress up for a crash and sweat in order to remain safe.
There are those (including ourselves) whose tendency and outlook is not to have the mind-set of crashing, (of course you cannot control your own destiny) to have a bit more hindsight as foresight but that’s a whole other topic. Even with the ATGATT theorists, there is division with the type of clothing that says you are an ATGATTist e.g. Then there is the sensible advice of wearing at least appropriate or suitable clothing, in other words, an adaption of what you are comfortable with, which could be seen as what you can afford.  Not everyone can afford the “best” leathers or textiles or wish to wear that type of motorcycle clothing.
Imagine, as some would have, that motorcycle clothing should be made compulsory when riding a bike. Extrapolating this out to compulsory approved motorcycle clothing for everyday riders would have to meet minimum standards which are in place at present through a European Directive (to be repealed in 2018 by a new European Regulation – EU Legislation and PPE ) on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – clothing (Gloves, Jackets, Trousers – one piece or two piece – impact protectors – inflatable protectors) not just for impact abrasion resistance. Clothing that is placed on the market as PPE must meet these minimum standards and are independently tested and approved to set minimum levels for various characteristics that should ensure that all clothing which claims to conform to the minimum standards will provide a reasonable level of protection.
That is how you end up buying motorcycle clothing that has a CE label that indicates that what you are buying does what is claimed by the manufacturer.
For governments this could be easy enough, if there was the will to do so, the riders group in Iceland in 2012 successfully resisted the introduction of mandatory protective clothing by their government. As an example of an introduction of compulsory wearing of protective gear, helmets have to be built to a standard for selling and wearing in Europe (ECE 2205), however the compulsion to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle on public roads is made by individual member states not the European Union.
Like helmets made to a standard there are various prices, depending on the model and make, so you can buy clothing e.g.

However concerns are raised by Mark Hinchliffe in MotorbikeWriter from Australia, that standards of protective motorcycle clothing are confusing to understand or even that the labelling is deliberately misleading, with calls to end the confusion. The call comes from CEO and founder Grant Mackintosh of Draggin’ Jeans who have been manufacturing high Quality Motorcycle Clothing since 1997 and are the only casual motorcycle brand in the world to have ever passed both CE Level 1 and CE Level 2 certifications for Abrasion, Burst and Tear resistance. Grant asks, “When you buy motorcycle protective clothing with a CE sticker, are you getting proper riding gear or something more suitable for gardening? Grants recommendation is that Australia should introduce as soon as possible an independent testing regime with appropriate labelling, using a star rating system so that riders can have the proper information thus ending the confusing situation over the current European standard. Grant has suggested that riders check the CE labels carefully, then go online and research which country they are certified in, for what purpose and to what level.
He states, “The number they should be looking for is EN13595-1 (level 1 and 2) for clothing where the abrasion resistance for level 1 clothing is 4 seconds and above, and level 2 is 7 seconds and above. So if you wish to wear all the gear all the time or just some of the gear some of the time it is not that easy to pick the “right gear” from peg to saddle! OK now that I have your attention, the whole point of this article is that in all this recent cerebral masturbatory debates and preaching on whether wearing a tee-shirt with no gloves and flip-flops is a bad thing in hot weather, there is no advice on how to stay cool – or so you would think!
Popping up in the debate in the UK is Survival Skills – Kevin Williams who looks at staying hydrated in hot weather on the Survival Skills Facebook page – and asks, why is hydration so important? Well, what we tend to forget is that nice, cooling breeze that we’re feeling as we ride along on the bike is keeping us cool by evaporating sweat from our skin.
The human body is composed of up to 70% water and water is involved in so many chemical and neurological processes in the body that just 2% dehydration means that we start to suffer problems. Dehydration really is something we don’t fully appreciate here in the UK, and I know now that almost inevitably in the years when I was despatching, I was dehydrated through the summer months.
If you eat during your ride, avoid salty, processed foods – sorry, that includes the Biker’s Breakfast, (my favourite)! Instead snack on something like fruit salad – fruits like strawberries, kiwi, oranges and bananas are full of water. Oh, and on a long journey factor in the time it takes to stop at some services, get the kit off, and take a pee when you stop to refuel. More tips come from MotorbikeWriter in Australia where, although dealing with a lot of hot riding, that, “dehydration doesn’t just occur in the heat of summer.
And back to our favourite subject of food and coffee, after that “Bikers Breakfast” you didn’t have, “While having a coffee break, avoid having too many sweet cakes, donuts and muffins.
At Motorcycle Minds we are not of a mind to ever go out on the bike in t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, which is so uncool looking and crass. Whatever you ride, however you dress, pick the clothing that you are comfortable in – that offers you the protection that you want – however confusing the markings – check out motorcycle magazines or on-line publications for their testing and recommendations which usually cover more than just crash protection – buy what you can afford and stay cool in hot or warm weather.
Enter your email address to subscribe to us and receive notifications of new posts by email. A former senior executive with General Motors, Williams joins the nation’s largest and most prominent physician organization on its 21-member board which sets standards and policy for the medical profession. Over the course of his 31-year career at GM, Williams accumulated extensive experience where he held numerous global roles.
A native of Lexington Park, Maryland, Williams earned a bachelor’s in Business Management from Tennessee State University in 1983 and a master’s in Business Administration from Central Michigan University in 1989.
With more than 9,000 students, Tennessee State University is Nashville’s only public university, and is a comprehensive, urban, co-educational, land-grant university offering 38 undergraduate, 22 graduate and seven doctoral programs. Incorporating current evidence-based practice, it is recognised as the leading manual in police rider training. Misjudgement of the double apex bend has proved a cause of serious crashes on left-hand bends, particularly for motorcyclists.

