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Following is a three step procedure to preparing emergency fuel out of other oils available to you while surviving a calamity. Step 2:Heat up the oil up to a hundred degrees and then pour it in a jar made of plastic or glass.
Always be sure of wearing strong and good quality rubber gloves for protecting your hands, safety glasses so no fumes enter your eyes and dust masks to prevent the particles from disturbing your body.
Understandably, you’re making a fuel which is harmful at the end of the day and not just another refreshing sports drink. Scary and unpredictable, overflowing toilets can happen for a number of reasons, resulting in water damage and a disgusting clean up once the water is stopped.
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Recently I asked some of the book festival authors the following question: Given your background, knowledge and experience, what do you feel are the three most important survival or prepping skills? It has been interesting to read the answers and I am always surprised that the responses are so different from each other.
One of the more interesting responses came from Ron Brown, author of the Non Electric Lighting Series of books and eBooks.
Why Does Hillary Clinton Think She’s Important Enough To Protect With Guns, But Your Life Isn’t? Flashlight technology has come a long way since 1899 when British inventor David Misell obtained a U.S. A flashlight creates a beam of light that illuminates objects nearby or distant depending on the power and shape of the light beam.
Consumers evaluate and compare flashlights by the lumens of light produced, the strength (reach) of the light beam, and how long the battery will last. One type of multimode flashlight uses two double-A (AA) alkaline or nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries and has three brightness settings—the standard setting will keep the bulb energized by alkaline batteries for just over two hours. Most families have at least one incandescent bulb flashlight, but light-emitting diode (LED) flashlights are rapidly becoming the norm.
Incandescent flashlights using alkaline dry-cell batteries have been the standard for years while small LEDs were used mainly as low-power indicator lights.
For emergency lighting, you don’t need the 100 to 250 lux (929 to 2,300 lumen brightness) common to room light with full electrical power. Once you decide on the purpose you intend for the flashlight you seek, selection is made by performance. In 2009, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) published test and rating standards for all flashlights (FL1). Flashlights with brightness between 1 and 20 lumens are good for key chains or small lights. The beam or throw value describes how far the light beam will shine (in meters) before the illuminance falls to 0.25 lux (the illumination of a full moon on a clear night).
Run time describes how many hours the light can operate before the battery driving the lamp discharges to 10% of the voltage of a fresh battery. Battery types include alkaline and lithium disposable batteries, and lithium-ion (Li-ion), nickel cadmium (NiCd), andnickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries. With the rechargeable batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries give you the most recycles (up to 1,500) followed by Li-ion with between 500 and 1,000 cycles.
Some consumers select emergency flashlights that all use the same type of battery so they have a simpler stocking issue. One popular flashlight design that proved itself during emergency power out conditions is the headlamp.

Flashlight options went from 8 to 3500 lumens and reached out (beam throw) 12 to 391 meters, with operational battery lives between 1 and 50 hours on the brightest setting. A category of lighting called “every day carry” (EDC) covers devices that are used working or emergency lights. Survivors who prepared for emergencies selected multiple forms of lighting—headlamps (one per person), small penlights or key chain lights, LED flashlights with various brightness, beam distances and run times, and 360° illumination lanterns. By positioning flashlights around your home so you always have access to a device, you’ll never be left in the dark more than a few seconds when a power outage occurs at night. The largest earthquake safety drill ever held will roll across North America this week, as electric cooperatives, government agencies, businesses, schools, and other organizations participate in the 2012 ShakeOut. Students at Summit Elementary School in Bloomington, Ind., duck, cover and hold on during an earthquake drill. Brian Blake, program director of the Central United States Earthquake Consortium, said “We’re using the ShakeOut as an opportunity to teach people what to do before, during and after an earthquake. Another co-op, Choptank Electric Cooperative,  plans to distribute earthquake awareness information to co-op staffers, said Anne Whaples, manager of cooperative communications for the Denton, Md.-based co-op. There are ways of producing bio diesel that you can make out of a lot of oil options that you may have around you. Make sure this jar has a proper lid system, tight enough to not let the system get disturbed. But in case of an emergency, keeping your head right, you can prepare, make use of and survive situations. Her graphic designing stint with sports got her intrigued about sports that she did not have much interest in prior to the project.
If they aren’t because either the builders left them unmarked or you moved into an older house with no tags, take the time to learn what each one connects to so you can mark them. While they can’t always be prevented, they can be stopped much faster by you than if you waited around for a professional who probably won’t be there in a reasonable amount of time if they’re even available. They can happen at any time no matter the age of the house and can prevent you from making the upgrades you need to keep the home in working order.
It needs upkeep just like everything else, and it is up to you to ensure it is safeguarded against the elements. Jen's specialities are inventing things, writing no nonsense clear instructions, artistic endeavors, paper crafts, digital media, kids crafts, creating recipes and figuring out new and better ways to do almost anything. Connecting several batteries together (in series) with a conductive metal strip, an on-off switch, and a bulb creates a flashlight.
As the distance from the flashlight increases, the beam spreads out and the illumination gets dimmer. Size and weight have consistently been reduced so today portable lights like these can weigh just ounces. A visit to a local home improvement or camping supply store will show a myriad of selections. You’ll find handheld flashlights sized from several inches to over a foot long with batteries that energize tiny incandescent or LED bulbs.
The LED light uses less battery power, is brighter, and lasts longer than its incandescent predecessor.
Then in 1999 a white light LED flashlight using grouped LEDs was invented, creating bright light with efficiency and run times exceeding that of incandescent flashlight bulbs. When power is out, 35 to 100 lumens will usually suffice for brightness during normal use with 8 to 20 lumens adequate for moving about between rooms.
Here you want to know lumens of brightness, how far the light beam is usable, the type of battery and how long it will provide power to produce light.
By mounting mirrors in a room and shining a flashlight up towards the ceiling you can reflect the light beam and increase the overall brightness effect in the area.
Batteries can be disposable, rechargeable, or renewable using an external source of energy—think solar and think manual hand crank. Lithium batteries cost more than twice that of alkaline batteries, but lithium batteries often last many hours longer. Others choose any type sold in stores because they want to have multiple options should the stores run low. Prices varied from $1.97 up to $70 with incandescent versions selling for much less than products using LED s. According to comments on various forums, cell phones are available with flashlight capability in the 8, 12, 16, 25, 40, or 50 lumen range of brightness—suitable for finding a keyhole, a light switch, or to illuminate your way through the house.

