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Learning to live with the materials that nature provides and taking food from your surrounding environment is something that all animals do to a greater or lesser extent.
Nowadays we have gone way beyond that and a quick trip to the shopping centre or a few clicks online and we can have practically anything we want in double quick time.
Recently those ancient skill have been brought back into the public conscious by bushcraft experts, such as Ray Mears and Chief Scout Bear Grylls, who’s knowledge and enthusiasm has afforded them an unlikely celebrity status in this everything on-demand world. Thankfully, if that urge does surface, there are ways to scratch that itch that go beyond the basic; pitch tent, warm up beans on a burner camping trip. Everything you could imagine is catered for and with centres in Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Bedfordshire augmented by other venues both here and abroad there is a mind boggling choice of experiences available. The team’s wealth of experience means that they are always in demand for projects with the media where they provide research, safety advice, survival and craft instruction, venues, presentation and infrastructure services. A short stroll with Kevan Palmer, a senior instructor at Woodland Ways, unearths dozens of edible plants many of which had unexpected tastes, aromas or medicinal uses.
Check out the full programme or courses, workshops and services as well as the online store on their website here.
Twitter: pocketfarmZara and Tallulah out two new bantam Transylvanian Naked Neck cross hens.
Pocket Farm is a community for like minded people interested in self-sufficiency, farming, conservation, ecology and rural crafts. In just about any survival situation or any emergency scenario, assuming you are not injured in any way, and where you are forced to fend for yourself, then your number one procedure is to ensure you can make a good shelter suitable to keep you out of the elements and as safe as you possibly can be.

The average UK citizen is very much a town dweller and has probably only ventured out into the wilds of the UK’s countryside once in their lifetime anyway.
But for the UK prepper, who should have a bug out plan already in place, survival skills are an essential part of your prepping for such future events which, it would seem, are getting closer by the day..! Building a good shelter that is suitable to give you protection from the elements is not difficult – getting it water tight and warm, however, can be a problem. These can all be easily constructed with a little bit of survival knowledge using basic materials and working with the terrain.
Melissa is a fun and outgoing teacher with plenty of experience in the wilderness and outdoors. There are many advantages to using a slingshot over many other hunting hunting weapons and having one with you whilst out in the wilderness is almost essential to ensure survival – especially if all else fails and you stranded for a while.
The slingshot dates right back to biblical times, when it was just one piece of leather or some string with a stone placed in the middle and then whirled around your head. In this guide I will review the top 10 best hunting slingshots that are suitable for hunting in the wild. Spare parts are very cheap and the ammunition can be free if using stones of the ground, although for more accuracy, man made ammo is far better.. Shelters became more extravagant and mealtimes evolved from merely eating for survival into events and experiences of enormous importance. Due to evolution our survival instinct is now largely redundant but that doesn’t mean that the primal urge to get back to nature isn’t still buried somewhere inside us.

Woodland Ways is the UK’s largest provider of bushcraft, survival and country craft courses and boasts award winning instructors and a huge Bushcraft Store in Bedfordshire.
Fancy a 10 day wild bushcraft safari in South Africa, or a 12 day expedition to the Sahara – they do that.
The BBC, Discovery Channel, Countryfile, Daily Mail, Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine and Talk Business have all benefitted from their expert knowledge.
The depth of knowledge is encyclopaedic and at Woodland Ways their passion is to share it with you. Unless you have a fear of hordes of marauding bunnies attacking you, then you’re pretty safe here in the good old British Isles. They all use the same, obvious, principle, but come in many different shapes and sizes, with additional features that lend themselves as the perfect survival tool. The team also work with the mainstream media as well as many local projects to help spread the bushcraft and survival ethos to anyone who is has been bitten by the bug.

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