Corners can tighten, open up, even reverse direction out of sight, the road can rise up a hill or drop down a slope, the camber can change. Almost a decade ago Ride It Right’s, Trevor Baird, can recall attending a seminar about this issue which was attended by trainers, DSA, riders groups, and other government agencies, the outcome then was not to introduce counter-steering into CBT or learner training. For now it is about the rider’s choice to wear what they see fit, the “freedom of choice” that combines for a lot of people what motorcycling is all about. Apart from the conundrum of how do you manage this from a police point of view, subsequently making riders law breakers, having stopped riders for compliance or not, with some appropriate fine or driving licences endorsed with penalty points because the gear you were wearing was not from a government approved list. If it’s consistently colourless or light yellow, we are most likely staying well hydrated. Drinks best avoided include strong coffee (the caffeine is a diuretic), sports drinks and sugary drinks (they are packed full of calories). In winter, the cold can shut off the body’s thirst mechanism and trick you into thinking you’re not sweating.
We wouldn’t even be seen dressed like that to go food shopping down at Tesco’s or in our case E.
Williams (’83) has been elected to a public member position with the American Medical Association, according to a recent announcement released by the 168-year-old organization. He is only the fourth person to hold the public member position on the governing board, which added the first public member to its Board of Trustees in 2002.
Most recently, he served as board chairman, president and managing director of General Motors (GM) of Canada Ltd. He is a board member of the United Negro College Fund Foundation, a former trustee of Genesys Health System of Michigan, a former chairman of the Society of Automotive Engineers’ A World in Motion Advisory Committee, and continues to support his alma mater by serving on the TSU Foundation Board of Trustees.
TSU has earned a top 20 ranking for Historically Black Colleges and Universities according to U.S. In this type of bend, the curve that the rider initially sees on the approach to the bend continues to tighten so the final curve is much sharper.
The article looks at bends from an engineering point of view and sets out three acute, accident-prone bends that were converted from transitional to circular alignment.
Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, may also mean we need to drink more water. Dark yellow or amber-coloured urine, particularly if it’s strong-smelling, is a warning sign of dehydration. This can happen if you are a diabetic, take certain medications or have an infection or some organ diseases. Williams will begin his four-year term at the conclusion of the AMA Annual Meeting in June 2016. He also served as president and managing director of GM de Mexico, and GM North American vice president of quality.
News and World Report, and rated as one of the top universities in the country by Washington Monthly for social mobility, research and community service. Older adults are also at a higher risk of dehydration, as age means we’re less sensitive to dehydration and may not even feel thirsty.

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