To determine this, I read blogs and case studies covering major emergency events when electrical power was lost for over three days.
Interest in the two-minute drill has been particularly high in the eastern United States, where memories of an earthquake that occurred Aug.
While turning the water off is always an option, it’s not the quickest response and may already be behind the cascade of toilet water.
Knowing how to control the water flow, electricity and structural supports gives you the advantage in the face of an emergency. Instead, with the power off and the cover plate removed, caulk the seam where the electrical box meets the back of the wallboard or plaster, says energy auditor Paul Scheckel, author of The Homeowner's Energy Handbook.
When the on-off switch or button on the flashlight is closed the circuit is complete and the bulb lights. The beam can be broad or narrow depending on the flashlight’s design, creating a spot light or a flood light.. And you’ll see keychain flashlights, general purpose household flashlights, spotlights, floodlights, tactical lights, headlamps that provide hands-free movement, and even use-once glow-sticks that give off a greenish light for up to 12 hours. As the popularity and use of LED flashlights continues, they are replacing the incandescent as the practical flashlight of choice for main use lighting. The idea is to use natural light during the day and emergency lighting after dark—adopting a circadian schedule whereby sleeping prevails at night and most of your activity occurs during daylight..
This is why you’ll often see FL1 standard values such as lumens, beam range, run time, and candela with signature icons printed on the front of many flashlight packages. Lithium batteries should not be interspersed with alkaline batteries—use alkaline with alkaline, lithium with lithium. I found over 60 makers and types of flashlights, head lamps, pen lights, and lanterns being used during these incidents.
Then get a foam gasket, sold for pennies at home centers, and place it around the receptacle before reinstalling the cover plate. I often hid under the blankets reading comic books with a flashlight until I became too tired to stay awake.
And there are multimode flashlights with switchable brightness controls that make the device bright, dim, strobe, or flash an SOS in Morse code.
Set the flashlight to the lowest (dim) setting and the batteries will keep the light bulb energized for over nine hours. And they turned them on only when being used thus extending the run times out for days or weeks.
Make use of the biodiesel that you now have in the top layer for whatever purpose you had in mind. In an emergency, no one will be around to save you from electric mishaps or flooding from clogged drains. Both light bulb and battery technology improved significantly, and the trend is continuing.
The flashlight can be left energized providing continuous light until the batteries discharge.
A number of these survivors commented that neighbors, who failed to prepare, often found themselves stuck with flashlights that ran out of battery power causing them to frantically scrounge around to find or borrow replacement batteries. Know how to deal with these issues before they happen, and you’ll be set to take on any emergency, no matter how serious.
When it reaches a certain height, the valve that causes the water to fill the bowl closes, stopping the water flow. Lubricant not working means the mechanism itself is broken and will stop working at any moment. Failing to plan is planning to fail, and this adage showed up often during these emergencies. By applying heat to the metal, you cause it to expand, cracking the rust and, thereby, loosening the nut. Also, its usability period only lasts for an hour, so be sure to make use of it within the stipulated time span.
It won’t help you in an emergency if the downstairs and upstairs bedrooms are not differentiated.

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